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    The famous < Faydark Knights > Will be returning to Varsoon.

    Firstly a little bit about us, we're an EU based but not limited to guild, we are focused on the correct way to lead, meaning one person does not decide everything which happens... our Main Leaders are a family and our bond is strong and our fairness towards all is required. Our guild has been around since 2006 and continues to grow strong no matter what. We aim to offer a home and a family to all who wish to join the ranks, and help the guild persue what it was set out to do.. to provide a home for players, a place to craft, solo, group, heritage farm, questaholics and raiders.. just anyone who wants to enjoy the game, meet people and make new friendships but also to take it at their pace or a faster pace.. we can provide and it would be our pleasure to do so.
    All we ask is that you are respectful to those inside the game. Sounds easy right?

    Considering our guild has been around for quite the while, we have a fully established set of rules, along with a fully functioning discord and website along with a Core Quality set of Officers who are prepared to uphold our guilds standards for your benefit.

    Raiding: We will be having a pre established Class Roster, Our team will be static and our requirements for raiding will change depending upon the expansion, but We are not people who love to grind till we die, We are sure most of you know who we are. However We expect people to learn and to progress, maybe not the same rate as others, maybe more maybe less depending on you, but we do love to see people get better and better. Ceej's saying will always be " Questions not asked are Questions not answered "

    Our Raiding days Will be EU based, They will be in the evening, however to combat the issue which most people face, which is time and limiting raids to a specific day for the rest of your eq2 lives, we've decided to take a different approach which will be to have a Monday as a static raid day and then an extra raid day on a random day each week with 1 weeks notice. Our Raid Times will be 7:00 - 10 PM UK.

    A new server always brings new rules, new complications, new excitements and new adventures. and OFCOURSE new bugs.
    However, we want to revisit and explore all of that, with you by our side.

    If your Interested, send a private message to either Valdahousen#1679 or Tirzah#3325 on discord for more information. Or Reply here, as I look frequently.
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    Yes we do have a space for a swashbuckler on our roster.:)

    Send me a friend request on Discord and will get you sorted.

    Valdahousen#1679 or a friend request and message to Tirzah#3325
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    Hello, I used to play with you on Kaladim. Do you have space for an Illusionist please?
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    Just your average Bump.
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    Editing, Only a handful of spaces left in our raid roster send a friend request and a message on discord or here at Valdahousen#1679 or a message to Tirzah#3325

    Back up Raiders and Non raiders are Most welcome.
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    Hi there! Are you guys still recruiting?
    I recently made this post and your guild caught my attention.
    I'm very interested in all kinds of activities, especially raiding.