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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Domino, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Domino Guest

    Do you think it is reasonably to expect that level 80 tailors and armorers will most likely have ally faction (or an alt with ally faction) with the Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division already?
  2. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    None of my crafters have ally faction with Far Seas :( I wish that I could though....lol
  3. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    Nope, not reasonable at all.
    The Far Seas faction stuff came after my two 80s were already 80. Due to the hours in the day (and the subset of that, the hours I have to play in the day), none of my crafters is ally (not even the ones sub-80 that I've done more Far Seas writs on).
    If that faction was required in order to be able to progress my tradeskillers beyond level 80 (or obtain level 80+ Essential books), I would be mighty upset. It would be the first time, too, any faction would be -required- for basic leveling, tradeskill or adventure.
    However, if there were advanced books only available for ally faction, that would be fine since advanced books are not a requirement for level progression.
  4. ARCHIVED-EQPrime Guest

    My armorer is my only tradeskiller with ally faction, but it just happens that I decided to raise faction with him and not one of the crafters on my 2nd account. Most of the tradeskillers I know do not have ally faction with far seas on any toon.
  5. ARCHIVED-buffquinn Guest

    I have both my Armorer and Tailor at ally faction, but I would say I would not expect that most people do. I know quite a few that haven't even started faction with the Far Seas Company, much less to ally.
  6. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    I have to ask what is the point this question?

  7. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    No. If I had to guess, I'll say than less than 50% of the armorers/taillors are ally (or have an ally alt on the same account)
  8. ARCHIVED-marz1976 Guest

    I finally managed to purchase my unicorn last weekend on my level 75 woodworker and I can't see myself going through the reputation grind again.
  9. ARCHIVED-CorpseGoddess Guest

    I respecc'd my main to a carpenter at the beginning of December; she hit 80 mid-January and is currently at 32k with the Far Seas.
    I try to do the daily quest, but don't always get to it. And I'm less inclined to do the rush orders just to grind faction because they don't award tokens (which I need more than the 8k faction at this point).
    But that's just me. I plan on reach at least 40k with them before next week, at least.
  10. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    No, because not all of us chose to do all the TSO content or run daily/weeklies. I don't think it'd be unreasonable, however, to have an amount of faction equal to doing the Ship Out series which introduces us to FSTCSD.
    Do the City Festival quests give any FSTCSD faction? Maybe a dollop there to help?
  11. ARCHIVED-Whilhelmina Guest

    I think most tradeskillers have at least one char at ally if they are interested by special faction recipes of course.
    I have 9 chars at ally and 3 somewhat around 25000.
  12. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    Rijacki wrote:
    This, or similar, though I don't think it should be as punishing as "ally" required to attain it. I'm all for a road to the advanced books being available to crafters through PURE crafting though (DoF being adventurer-only, and total absence for T7 isn't good IMO, but T8 is fine via faction grind).
    And as said, I 100% agree with the idea of being able to level without needing faction to get essentials books. Put them anywhere you'd like, as long as they're still on the recipe book vendor in guildhalls, and the regular guys near/in the Tradeskill instances as well.
  13. ARCHIVED-Dessellion4 Guest

    Please don't make us grind on all our alts. I have one lvl80 Jeweller with ally faction and six other lvl80s who haven't even started. Please make any books or rewards Heirloom.
  14. ARCHIVED-Neskonlith Guest

    None of my 4 lvl80 tradeskillers have ally faction, as I was avoiding the writ grinds and was waiting for fun quests from SF to help boost them up.
  15. ARCHIVED-JesDer Guest

    It is just as likely that they will have any other faction related to tradeskilling.

    Some people skip the city faction .. some skip the RoK factions .. some skip the Far Seas .. some skip the TSO factions.
    Some people grind them all out because they have OCD. None of them are needed to hit level cap.

    Honestly if the rewards for getting the faction are great enough, then people will aquire said faction. Currently there is little reason to get Far Seas since the reward is very minimal. I dont doubt there are many people who only have faction because they were attempting to get the Shard armor books.
  16. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    No, it's not reasonable to expect that more than a handful will have max ally faction with Far Seas Trading Company Supply Division at this point in time.
    I personally have ally faction on my Tailor, though.
  17. ARCHIVED-Korven Guest

    Seems completely reasonable to me. I have 3 crafters at 50,000 and a 4th at 32,750 faction atm.
  18. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    I think it's reasonable to expect most serious Crafters to have at least 1 crafter with Ally faction.
    But, I don't think it would be reasonable to expect that most of the Tailor/Armorers are Ally.
    9 classes limited to 2 make for a smaller group.
    So whatever you are planning 'Heirloom' would be nice.
    Oh .. I fully support adding in more Far Sea writs for T9 to help with Level & Faction grinding.
    Plus, my twin gets lonely .. who wants to do writ grinding when they can do Week/Dailies? *sniffles*
  19. ARCHIVED-Bridgeplay Guest

    Neither my Tailor or Armorer are Ally with Far Seas Supply. Only my Sage is Ally, and I have level 80 crafters in every class.
    There's too much faction grind already. If we could create one super-crafter toon it wouldn't be so bad. But I gave up long ago trying to keep a full set of level 80 crafting toons at all the max factions for each.
  20. ARCHIVED-Bridgeplay Guest

    Heirloom doesn't help much when my toons are spread out over 4 accounts.

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