February 2016 Producer's Letter

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  1. Ingerimm Active Member

    You should not write so many speculative numbers.

    The last time I counted them off what they have earned through the last addon to us and yet so by abbos always adhere to earn, was this, cleared in a relatively short time of about 2 hours, I can only guess, because it was pretty much, is not the money the problem.

    The real numbers do anyway Daybreak itself, if at all, and it will be massively large sums because they are more than 40 games hosting.

    Of all the merits of cronos and Daybreak Cash quite apart.
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  2. Raff Well-Known Member

    Every forum in every game is a cesspool of negativity. Forums seem to attract the highly negative & highly positive. While most players could simply care less what goes on here.

    That said, these forums are better than most.

    I count myself in the highly positive sphere.
  3. Nockturnal Well-Known Member

    /chuckles ~ I also.
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  4. Ommnom Member

    +1 highly positive here :cool:



    every game @DBG must run solely on cost basis i would say. H1Z1 is not earning money for EQ2, it is earning money for H1Z1, and of course if i would be H1Z1 player I would take this exact argumentation to DBG : "I pay for H1Z1, so invest in H1Z1.

    From that kind of perspective, you can't just say DBG is earning enough money and they are not willing to invest. EQ2 has to earn its own money and has to be funded with it.

    Of course my numbers are speculative, BUT it is about the "idea" of Cash Flow for EQ2. Maybe i am totally wrong on that, but I guess I am not awefully off with that perspective. Saving money on localisation with less EU players and merge the servers seems with increasing age and decreasing playerbase a logical step for me ...
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  5. Ingerimm Active Member

    This is probably probably really, but I think that the development team is a small one little bigger but several games take care not always specifically to a single.
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  6. MalcolmXBox Active Member

  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    from Armageddoux, on page 5:
    from Sigrdrifa, on page 7:
    Brilliant. :)

    I, too, don't actually want to see the EU servers have to merge, for more than a few reasons: first and foremost, if the US merged servers are any indication, I predict NOTHING will be done about the lag simply by merging, which has gotten notably worse on US servers, and I don't even raid or even do dungeons with a group. It is NOT the fault of the "item hoarders" (it wasn't before, back when we had 5-10 times the number of players and not much fewer items than now), it is mostly the fault of too many people, ironically enough, in the same area at the same time. Which could also be the fault of an old, creaky game engine that could stand an overhaul, but I don't think merging helps with any lag issues. :-/

    And I don't want people being forced to play in one language only, officially. I have a hard enough time on Storms though it's doing wonders for my French, which I knew very little at all before going on there, with my handy-dandy Google Translate open at the same time, just in case (I know, I know, stop laughing...whatever else you can say about it, it's way better than Bing). I still don't know enough about French customs, let alone the language, to feel comfortable enough to barge up to someone and say, "Invite me to your guild, s'il vous plaît! Tout suite!" (sorry; still very gauche, probably) I have yet to see someone that has an English-speaking guild "advertise" on the Guilds page in-game, or I'd be bothering them... ;)

    At any rate, I can sympathize; if all my UK kids on Splitpaw were all forced to do everything in French or German, I'd be in trouble there. :-/

    But, I think both Armageddoux and Sigrdrifa have excellent ideas, o Powers That Be; I would've been on other "worlds" in Norrath, creating more characters, buying more character slots when I ran out of my seven "free" ones, on just about every other server on the planet years ago, if I'd had access to an English-language UI. Oh, my; the stuff from Valor back in the days of the old forums! Such decorating! :D And I can see magnificent stuff from Sebilis on the Homeshow forum, but I don't dare set foot there on that server, since there's no way in heck I can make heads or tails out of the kanji required. Even the Cyrillic on the two Russian servers defeats me, since I'm sure there's important things I'm missing because it's gone from a Latin alphabet, or something that looks like Greek, to truly deep waters. :-/

    By this point, there's many an officially recognized, or at least officially "put-up with without too much wincing by the Powers" third-party UI out there; why not a language one that can be agreed on? Or at least a "stable" of them to choose from that, like the other UIs out there, won't hurt the game? :-/

    If it's inevitable, o Powers, let's try to make it as painless as possible. :)

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  8. Armageddoux Active Member

    You are most welcome in our guide on Storms Uwkete, You have only to ask :)
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  9. MissGreen Member

    I hear you guys, and I have seen mmo's where the dev's really reach out to people so if DB decides not to do exactly that, that's fine but that is exactly what keeps the player base loyal. The more they connect with us all, the better the outcome will be on every angle we are all looking at this game.
  10. Wurm Well-Known Member

    As long as it is optional, I like how my character looks and has looked since I made her in 2005.
  11. kluxor Well-Known Member

    New race, Orcs?! Personally I'd prefer gnolls but Orcs would be nice too
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  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    if they bring out a new race to play I would like Gnolls better too , but I don't think they are , are they ?
    or maybe those charming Osmirs, not the undead kind please.
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  13. Febrith Well-Known Member

    [quote="Ommnom, post: 6319864, member: 706061"

    BUT we ARE Europeans. We work together in the European Union, we share the same money and we try to move closer together from year to year in so many things in Real Life. Its only a question of time, when we all will be speaking an EU Language and somewhat in the Future a World Language. But thats Science Fiction for us, we will not see that.

    What we will see is a EQ2 Server Merge in the near future in the EU. Its on us to work these difficulties.[/quote]

    No, we don't share the same money, when I open my purse I pay for my game with pounds not euros - and I don't consider myself a "European" - I'm British and if anything, feel I have more in common with our American cousins than with our French or German or any other European country - why? Because we speak the same language for one thing. we watch their TV programmes (omg Brooklyn 99 is soooo awesome!) and for a hundred other obvious reasons.

