[Feedback] Please Return Spotted Baby Bovoch Shrink #2

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Chienne-Guk, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Chienne-Guk Active Member

    Fellow Players - PLEASE do not discuss whether or not this was an exploit. I would like to not get this thread shut down too.

    The devs have now stated that the shrink of the player was never intended DESPITE the fact that it was clearly indicated in the description. I would like to have this feature added back.
    Someone tried to submit a <bug> report, but it was closed as "Not a Bug" You can see the response in the link here: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...bovoch-was-a-shrink-item.594276/#post-6605516

    Before Bristlebane Day in 2017 the following write up was on EQ2 Traders:
    "Yep, there's more! First is the "Spotted Baby Bovoch", an heirloom spell for 20 coins. The spell shrinks the caster by 90% and summons a fluff pet Spotted Baby Bovoch. Yep, I said 90% shrink. :D"

    I'm having a really hard time believing that it was never intended.

    IF there is an underlying reason behind this change, then please have enough respect for your player base to tell us what that is. I really don't care if it's just a coder messed up somewhere and they're not sure how to correct it, or something else is happening behind the scenes. But, the fact that this effect was removed with ZERO mention of it in the patch notes, leads me to believe this is an oversight.

    Please consider bringing back the shrink effect of this bovoch, even if it means I would have an abnormally large pet (I hide it anyway). Or, alternatively, allow a different spell with the same effect.
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  2. dreamweaver Developer

    I am going to say this here just so we are clear, I was the one that told Chienne to make a feedback thread. This thread is fine, please do not report it.
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  3. Tegdaian Member

    with this situation one of a couple of things would be preferable to happen at this point. either 1. put the shrink back on the spotted baby bovoch even if it wasnt intended, since people obviously enjoyed this effect and sought it out for the shrink. or 2. put in another item that is fairly simple to get, and is NOT a marketplace item. so those of us who want that shrink are able to get it. I am perfectly happy with either of those two outcomes, and I sincerely hope the team listens to the outcry from the players on this matter.
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  4. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    My apologies for the other thread - it was not intended but please forward our considerations to the devs. I won't discuss the matter further. People are aware of my explanation.
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  5. Corydonn Well-Known Member

    I still think the safest option would be to use whatever code the battlegrounds used to prevent size change/illusion effects in raid zones. People can keep their cosmetics in most situations and it should make raid devs a bit more happy.

    Edit : Feel free to delete this if it assumes too much.
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  6. Chienne-Guk Active Member

    I would be perfectly happy with the bovoch pet to stay as is and a separate spell/bauble/gizmo to be granted with the same effect.
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  7. Frada Member

    I agree Chienne! I hid the pet anyways..I just want my Shrink back!
  8. floofloobunny Active Member

    I posted in first feedback thread, if your not going to fix the spell back or give another free or easy way to obtain a similar effect then at least reimburse the tokens as it was false advertising.
    In my case, I also spent 300 tokens on a mount to use in conjunction with shrink ( the bug mount from Bristlebane) so I could be be a tiny bug flying around. So reimburse those tokens as well, ok? Thanks in advance
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  9. Xxtacii Active Member

    I reported the bug a couple of weeks before the Bristlebane event. Never received an answer that it was as intended to be this way. This is the only shrink item I have at the moment and bought it last year. I don't care about the cow at all, just give me a shrink back. This barbarian is tired of sucking by gut in or ducking to get under doorways. Thank you :D

    (Really big barbarian)
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  10. Banana Tree Member

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  11. FracasKrusher Active Member

    I hope the dev team has the proper
    to correct this issue to please pacify customer/players.

    I thin it would
    them to not do so and create more negative feelings.

    Please pacify the HERD

    / | ...||
    * || ..||

    (MILKing it for all I can.... PLEASE FIX)

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  12. Treiko Active Member

    So here's the current timeline as I experienced it:

    Bristlebane day arrives 2017.
    Ellundra decides to partake in festival quests.
    Ellundra sees shiny moocow, which is nice.
    Ellundra sees even shinier shrink on said moocow, which is amazeballs.
    Ellundra puts in the effort to get shiny shrinky moocow on tiny beastlord because the standard 40% shrink already made for fun shenanigans while running. Beastlord also gets an extra pet to add to the herd... bonus, but not required.
    Ellundra's beastlord gets the shiny shrinky moocow and has a blast running around and being super tiny but feeling like The Flash.
    Cut to three years later, Ellundra's beastlord notices he is.... bigger than usual. There can be only one reason: shrinky moocow must have been dispelled. What's this? It hasn't? What's even more this? It no longer says "Shrinks caster by 90%"??? Why ever for??

