Fallen Gate and bells, housing, events...

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    jokes on you no one here is for live talk. :/
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    I don't mean to be a wet blanket here, I think it's safe to say that's not going to happen. The issue with the Isle of Refuge is that it was crashing because they'd changed their tutorial system. The IoR hadn't been updated, so it was trying to use the old tutorial system that no longer existed. Once they found the reason for it crashing, it sounds like it was actually a fairly simple fix and most everything worked (there was one quest that was borked up early on which they fixed later).

    From everything they said, recovering the old city suburbs wouldn't be technically feasible. The city zones are common to all of the servers, and there's a lot of the "newer" city quests that are tied to the revamped zones. IIRC, Gninja said it took about 3 hours to fix the IoR so that it was usable. They've said it would be months of work for the them to recreate the cities as they used to be at launch, updating quests, etc. Personally, I'd much rather they spend that time working on itemization, making sure heroic and raid content is fun, and just improving the game overall.
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    If beta is any clue as to launch, forget your hopes of more travel options on the bells. They are exactly like they were on RtT.

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    Well, there's always hope. Rebellions are built on- Wait, that's a different franchise, never mind.
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