Fatal Combination vs. Exploit Weakeness

Discussion in 'Ranger' started by ARCHIVED-Umub, Mar 3, 2011.

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    I don't have enough AA for the Heroic Endline, but I am curious if anyone has compared these 2 options to see which does better DPS?
    It looks to me like Fatal Combination is totally passive, while Exploit Weakness is an attack that needs to be timed. I would hope that Exploit Weakness would do better DPS if used properly, but I'm not sure.
    Also, comparing the DPS for each endline in solo, group and raid would be helpful as well.
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    I am thinking about putting EW on my mirrored INT spec for raid/more difficult group stuff and FC on my STA build for solo and general grouping. Not sure how much difference it will make but it will allow me to be lazier on those super quick group runs in the easier instances.
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    OK. So I have enough AA now and have started testing. I have only tested with Exploit Weakness so far. I tested both the amount of damage and how often it procs. I don't have endless patience so my results are a bit mixed in length.
    As background, Exploit Weakness is the new DOV Heroic endline. When it procs there is a message in your chat window that Says "You see a weakness in your enemies defense!". At that point you have approx 5 seconds to use the Exploit Weakness combat art. If you are too late you get another message that says "If you have spotted a weakness in your enemy's defense." and do very little damage. Otherwise you do a lot of damage. In addition, there is a black symbol above your head and an icon in your maintained spells window to indicate that it is time to use the combat art.
    First the damage portion. The damage spread was fairly wide from about 70K to about 120k for me, but the average was 85K damage. This is without PFT and with 1900 agility, haste 127 (105% faster), 93% crit bonus and 70% potency. With a theoretical proc of twice per minute this might result in about 3K DPS to your parse.
    Number of Procs
    Dual-wield 4 sec weapons melee auto attack only
    23 procs in 11 minutes for 2.1 procs/minute
    One 4 sec weapon melee auto attack only
    19 procs in 10 minutes for 1.9 procs/minute
    One 6 sec weapon melee auto attack only
    72 procs in 39 min 26 secs for 1.8 procs/minute
    9 sec weapon ranged auto attack only
    19 procs in 7 min 42 sec for 2.4 procs/minute
    Lots of short combat arts with a mix of melee and ranged (in sweet spot)
    15 times in 5 min 37 sec for 2.7 procs/minute
    • The combat art has for me a 10.5 second recast so if it procs again too quickly you won't be able to cast it in time meaning that some procs will be wasted.
    • With the current lag in PQs it is hard to cast exploit weakness before it expires

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