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Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by lorna, Mar 16, 2019 at 11:31 PM.

  1. lorna New Member

    This 50 heavy / everyone just exploiting exploration exp is lame. This could have been so great fighting over Enchantment lands or Zek
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  2. Trasor Active Member

    I think this really depends on the person. In my opinion, I think the devs knew that there was a lot of resistance to the 3 month timer and wanted to make it easy to get to the end game faster. It did not make sense to grind and then see a wipe to your character.

    My guess is they made this possible for that reason. Frankly, I believe most people are enjoying not a huge grind to get to 50 - it also makes the incentive to sub another account higher.
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  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    What I like is that, in a perverse way, it has eliminated one of old Nagafen's (and even beta for new Nagafen's) worst problems: the ganking and griefing of new player green lowbies right off the server.

    Now the stage has been set. The bar has been raised to level 50 coming right out of the gate by this relatively small amount of PL'ing, potion-buying players. Now that's where all of the players complaining about these new 50s subconsciously want to be, and feel jealous if they're not.

    That means that no one is even thinking about forming 6 mans of high teens/early 20s oranges and camping/griefing newbie greens, long after the XP has worn thin. This leaves crafters, meanderers, and people against pay to win to noodle around in solos and duos, picking off chosen fights here or there while they're harvesting or questing.

    Woo hoo! Thanks much, all you hyperactive L50 power levelers! This is how open PvP is supposed to be!
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  4. Inukez New Member

    Seriously? Jealous? that's the best you could come up with? Ah yes we're pissed because the company introduced a P2W mechanic on a reward driven PvP server. That is what a majority of us are pissed about. It doesn't matter of the ******* Exp pots are 50cents, $1, $5, $10, or even $20+. Its the fact they introduced a BAD PRACTICE of P2W mechanics into a ******* PVP SERVER. Its LEGIT the fact that they marketed the server as a "TRUE CLASSIC PVP" server and said there would be no exp pots.. and day 1 1.5 hours in and we have level 50's running around already gearing themselves out. but its fine "We are jealous". Its not like I got money burning a hole through my wallet and bank card or something; and just have a morally "good" and ethical view of how a company should run... Oh wait.. it's probably because I run allot of day to day operations at the company I work for.
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  5. Siren Well-Known Member

    Inukez, they never said there wouldn't be XP pots. They said there would be very few things in the cash shop, total, which there certainly are compared to live, Fallen Gate and Kaladim.

    Well, when you run your own company, you can run it how you want. Daybreak pays the bills how they see fit. If no players enjoyed the pots, they wouldn't be buying them. Daybreak isn't forcing anyone to do anything.

    I'm not buying pots, and other peoples' deciding to shoot themselves out of a cannon over the L50 finish line in a matter of hours isn't affecting my leveling fun. I control my characters, you control yours, and they control theirs.

    Hopefully this small bunch of 50s has some Druids and Sorcs in the mix. Once they're bored to tears on their only characters, maybe they will start popping portals up in town for the rest of us. Lord knows they'll have little else to do for a month.
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  6. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    DBG didn't say there wouldn't be credit card mechanics, just that the cash shop would be limited.

    However, I agree 100% with your sentiment.

    I was mostly okay with the server as it was described, but if we've learned anything about EQ2 these days, it's that there is ALWAYS a P2W mechanic that is suppressed during beta.

    So before I reinstalled everything, I wanted to wait for feedback.

    One toon per account + exp pots -> cash grab event.

    It's likely that most of the folks unwilling to buy their way to level cap will be able to catch up, gear and kill wise. Certainly the casuals who only put in an hour or two a night are in for a rough time.

    I'm skeptical this thing is going to last more than one season as the title fodder stops logging in, but who knows, maybe peeps will love it.

    As for me, no thanks.
  7. Ozyr New Member

  8. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the correction and clarification!

    Seems they just couldn't help themselves.

    Oh well, I expected them to steer people to the cash shop in some form. They always do.

    But yeah, that's low. Bait and switch.
  9. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Here is your forum post white knight.

    Hopefully in season 2 the promises can be kept.
  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    What that really means is that the devs planned one thing, and management found out and said to do quite another thing. ;) And as usual, the front-facing people in the company (doing the most work for the least amount of money) have to take all the flack about the change.

    I don't buy these pots. You don't buy these pots. If somebody else does....well, then they're just proving the management right. And none of it affects your or my ability to have fun leveling on Nagafen.

    I'm still glad the devs took the time to put up Nagafen, and I hope it gets additional seasons for years to come. Even at FFA with wipes, it's a lot better than not having a PvP server in EQ2.
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  11. Gillymann Well-Known Member

    What it means is they willfully withheld important decision-making information.

