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  1. Trasor Active Member

    Not to name names, yet some of you are missing the point. Many of us do have real jobs (and in my case part-time grad school as well) and for us, we do not want to spend the entire month grinding. The pots, while a tad bit too much, helped to prevent that with little monetary cost ($5).

    If you get to 50 at the end of it, and you have not contested raid mobs or received your prismatic, I feel like you are missing out on the best content. Also, while I feel like leveling up and finding PvP while in zones is the best thing, that isn't even the preferred method of PvP for most people at 50 now. I personally enjoy large stack group 6v6, best on best. I would take more time doing that and less time running into people in the caves, Nek, etc. any day of the week.

    Personally, I think this format allowed everyone to do what they need or want to do in the game, with RL time constraints considered.

    I have seen PvP at all levels, the only issue I am seeing right now is the grouping, trading, guilding, and class selections caused by legacy coding. If you cannot enable proper FFA and the sense that everyone is factionless, go ahead and make everyone Exile with access to cities. Maybe that is the workaround for season 2?
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  2. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    I'd made some comments critical of the availability of exp pots. However, it seems the cost to get to level cap is minimal.

    If that is indeed the case, I stand corrected, and believe the devs did a good thing by making them available.
  3. Avithax Well-Known Member

    OMG I missed pvp threads!
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  4. Alarra Well-Known Member

    I see they nerfed the Disco XP last night, so I am guessint that the people who got it in time will stay at level 50 while the rest of us need to take a week or 2 to get there, meanwhile they are getting better gear and what not at cap.
  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    I'm glad the devs hopped on this quickly. They work M-F, and the servers launched over the weekend. They came up with a fix in one work day, and implemented it the next morning at 7AM. You can't ask for more than that.

    And I don't see how the 50s are going to be able to dive right into capped dungeons basically naked (in level 1-10 gear, lol) with all Apprentice spells. Not to mention how long crafting to L50 is going to take otherwise. ;)

    Realistically, they're going to have to dive backwards into very grey quests that give any sort of L30s or whatever gear as quest rewards, grind a bunch of greys, and inch their way up into their own tier. I doubt they can even do L40s basic quests naked and with all Apprentice spells, so good luck to them getting Adepts they can use for a good long while!

    The most humorous thing, when you think about it, is that they really haven't saved themselves all that much time. They still have to play catch up and upgrade every spell, combat art, weapon and armor piece.

    You won't see all that much difference when you get there, as you'll be geared gradually as you're entering each tier.
  6. Peak Active Member

    Or, you suffer through content with zero power (HOs are key), since it's all pretty trivial, do some quests, buy some vendor gear, and win at life.
    A little bit of effort and you can be geared and experted/mastered out pretty easily.

    This was beta all over again. It happened there, why would you think it wouldn't be just as easy to gear up here?
  7. Contrapunctus New Member

    I'm pretty sure that if after 3 months our chars transferred to another pvp server with the same rule-set but permanent that server would be very populated eventually. Also gives pvpers who want to skip a season or two ( or three ) the chance to have some slower paced fun!
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  8. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    Getting to level cap quickly was not about saving time, it was about gaining advantage and leader boards.

    Traditional levelers are gonna love life at 42.

    Turns out, this server was about p2w after all.
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  9. Deftoned New Member

    It was a bummer seeing everyone at 50 when I logged in Sunday. I didn't follow the beta at all, so I was coming in blind.

    Still having a blast at level 20 - just wish it was a bit more level playing field..
  10. Contrapunctus New Member

    Basically : Devs need to protect the players against themselves. I mean : The really fanatic players who put all their time in eq2 have the nature to rush and gear up as soon as possible to become the best of the best, nothing wrong with that, with their nature that's what they do.
    The problem on their side is that they are soo fast that for a long time ( maybe never ) there wont be much of a competition so they get frustrated having no equal groups to fight.
    On the other hand you have the more casual players who take it more easy and usually have a hard time catching up ( as i stated before, among them are also very good players, they just have less time )
    >The solution as with many things lays somewhere in the middle<. I noticed that a lot of casuals are playing the game more as if the server is permanent, cute but also kinda sad in a way that they deserve a more stable pvp environment.
    Devs should know by now what type of server works and what not ( i hope )
  11. Contrapunctus New Member

    TL server idea = People will be given the option to ding 50 at start, and get 3 gear choise options per slot, i'm not talking about crap treasured gear but the best in slot, the juicy pve fableds. > This way devs don't have to worry about making new pvp gear sets<
    As soon as people leave the boat they can go for the ranking system, form groups, solo, get a bounty on their heard, whatever they like, just pvp like crazy.
    You could also : Have these events where some zones give more fame while soloing while other zones give more fame while grouping.
  12. Contrapunctus New Member

    A merchant with free owl / butterfly totems, food / drink, arrows and such will also be needed for that type of ruleset.

    And if you want to milk some players on top of their montly fee, they buy mounts anyway.
  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    You can PvP on Nagafen from level 10 on, Contrapunctus.

    It's obvious you don't enjoy PvP with leveling, dungeoning, adventuring, harvesting and crafting like a lot of us do. You also sound like someone who would enjoy Battle Royale games a lot more than MMORPGs.
  14. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure there are many of your folks enjoying the server either. The mysterious server load box thingie on the home page has ranked as low as any of the other struggling servers in the game since sunday.
  15. Weresnail New Member

    TLE servers are cash generators. Game play is secondary. It feeds on game whales who will advance at any cost. And this is a normal business model for many modern game companies.

    Look at EA's FIFA. $800 million in-game purchases during 2016.

    I'm grateful those big spenders keep the EverQuest 2 lights on. Annoying as they are.
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  16. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    This is a PvE game and they released Kaladim the same day as Nagafen. It's to be expected, but vanilla lasts 4 months on Kaladim, which sounds atrocious. Maybe we'll see a portion of Kaladim's players come over to naggy to enjoy some DoF and KoS for a month, if they get bored.
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  17. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I recall buying vender jewelry and just doing overland solo quests as a group and gearing out my entire group in full treasured gear within a few hours. We honestly could've cleared every single heroic zone at level 50 except maybe icy digg the first day. That's how undertuned content in t5 is, and has been for every single TLE now.

    We did a x2 with one group just by utilizing HO's before we got all the heritage quest gear and had nearly half our slots missing. Seriph is ridiculously easly, but it's still a good 3-4minute fight without any gear at all.

    Your entire argument here has no merit, it's based on a theoretical view of the game. It has no merit considering all of us who rushed, had no issue clearing all of the t5 content wearing nothing; but random pieces of gear we got before we used the disco xp to level to 50.
  18. Siren Well-Known Member

    I'm just grateful one of those cash generators is Nagafen. I'm not a whale, but if other people are, that's their business and doesn't ruin my fun leveling in the least. There are more people leveling than the L50 exploiters would have you believe.

    Despite the horrible 3 month wipe and the FFA, I'm still having a blast, and greatly prefer any sort of open PvP server over just PvE in EQ2.

    Thanks again, Daybreak!
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