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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by mercenery, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. mercenery Member

    Spent 2 hours straight running around zones yesterday just trying to find a bit of PvP - none. Same again today. Everyone crowded around the broker in E Freeport. What's the point? Think I'm out.
  2. Hekter New Member

    I think we need pvp gear and writs/tokens so people have a reason to go out and pvp.
  3. Hekter New Member

    Not our fault it is possible, the main focus should be pvp at lvl cap anyway, there is no reason to stay at low level when 3/4 of the server rushes to 50.
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  4. Hekter New Member

    I will fully enjoy pvp from 10-70 when season 2 launches and I'm looking forward to it, but at the current situation level 50 is the way to go!
  5. Hekter New Member

  6. mercenery Member

    As a casual player with a maximum playtime of 10 hours per week, it's almost impossible for me to reach 50 (unless I use the disco exploit which would leave me shafted regarding gear and spells) so I find it disappointing that there is little or no PvP at lower levels.

    I'm levelling naturally, as I hoped most people would do so that there would be PvP at all levels.

    While we all came to this server to primarily enjoy ourselves, it would be in everyone's best interest to do whatever they can to keep as healthy a population as possible. Rushing to 50 is not the answer as most people here (I would guess) are older folks with busy lives who are more suited to casual play, but feel pressured into getting to 50 asap.
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  7. Eradani Well-Known Member

    the reason to stay low level for me is - i hate all the content after RoV and do not raid
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  8. Dethrayzin Active Member

    <- Level 21 at the moment. What I would like to know is how you can't find PVP. I go out to quest, get in a fight with a named mob, get ganked. I slip out to gather, get ganked. I fear it must be Freeport. Don't you know Qeynos is better?
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  9. Siren Well-Known Member

    I'm level 30 and have been seeing blues, yellows and oranges everywhere this week.

    I've been PvPing (or fleeing from 3-mans of oranges) straight through all the tiers since t2 at the caves. Antonica and Thundering Steppes always seem to have players about. I did hit Nektulos for about half an hour this morning on a quest and there was only one Freep about the place, a red 50, so maybe more of the 50 exploiters are on that side.
  10. mercenery Member

    4 hours tonight going to every zone within my level. Not a single bit of PvP...not getting my money for next month.
  11. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I see you mentioning "within your level", so I assume you're not level 50. There is only 2 weeks left of vanilla before we move into DoF. You're missing out on all the pvp at 50.
  12. sh33pOwner New Member

    If u want pvp so let's go 6v6
    We play mostly every day from 17 to 23 UTC
  13. mercenery Member

    Yep, but as a casual player, I haven't had time to rush to 50. And, I should not be forced into playing at max level.

    There were measures that could have been taken to ensure a larger population who would progress steadily ensuring PvP at all levels. I fear that many casual players, like myself, have already left the server and it's going to pull the cash from this server, meaning another failed experiment.
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  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    On Nagafen, the broker is....broken. I would guess that when Daybreak re-enabled the disco XP pot exploit there a week ago (which was locked down two weeks ago on Kaladim, never to return), more people PL'd straight to 50. Now no one even buys anything from T3 and T4.

    I could be a Bronze account on a F2P server and be forced to vendor everything to get cash; it feels the same.

    And the broker prices are totally whacked besides (because of the increased L50 quest/dungeon payouts versus T3 leveling driving all the prices up), when you can even manage to find what you need which is increasingly less now.

    I rolled characters on Kaladim over the weekend. Wow, that server is totally hopping! I immediately ran into several other Nagafen guildies and acquaintances who hadn't logged on in several days.

    Let's hope Daybreak does a better job next season: XP pots just screw up the whole server population. And re-enabling the XP pot exploit sends entirely the wrong message: that exploiting isn't okay, unless there's cash shop income involved and then it *is* okay.

    Never mind the wipe, which feels like it's hanging over my head more than ever now. Why level in an empty game when my main is forced into being disposable and the server is empty, when I could be playing with tons of people the whole way through EQ2 and keep my characters for years?

    I refuse to get sucked into buying pots just to rocket to end game, when I want to actually level through and play the game. Nagafen has become nothing more than an XP pot push, and one L50 BG where people /shout in EL nightly how they're buying and selling status/fame to cheat their way up the leaderboard. The whole thing is just gross!

    On Kaladim, it's two weeks after launch and there are still multiple instances up from Queen's Colony on. There were several instances of Qeynos up last night. My daughter took one look and said, "Wow, that's more people all together than I've seen in EQ2 in years!" (We come from Skyfire, though.) I paid my sub; I may as well get some worthwhile use out of it. :oops:
  15. mercenery Member

    Agree with all this - except - no PvP on Kaladim, so no joy there for me :(
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