    Doesn't matter if the switch was planned all along, or if someone up the food chain imposed it. It's the act of withholding the information that matters.

    For those that have been following along the last few years, I'll be surprised if there were folks who didn't expect some kind of incentivized cash shop mechanic to be revealed when the server went live.

    For the others who have been out of the loop, I can understand why they may feel fleeced.
  12. mercenery New Member

    I participated in the entire Beta from start to finish, and at the end of Beta, although I was looking fwd to the live version of the server, it was not without some trepidation. Beta was pretty much a gankfest on your own green faction.

    I've been playing now on live TLE PvP Nagafen since day 2 (couldn't get on day 1 as I had kids to attend to!), and I'm quite stoked :) I'm still getting ganked, but it's a good ganking: within 4 levels (usually when I'm out of immunity but still under revive sickness, or when I'm in the middle of a PvE battle with a MOB) but usually by a player using their own class specialisms to kill me. (stealth or pet haha!) Although I'm never happy to be killed in PvP, I won't complain. If I get into a fight when I'm full of mana, I'm pretty good, but if I get into a fight when I'm LOM or OOM, then I'm as dead as Latin. This is good too, as it makes me try to pay attention and be more careful when I wander around Norrath (as it should be!)

    I've hit lvl 13 after 3 days (yay me!) and as a 'casual', I'm happily within my own expectations.

    When you 1st day 50ers are bored to tears after a fortnite (LOL see what I did there?), I'll still be running around trying to hit lvl 20, PvPing, getting pummelled by someone 4 lvls higher than me, and LOVING PvP.

    'mon the Devs! x
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  13. Satyr Well-Known Member

    I think this is a positive side effect of the fast leveling. It's taken the sweats out of the low tiers so people like yourself can enjoy themselves and level naturally and the sweats with stacked six mans aren't bothering you.
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  14. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Promises still not held. Perhaps they should of passed their intentions before they went ahead and announced things and lied to the community? Crazy idea.

    I don't blame the devs, they obviously wouldn't be there if they could, it doesn't mean the promise wasn't kept.

    I spent my free DBC on a xp pot, i'm obviously really lining their pockets by using them to do disco xp.
  15. Siren Well-Known Member

    You didn't get to 50 on one free pot. Not by a longshot. ;)
  16. Rustiiee New Member

    I used to play on Old Nagafen and am super excited and happy to have it come back even in a Progressive TLE Seasonal. As some of you have said, I hope it will continue on for years to come.

    I do how ever hope that the Devs think things through alittle bit better. I understand that some people want to rush to cap level right away but I don't think it should be as easy as purchasing an xp Potion and running through a handful of zones and you are capped within 1 day.

    In my opinion alot of the fun of a pvp server is running zones or questing and running into other people you can fight. Makes things interesting.

    Perhaps instead of potions, we could only purchase cosmetic items that would carry over through out the seasons on our account since we can only make one character per event anyways? I feel like the potions really took the challenge out of the server.

    Hopefully things run alot smoother next season and we still have a decent population so everyone can enjoy it. Everquest 2 PVP is by far the most fun I have in any game platform.
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  17. Satyr Well-Known Member

    Yeah, he probably did. I did.
  18. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I even had 3 hours and 18 minutes left on it =^(

    If I could get 430 daybreak cash back I would.

    Edit: I leveled to 25 by pvping, killing random heroics, and doing random quests/repeatables with no xp pots at all. That took around five hours? We also had some breaks in there, and killed groups for like 20% xp per group.

    Then we went 25-50 in 42 minutes by just running around in circles.
  19. Duprey Member

    I feel that the few die hard vets raced to 50 to be geared faster and have an advantage so that their name and egos can be elevated, normal naggy attitudes really lol. But what this has done, is removed most lower level pvp and pvp xp is supposed to the best way to obtain xp, so the few people left and new comers are gonna have to solo pve quest and its going to be very boring and they will probably take off. I made a toon on sunday and played in dlw and maybe got into 3-4 fights, that is horrible for a starter zone on a sunday, on day 2 of server. I logged and played another game.Its gonna be the same few guilds fighting each other is what i predict. And when or if i do get to 50 i will be so far behind in gear and spells that i will just get face rolled. I know people are against pvp gear but there needs to be some gear that is equivalent to raid gear for solo/small groups. With the pve tle server released at the same time it put naggy at a real disadvantage for bodies... maybe see ya maybe not... already having trouble wanting to play on naggy, feels dead.
  20. Rustiiee New Member

    On the info post the devs made, they said that some raid bosses in contested zones will drop gear that is only good for Naggy. We predicted it might be pvp gear but now we speculate it is probably some more of that appearance gear.

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