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  1. suka Well-Known Member

    speaking of that, i am wondering if we should save some of the primordial tokens for something coming up. there seems to be an urgency to get them, but you really don't need a hundred of each item on the vendor.
  2. suka Well-Known Member

    i just did the quest on two of my all access toons. they each said they got 30 ferrin.

    i went back and checked one. although it said she only got 30 ferrin for each of the two quests she did, this was the first time she had done the quests. it shows on her currency window she has sixty per quest so she is sitting on her very first 120 ferrin. thanks guys - it is rewarding properly no matter what the emote says
  3. Awkk Well-Known Member

    Where is a good place to farm ferrin? Which weeklies are you talking about here? I only know about the seagulls, fishing, run up mountain, etc. they dont give 15 ferrin. Where are you guys getting 15?

    Also do solo dungeons give lots of ferrins?
  4. suka Well-Known Member

    right there in tranquil seas and also in phantom seas, there are a number of quest givers. they give weekly and daily quests that give ferrin as rewards. also when you do all of the little quests that are activated by clicking a mushroom or a bow, etc, they give ferrin. you can only farm ferrin in aom. and the dungeons give ferrin only when you are doing all the quests. at the dungeon entrances you find more quest givers who give dungeon related quests.
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  5. Ahupu Well-Known Member

    I am taking this to PMs since this direction is off topic, feel free to vilify me in private if you like :D
  6. dngrmse Active Member

    If you're lucky, you can get the mount by spending 100 ferrin, and 50 plat on the grab bag. I got lucky...and I never win anything good.
  7. Knight Member

    pay like the rest of us and quit freeloading then maybe you will be entitled to some of these goodies
  8. Feldon Well-Known Member

    You have to watch the actual Currency tab of your character window. The amount of ferrin it says in chat doesn't double.
  9. suka Well-Known Member

    i would really like that idea- the part with the mine-able walls.
  10. Madelinerose Member

    I was never on Beta test and I did answer the questions sent to me on in game mail. I voted to receive no special perks on the progression server because otherwise, I could just make a new alt on the same old server. You cannot buy experience items on that server. You can buy vitality potions and xp debt removers though. So..I'm glad there are no perks on that that server yet.
  11. Veinal Member

    On 18 September Holly tweeted:
    Starting next week, #eq2 and #everquest will get "some kind of bonus" every day until expansions launch. OMGRSH! Stay tuned for deets!

    The next day she clarified this to mean:
    in most cases. We will look at doing sales and stuff.

    Further clarification on the 22nd:
    real bonuses haven't started for eq. They start Friday... which is this week... Not misleading. Not detailed tho.

    Tuesday following that Friday has now come and gone and still nada has shown up on EQ. Of course none of these twitter comments have made it to an EQ or EQ2 forum that I've been able to find. EQ2 has always been Holly's favorite, but she should be more careful what she tweets after a few drinks on weekends. :)
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    Starting...now? Will it double the experience gained from selling documents/relics/amulets/stones?
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  15. desi New Member

    Why then are you even on the TIME LOCKED server? The main purpose of that particular server was NOT to get all the bonus/claim stuff. :confused:
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  17. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    Must be that time again :)
  18. Smallcorners Well-Known Member

    So what has been the Frenzy since noon pacific yesterday?
  19. Lateana Well-Known Member

    On Splitpaw I just noticed a server bonus for XP.
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