    "That was not intended."

    In summary, I don't care how it happens, but all we want is the shrink back. That is literally the only reason most of us got the shiny shrinky moocow (though yes, I will grant you that my beastlord also got to add to his character and his zoo that follows him everywhere as an added bonus). All previous phrasing from either party aside, we are asking to have this one small thing returned to us (yes, pun was most assuredly intended).
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  13. PurpleChicken Active Member

  14. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    If a 90% shrink item not working anymore is what makes people leave the game, maybe its been time to leave the game for a long time for you personally.

    Talk about being overdramatic. Typical eq2 player behavior and its honestly a bit embarrassing to watch adults behave like that.
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  15. PurpleChicken Active Member

  16. Gillymann Abusive Relationships Aren't Healthy. J S.

    I agree with the substance of what you're saying, but I disagree with the way you characterized it.

    Yes, the shrink effect is a silly, trivial little effect, but here's the thing: it's also purely >>fun<<.

    This game has had the fun systematically stripped out of it to favor cash shop sales, to favor staffing resources, and to favor the design preferences of the creative director.

    Regardless of whether one believes the shrink effect was a bug or whether they just decided to change it and then lied about the reason for it (which is what I believe), THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD REASON FOR IT.

    Seems to me, when you're in the business of selling enjoyment, and there is a quirky little non-gamebreaking spell effect that people really enjoy, it is the very definition of stupid to remove it three years later "just 'cause".

    At this point, I can only reason that whomever is making the decisions for this franchise should not be doing it.

    The point (I believe) to be taken from the response to this event is not so much about the removal of the effect itself, but how these customers feel they're being treated.

    They're tired of having fun elements stripped from the game, they're tired of being misled and lied to, and they're tired of being given the middle finger when they offer feedback.

    You're right, though. Folks should probably at least consider spending their money on something that works better for them.
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  17. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    I agree, on a purely pragmatic angle. Tantrum posts that include threats of quitting, over an arguably minor issue, are not a great look. After all, who cares if some players may not be able to shrink as much, or have to use different shrink items? It is not the end of the world, right?

    Beyond pure pragmatism, I disagree. It is more than a single issue, and emotions do deserve consideration. DPG has declared an item description, which was written manually, which matched the effect of an item, which has been in the game for years, was never intended. In addition to this, we have been advised that discussing the legitimacy of the change "really isn't in play" as per Dreamweaver's statement.

    How much confidence and trust does this inspire in DPG? Mileage will vary between players. The change is of no concern to me, but it clearly matters to others. For some, this change may be the final straw, and when combined with large amounts of invested time and money, I understand emotions can run hot.

    I just wish people had more to be happy about, and felt greater confidence regarding the overall direction and future.
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  18. Avithax Well-Known Member

    It's obvious that many of us have a "beef" with DogPoo gaming about this :)
  19. Melt Actually plays the game

    especially considering you can still shrink to minimum size without it with other free items /shrug
  20. Chienne-Guk Active Member

    My problem is not just the removal of the item. It's the gaslighting and lying to their fanbase. If the patch notes had indicated "Spotted Baby Bovoch - Remove Shrink Effect" then, I may have been upset, and I would have complained or tried to bribe to get the feature back, but I would have grudgingly accepted that there was some reason behind it. The fact that there were no notes and then after 3 years of being in game, we are being told it was "Never Intended" is where my issue stems.

    I have the LON cloak, moppet doll and mushroom hat. Getting small is absolutely beside the point. Yes, I want that effect restored, because not everyone has those items. And, it really shouldn't have been removed.

    Let's just go down the rabbit hole of "it was never intended" (in spite of the obvious fact that it was specifically written and coded that way). It is in no way game breaking and players obviously enjoyed it. There is no harm in leaving it in the game. So...why just rip it away from the players now? Three years after it was added?? There isn't one. And, instead of just stepping up and saying "Oops, our bad, we overwrote the shrink code, we'll get it patched when we can"; instead we are given what we can only assume is a lie.

    That is my reason for my loss of enjoyment in a game. Because, now whenever I look at my "normal" sized player, I just feel a sense of bitterness at being lied to.
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