[Feedback] Please Return Spotted Baby Bovoch Shrink #2

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Chienne-Guk, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    TLE doesn't even get this item.

    Also TLE's raiding population is pretty decent, when comparing it to the live progression sheets it looks like you guys have double or triple the raiding population.

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  2. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Adoninilol and me are addressing the issue in non-specific way. I hope to bring up policy considerations. These kinds of discussions have been permitted on EQ1 forums (search Fell Foliage and Kael guards on EQ1 forums). Yes, it may be new for the EQ2 forums but I am careful with my words.
  3. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Devs may not have been aware of the stacking effect until this point. We will see what happens to shrink items in the next few months.

    As a constructive solution, yes, disabling outside of city zones, hubs, or houses/halls may be a good compromise to allow the aesthetic without the abuse.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I've beta tested with Gninja, the head raiding encounter designer on live in the past. With all of fatality being the smallest rats possible, once again. You clearly don't play eq2, or have any idea about these items in question.
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  5. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Beta testing uses different standards than live content. How many times have buggy content gone to live which required subsequent fixes?
  6. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

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  7. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    We can agree to disagree. We both agree shrink has an effect on raids and other content. You propose it is permitted conduct. I am saying, "not so fast." I don't want this thread locked but we've said our piece.
  8. Chienne-Guk Active Member

    Can we PLEASE not discuss issues that could cause this thread to be locked AGAIN? If you think this is a problem, then by all means start your own thread to discuss it.

    My intention in starting this thread is a feedback for devs to know how many players want to have this effect returned, NOT to discuss various theories of why it was removed.
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  9. floofloobunny Active Member

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  10. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    It says a lot about their quality control if it takes them three years to revert an unintended effect on an item that has been in game for three years.
    Of course no one believe that ridiculous excuse, and I'm still waiting to hear why the change wasn't included in the patch notes.
    I imagine it wasn't included in the patch notes because the nerf was not intended.

    Return the shrink to the item. I can see it would be a problem in PvP, but in PvP the shrink effect didn't even work. So there's that.
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  11. Frada Member

    Not all of us have many of the shrink items listed. The puppet is good, but it is 40% ... I RP, and when I finally got the 90% shrink this year, I logged out and created a little Ratonga...I was having so much fun being as small as a mouse. Just watching my character run around made me smile :) .. This item should be returned to us in some form. It is obvious that the players want it back.

    I think there differently could have been a much better way of handling this other than silently removing the effect, then later tell us that the effect was unintended all this time. Being lied to not only upset our little community of players, but also showed the Devs really don't respect us enough to tell us the truth.
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  12. dreamweaver Developer

    I'm not locking the thread, I will however continue to remove the posts of both sides of this secondary discussion that's happening to keep this thread on track.
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  13. FracasKrusher Active Member

    That's right....

    Dreamweaver is SHERIFF in these here parts.

    I'm sure he will do right kindly and FIX THIS ERROR

    Understand this is your REPUTATION your shaping on the forge

    Make this a decision your PROUD OF, that HELPS, that players will remember...

    REMEMBER THE ALAMO... errrr I mean

    Tappit the UNSMALL :(
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  14. Alenna Well-Known Member

    Dreamweaver does not have power to do that only the Devs do and someone from that team told Dreamweaver that the shrinkage was not intended even though the flavor text on the spell said it was someone is not being honest and if the DPG want to be trusted again they either must tell us the true reason or give the baby Bovoch the ablity to shrink us the way it was meant to be when it was put in to the game (we prefer the 2nd choice since it was in no way game breaking). every time I log in to my ratonga's, Arasai and fae I feel sad as I loved my little mousie girls, red and black flying insect and green flying insect and I no longer have them. why oh why was this change made and don't say it was not intended to shrink us we showed you the proof that it was.
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  15. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Claiming shrink items affect raids is nothing short of hyperbole. Please stop with the nonsense.
    If they affected raids the raid leader would simply ask players to un-shrink for raid. I've never known raid leaders to be shrinking violets.

    What I'd like to know is while the bovine shrink is now being classed as unintended, other shrink items are still in place.

    Return the shrink or be courteous enough to tell YOUR CUSTOMERS why it was removed. Nice job the new head Jennifer Chan is doing keeping things transparent. Yeah, that was a joke.
  16. FracasKrusher Active Member

    I just feel like my herd... err 1 little spotted calf has been stolen right out from under me :(

    CATTLE RUSTLIN is usually handled by the phrase


    I just for the life of me dont understand why DBG
    tries to fix things that are not broken
    break more things when they try to fix something
    dont talk to their customers

    I feel the rope tightening, and this stuff will eventually kill the game imho

    Tappit the rustled
  17. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    You are thinking about it the wrong way. lol.
  18. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Hi raid leader here, also player who has raided for idk 10-13 years now:

    Yes, I and other raid-leaders hate larger toons, it makes picking up adds a lot harder. Before you had /togglethreatlist window it was very frustrating to grab adds, unless you had Shrek. If you had Shrek of course it was pretty easy. But not a lot of ppl raid with that.

    On TLE now i've requested ppl be smaller on multiple encounters already, and would prefer if my entire raid was shrunk to the minimum size.
  19. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    Mystic Moppet is a great shrink item. Only 5 loyalty points too.
  20. Chienne-Guk Active Member

    That isn't what this thread is talking about. We are requesting the return of a 90% shrink item that was removed. Not an item already in game.
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