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    Added some stuff, removed some stuff, updated some stuff.
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    I'll try and get the post RoK Sage thing done. I started on it but got a bit distracted by other stuff...I see it's still there and realized it's a little out of date. :p
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    Excellet post to have for us new to the game and crafting.Thanks so much for all the helpful links!

    You rock!

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    Some minor neatening of the op.
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    All lvl 12+ Mastercrafted Weaponsmith weapons as of GU45 broken out by class and tier of who can equip the weapon. Includes recipe, what level the weaponsmith needs to be, plus the blessed and imbued effect info. Let me know if I missed anything. It was a lot to go through. :)
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    New storelong parser added, a couple of dead links removed.
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    Calthine wrote:
    These guides are outdated. The good information that is in them is lost in the old outdated information.
    I'll get back to checking out all the guides and post another list as I find problems. I just looked at a few so far.
    Oh dear. I don't think I'll check any more of the faqs. I don't want to end up on everyone's ignore list and it seems that most of the how-to faqs address crafting naked to conserve power and putting arts in hotkeys, both of which I think are outdated methods.
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    The harvesting guide http://eq2.allakhazam.com/wiki/A_Ha...ester%27s_Guide, should include the table stuff listed in this thread http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...topic_id=421734. It would help folks to know about the alternate table, and hopefully have less threads being created about how do I harvest rares.. =/

    edit: it might be that I'm blind but I don't see any reference to the advance books one can purchase if you have enough faction, the madja, and kunark ones. I thought there was a barron of the sky one also but they appear to be essential books and not advance unless i am looking in the wrong place(always possible).
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    Probably the best book guides are over at EQ2 Traders. I had a book guide at 'Zam, but it's definitely not updated. The Harvesting guide I just added some stuff to yesterday :)

    In other news, I finally got off my half-elf tuckus and updated my Understanding the Arts guide over at Allakhazam.

    On the FAQ sticky, I've removed a few bad links and tried to separate out guides from the bad ol' days of crafting. I'm leaving some of them up because the basic advice is still good, even if the precise mechanics aren't.
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    Calthine wrote:
    I clicked on your Understanding the Arts link above and ended up in the old link, which had a message to click here to to get to the new guide.
    Can you change this so that the link on the FAQ listing goes right to the new guide, or perhaps list both guides on the first page.
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    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    Uh, yeah, sorry, thought I fixed that *blush*
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    I've added some Shadow Odyssey guide links, altho somewhere along the line I lost the ability to single-space, sorry!
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    *oops .. double posted*
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    I am sick of searching for this every time I want it soo ...

    DominoDev wrote:

    For each node in each zone, when you harvest it, there are different result tables set up that tell the game what to give you when you harvest. Your skill level determines which table you use.

    For example, using entirely invented numbers, let's imagine that there is a root node in a level 30-40 zone and you go and harvest it with a gathering skill of 190.

    The game sees that the root node points to two result tables. Let's call them:

    T4_roots_base_result - required skill 140
    T4_roots_bonus_result - required skill 189
    • The "base" table might tell you that you have a 70% chance of getting 1 root, a 20% chance of getting 3 roots, an 8% chance of getting 5 roots, a 1% chance of getting an imbue, a 0.7% chance of getting a rare root, and a 0.3% chance of getting a rare root + 10 common ones.
    • The "bonus" table might tell you that you have a 60% chance of getting 1 root, a 25% chance of getting 3 roots, an 10% chance of getting 5 roots, a 0.5% chance of getting an imbue, a 0.8% chance of getting a rare root, and a 0.7% chance of getting a rare root + 10 common ones.
    (Yes, the numbers probably don't add up to 100%, I just invented them on the spot.)

    Now we know that if your skill is under 140, you can't harvest the node at all. And we know your skill is 190. So the RNG rolls a number between 140 and 190. If it gets 140-188, you use the "base" result table. If it gets 189+, you use the "bonus" result table. Clearly, as your gathering skill increases, your chance of using the "bonus" result table gets better. (This is where +harvesting skill items affect your results, they increase your chance of using the bonus table.)

    As of GU37, you get to start using the "bonus" table at level _8 (so, 8, 18, 28, 38, etc.) You're still not guaranteed to use it, but you have a CHANCE to use it. Previous to GU37, the level at which you could start getting the bonus was much higher, so that you didn't even have a chance to get the bonus table until you had entirely outlevelled the tier. In T6 and T7 prior to GU37 we still couldn't even start using the bonus level at level 70 with 350 skill, so we've been harvesting off the "base" table all this time. Now we will begin to have a chance to use the "bonus" level, so yes, we'll get slightly better harvesting results in T6 and T7 than we were before, but it's actually about the same results as we would eventually have got as the level cap raised and we continued to level up.
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    Jesdyr@Unrest wrote:
    Good spot :) I'll also add it to the Harvester's Guide on Zam.
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    I wanted to submit my own tradeskill website in FRENCH. I know that it will not be very usefull in this list, but I think it would be nice to have all the links in the same place, even if it's in a foreign language.
    Link is : http://eq2artisans.faerylands.eu
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    No problem :) Sorry I'm slow in getting to it.
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    No problem, I wasn't in a hurry at all and it's nice of you to take the time to edit ;)

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