    But at the end of the day I don't care where DBG merge me, if it's into one big Euro server with a dozen languages I don't understand, because I'm happy that they're still making new stuff which holds my interest and keeps me logging in everyday. I've played with people of all nationalities, as I'm sure we all have, including those with little or no English at all - hell, one of my raid tanks back in the day could hardly speak a word and yet we managed (Dambrass I miss you).

    So whilst I personally can take or leave a server merge, I don't ever expect to see RoK levels of greatness again, but I'm happy that they continue to make the cheapest form of immersive entertainment I know, and I love it now as much as I always have. Oh and if people are ******** about cost and what we get for it, consider console games at £40-£60 a pop with a campaign of say 20 hours game time. I know which side my bread's buttered!
  14. MissGreen Member

    But at the end of the day I don't care where DBG merge me, if it's into one big Euro server with a dozen languages I don't understand, because I'm happy that they're still making new stuff which holds my interest and keeps me logging in everyday. I've played with people of all nationalities, as I'm sure we all have, including those with little or no English at all - hell, one of my raid tanks back in the day could hardly speak a word and yet we managed (Dambrass I miss you).

    Its gonna go down that way sorry, it sucks but this brings me to all my other points of developers spending time on ********. and ignoring their main objective, keeping us happy. I know for myself after pvp went sour many left...MANY..and also too many bugs everywhere..not being looked at. I am sure DB have potential..I will stay around to see but honestly they are on their last leg. The game feels empty...unless your in a decent guild, that to me is saying no to NEW PLAYERS who are not going to feel at home here, unless some things change. I mean is DB trying to keep loyal fans or make new ones with nothing to offer unless you buy this and that...
    It all comes down to the same gated endless battle and questions...who's side is DB on anyways?
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    The "make enough money this quarter so our new overlords don't shut us down in a fit of pique" side, probably. But a lack of advertising; "trimming the fat" of the roster, not just to the bone but the marrow, to the point where people are leaving over customer service; not being able to deal with the bugs in a timely fashion (of course, that "time" may vary considerably, depending on the bug and who you ask); etc.

    Seriously, though: effective advertising would help them bring in enough new customers to the point where they could have enough money to breathe and focus on the stuff that will keep new (and old) customers coming back. ;->

    who remembers back in the day: WoW was like Microsoft/Windows/IBM (with all that implies, in a way) and SOE was like Apple/Mac: "We only want the best running our stuff, on the best equipment, with the best players, 'cause we have the best artwork [or whatever]. We [apparently] don't want to overwhelm our servers with too many customers, so let's not bother ever advertising past what SONY Studios did for us that one time." /face_palm
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  16. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Will do, next time I'm there! :)

    (who doesn't actually have an Uwkete over there, just a bunch of alts with probably horribly mangled French names... :))
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  17. Ogren New Member

    I logged in tonight for the first time in about 6 months. It's been nearly a year since I actually played at all. For some reason I was bored tonight and thinking about something that reminded me that I hadn't checked EQ2 out in a long while so I dusted off the game directory (had to find it first since I deleted the shortcut long ago lol) and ran the launcher.

    You know things aren't going good for a game when in over 6 months since running the game, you only have to patch 800mb of files. Wow! Talk about ZERO new content.

    New levels? Nope.

    Oh, I'm due a vet reward... lemme see what the 12 year is... Loyalty tokens? Really?! OMG!! HAHAHA - must have been a huge amout of dev time spent on that reward idea :p 365 tokes for stuff I never used to buy anyhow.

    Oh, I'm on a new server. Most of my toons made it ok... 'cept two poor alts stuck with a "Z" on the end of their name.

    Let me see if I sold anything while away.... 10 plat, lol. OK. I still have a Krono.. wonder what they are going for these days?

    70,000plat?!!! WT<bleep>!!!

    So in 6 months, the plat inflation has gone up over 2300%? Are you freaking kidding me?!

    Welp, I guess all Daybreak did was turn an awesome game into a plat farmer and gold (krono) sellers paradise.

    Not a chance in hell I'll ever play again. Even if they game me the last two years of content and expansions for free. I watched 20 minutes of auctions where practically everything was 10-100K plat.

    Just sad... :(

    RIP EverQuest2
  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    The minute I found out about the "75 plat bags going to 500" I thought, omg, it's the Weimar Republic all over again; you can't solve inflation problems by flooding the market with more currency. X-P

    Can't wait until we're "just going down the street for a loaf of bread" (which is when the horrors usually begin, adventure-wise) and it takes a wheelbarrow full of plat to get it. :-/

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  19. Maergoth Well-Known Member

    #1 reason I haven't come back: No time.
    #2 reason: I'm freaking broke.

    I'd literally have to Trump my way back into prosperity. And I can't stand that guy.

    Plus, I redeemed my 1 time vet reward on progression server so all those loyalty tokens are stranded. Feels great.
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ouch. Hugs. :(

    Anyone remember the time when "FREE-TO-PLAY WILL DESTROY THIS GAME!!11!1!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!1!!11!!!!! :eek:" was a thing? Nowadays, it's more like, "Well, of course you people don't deserve anything; you're poor!" "But it's the only way we can continue to play the game...and we do contribute a lot on the Marketplace, as much as we can, because we have to do it that way." "Too bad, suckface."

    Ah, compassion; I misses it. :-/

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