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Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by seneth, Feb 18, 2022.

  1. Chrol Developer

    You can mute the screams by setting the Interface Sound Volume to Min in Options > Sound.
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  2. Bludd Well-Known Member

    i like to imagine that the screams are real-time so every time someone runs the zone you guys have to get up and scream into the nearest mic
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  3. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    I appreciate what the OP said. I don't know anyone who looks forward to this zone. I almost soiled myself the first time the screams went off in my headphones. How well you run it can depend a lot on what class you're on and how well geared. That said, if people are having to minimize sound because the relentless screaming going on is unnerving, then it suggests maybe rethinking the need for it throughout the zone.
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  4. Riverbear Active Member

    Where is it in Options to re-assure my kid those Loud & Authentic Screams were just pretend?!
    You are out of bounds on this one.There is no defending it.
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  5. Exilya Active Member

    Ehh? Your reaction is a bit extreme.Don't play on speakers or don't play at all when you have young kids in the room?

    With regards to the interface sounds, I will test it but wouldnt lowering that bit remove the sound warning we get for curses?
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  6. Riverbear Active Member

    ___Avatar of Hindsight much?
    (Minors can purchase and play this game as well).
    Great question about modifying sound levels effecting game play tho!
  7. Priority Well-Known Member

    What if, and hear me out, YOU took responsibility for the content your child consumes? I know its crazy, but its not other peoples jobs to ensure your child isnt exposed to content you fund distasteful. Game is already rated T. Get a grip on reality there.
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  8. Taled Well-Known Member

    How dare you assume a parent would take responsibility for their own children?!
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  9. DENSER Well-Known Member

    I don't understand your disgust For those screams.
    There is no sweeter music composed in this game than this one, so delectable, transcendent, full of energy and positivity.
    No irony in these few lines, just a thrilled necromancer listening to this sweet melody!
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  10. Chrol Developer

    The screams only happen when you open/close doors and when a boss dies. If it's happening elsewhere let me know, as it shouldn't.
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  11. Heresford Member

    The room with the bookcases actually gave me fairly little trouble. Yes, I did pull up notepad and re-arrange the list of races / home cities so that they matched which wall they were on, but it only took me a couple of times to memorize the race / home city association because they're in all the lore:

    North Wall - from left to right
    Human -> Qeynos Quarrys
    Kerrans -> Kerra isle Hostiles
    Iksar -> Cabilis Curses

    East Wall - from left to right
    Ogre -> Oggok Ordeals
    Ratonga -> Underfoot Unsavories
    Sarnaks -> Gorowyn Grievances
    Troll -> Innothule Inedibles
    Vah Shir -> Shar Vahl Sacrifices
    Wood Elves -> Kelethin Cacophony

    South Wall - from left to right
    Barbarian -> Halas Horrors
    Dark Elf -> Neriak Nightmares
    Dwarves -> Kaladim Killings

    West Wall - from left to right
    Erudites -> Paineel Purgings
    Fae -> Faydark Frights
    Froglok -> Guktan Graves
    Gnome -> Ak'Anon Atrocities
    Halfling -> Rivervale Remostrances
    High Elf -> Felwithe Fears
  12. Heresford Member

    One other thing: if I miss the dialogue, I just zoom in a little to get a better look at the adds. It should be pretty easy to identify their race just from their appearance.
  13. Jinksie Active Member

    I must be an odd woman out here, but I love this zone. I find it to be the easiest and quickest zone to run with my healer. I sometimes fail to get to a drink fast enough and die, yet we tend to get the boss down in one go.
    As for the screams, I can tune them out well enough - it amuses me to think about what a wonderful way this must have been to relieve stress when developing this expansion. I imagine in my head there was a sound room set aside for the dev team to go into and scream their frustrations ... then calm down and get back to work. I could have used something like that in my old job!

    I still laugh thinking about my guildmate trying to get at a shiny that was in a bookcase door pathway - he kept opening it over and over to get that shiny, screams every time he did that. Good times.

    Some people need to get their sense of humor refurbished... or at least learn about volume controls. Do not ruin the fun some of us are having with this zone.
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  14. Riverbear Active Member

    Well your comment certainly made me laugh! :)
    In the face of overwhelming negative reaction from the majority of player base - you are a most eloquent
    and thoughtful apologist for the egregious mistake to have high decibel human torment actuaries in SoS.
    In the light of your, and others' mission to sweep horrid mistakes under the rug, let us dispense with
    the preliminaries and put forward a solution for Suit of Screams:
    Replace errant use of screams with BABY SHARK BABY SHARK!
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  15. Jinksie Active Member

    It is interesting that liking something and having your own opinion about it makes one an "apologist for the egregious mistake." - which is also only someone's opinion and not an absolute fact. *shrug* My post was not for Riverbear, but for the Devs who I believe (just an opinion, not a fact because I do not know for sure) had a lot of fun making the sounds for this zone. Someone needs to understand their life experience is not universal.

    Bring on Baby Shark. I don't mind. I *do* know how to use the game's volume controls.
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  16. Chrol Developer

    If a dev did this I would start making Riverbear posts!
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  17. Bludd Well-Known Member

    you could probably mod the sounds if you put a sound file in the correct format in the correct path?
  18. Riverbear Active Member

    Thank you for the suggestion.
    _____When a Service provider places a component into their tray that elicits a general, sustained negative impact on the majority of their customers, it behooves them to both recognize the flaw AND to apply a remedy.
    _____It is not the customers' part to find a way to work-around, to tolerate, or to accept the SP's error.
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  19. Paws Member

    Not goinna lie, I hate SoS. Despise it with every ounce of my rusty and hardly used soul. It's not the mechanics, it's the fact that it can bug out and even though you click on the appropriate bookcase it doesn't recognize it and oh look, you're dead. Sometimes it glitches SEVERAL times before the cogs are cleaned and regreased and it realizes that 'oh wait, you're right'.

    And I REFUSE to do the last boss with a merc healer, even when he isn't set to fight and just stands there with the SOLE purpose of healing/removing whatever he fails. I don't mind mechanics, I find them fun in fact - it makes getting them down even more enjoyable when you get the zone on 'farm' status. But perhaps before you implement said mechanics, you should first make sure that they aren't glitchy as all get out. Just a thought.

    For those of you that can do the zone and instakall the mobs and don't experience the glitchiness, good for you. I'm happy for you, I truly am - but that doesn't negate that for most, this zone is awful and dreaded. I don't want to run something I don't enjoy, I do enough of that in the real world.

    I don't mind failing to learn content/mechanics. I was part of a group last night on the L & L server that was attempting the PR raid - it was awful, but it was so much fun because it brought to light that you can't just face roll through the harder content on the server. Then there was the issue of the person that had the bone to summon the second boss logged, and well - it was a typical PUG raid. I loved it.
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  20. Bludd Well-Known Member

    turn down interface volume to 0, that is the remedy
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