Favorite Merc to Molo With?

Discussion in 'Inquisitor' started by ARCHIVED-Occam, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Occam Guest

    Like it says in the title, what's your fave merc to solo (molo) with and why?
  2. ARCHIVED-S_M_I_T_E Guest

    Occam wrote:
    The Shadownight.
    It takes damage well, it takes detriments for me, it does AOE DPS, etc.
    I've tried many of the other mercs and either I find myself spam healing them to prevent them from going down (warlock pre-nerf while soloing ascent) or they take the same amount of hits but don't do as much DPS (pally).
    The brigand was pretty good until the SK came out but now that the SK is out it synchs quite well with the Inq class at 90.
    The Brigand is a close second.
    The other DPS don't do DPS enough to warrant healing them which is why tanks win. I do more DPS than the DPS mercs.
    Hopefully this isn't a "hey, let's see what is most popular so we can nerf it..." thread lead by a RED in BLUE name clothing...
    /tin foil hat on...
  3. ARCHIVED-Milil Guest

    any recommended merc for a good aligned inqui? i think it's fairly difficult for a lvl 26 to get through all the guards in neriak.
  4. ARCHIVED-Canelin Guest

    I have a good Inq. I tried pally merc first but found him wanting.
    I then tried Dirge based on another thread asking which class would best suit an Inq in a duo with another player. The dirge buffs up your melee skills apparently!
    Can't say I've done any hard number crunching but I must say I do feel like I mow down mobs a lot faster when I use him. I only pop him when I'm taking on orange ^^^ heroics or large groups of mobs but I'm convinced he makes a noticable difference. He also rezzed me once when I got a bit over my head!
    I'm level 70 atm if that makes any difference.
    He is based in Freeport but he wasn't difficult to get. I was level 32 when I went there via Thieve's Way. You pop up just across from the tavern he's in. Drink an invis potion and leg it to the back of the tavern. There's no agro mobs back there so you can hire him easily without a problem - then Odyssey out.
  5. ARCHIVED-Milil Guest

    sounds like a plan. guess i'll give it a try. thanks for the tip.
  6. ARCHIVED-Occam Guest

    So I've been playing with the SK and she's a BEAST!
    Her AOE DPS makes mowing through large groups rediculously easy.

    For good aligned inq's, I don't think the guards in the entrance of Neriak see invis.
  7. ARCHIVED-Sinnous Guest

    I know this shouldn't count lol, but I LOVE MOLOING with my Nayad Elite Merc....worth every plat...allows me to solo Obelisk of Ahk Zhul at level 81...I mean just wow.

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