Fabulous Frostfell Decoration Submissions

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Dexella, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Erszebeth Active Member

    • Character Name~~~Innigo
    • Character Server~~Antonia Bayle
    • Address and City of House~~Magical Freeport House (Door in basement of Arcane Academy, North Freeport)
    • Screenshots and/or Title of House on the Leaderboards~~Frostfell Obsessed Assassin
  2. Shakacon Member

    • Character Name: Shakacon
    • Character Server: Permafrost
    • Address and City of House: Dimensional Pocket in The City of Freeport
    • Screenshots and/or Title of House on the Leaderboards (Medium Homes): Mystical Museum Odyssey
    • When you enter, please take the teleportation pad to the Frostfell Dollhouse. McScrooge is waiting for you!
    • Here are a few photos but they do not do it justice. Visit to check it out.



  3. Lndi Member

    • Character Name: Lindix
    • Character Server: Nagafen
    • Address and City of House: Storm Tower Isle in Qeynos Capitol Distract
    • Screenshots and/or Title of House on the Leaderboards: "Nightmare Before Xmas 2012" Currently under Massive Homes.
    • This is my Norath rendition of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas



    Just a sneak peek.
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  4. Dexella Associate Producer

    Thanks, everyone, for your great submissions! This is just a reminder that there are only a few hours left if you want your house to be considered. We will be locking submissions at 5:00 pm PST today!
  5. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    Character Name: Cyliena
    Character Server: Everfrost
    Address and City: Everfrost Summer Home, Qeynos Capitol District
    Title of Home: Frostfell Shopping Retreat (Large Homes category)





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  6. Fixit Active Member

    Fixit > Freeport > Tenebrous Island > Qeynos
  7. Afista Well-Known Member

    • Character Name: Tinkerbele
    • Character Server: Crushbone
    • Address and City of House: Galleon of Dreams - Qeynos
    • Title of House on the Leaderboards: "Frostfell on the Frigid Seas"
    • *Even troll pirates (yes, troll pirates) deserve to celebrate a Frostfell in style! Come tour their ship, have a cup of grog, and take a spin on the dancefloor. Don't touch theit loot though, or they might throw you into the prision with the creepy gingerbread people.
    • ((Keep the seas calm, just the cound of the ocean, and be sure to launch the icy firework cannons :) ))
    • Screenshots:
    • [IMG]
    • [IMG]
    • [IMG]
    • [IMG]
  8. Valeskah-Unrest New Member

    Character Name:Valeskah
    Server: Unrest
    Address: Manors of Mithaniel in Frostfang Sea, (3rd house on left in New Halas, Frostfang Sea)
    Published House Name: FROSTFELL BUNGALOW & MARKET
  9. Catri The Dark New Member

    Character Name: Catri
    Server: Crushbone
    Address: Manors of Mithaniel, Frostfang Sea
    Published House Name: Halas Hot Tub Party!

    Can't remember how to post pictures, so let me just say... Santa, I'm sorry... I had... the BEST of intentions!
  10. ShyMidnight Active Member


    Character Name: Angelwitch
    House Name: Eligible Gingerbread Frostfell Finalists
    Server: Antonia Bayle
    Address: Aerie Sajlen in Greater Faydark , a three-room acorn, version 1
    City: Kelethin


    * At the home entrance, find and read the book titled Instructions for Meeting Frostfell's Most Eligible Bachelor Finalists.
    * Read the Signpost in each Bachelor's room.
    * Find and read each Bachelor's Frostfell Love Letter.

    Enjoy participating in Frostfell’s Most Romantic Reality Show! Cast your vote for the Bachelor of your choice!


    Firstly, there’s lovable and shy Thor the Carpenter. He’s sweet, kind hearted, and wants to have a big family. That’s not all! He’s also a great listener, has a passion for gumdrops, and is an excellent craftsman. He’s one of Frostfell’s most eligible men, and is ready to settle down. Start drooling! If he’s your cup of tea, give him your vote!

    Next, there’s fierce Vhlad the Pirate! He’s courageous, wicked, and let’s face it – a handful. Although he may seem rather intimidating at first, his fierce good looks hide a heart of gold. He’s seen the world, he’s quite well off, he’s an amazing swordsman, and, of course, he’s desperately looking for true love. He certainly has what it takes to be the most eligible Frostfell bachelor! If he makes your heart beat a zillion miles an hour, give him your vote.

    Thirdly, we have the charming crooner, Raphael the Rockstar. Full of Gingerbread spice and charisma, he’s already got a lot of excited fans. Behind that beautiful voice, musical talent, and sparkly romantic celebrity image, Raphael is a wonderful guy who just wants to loved for himself. If you think he’s the dreamiest Gingerbread Man in the Frostfell Wonderland, he should get your vote.

    About Angelwitch: Fairly new to EQ2, playing since about August 2012. This is my first published house, and I don't use an editor. Couldn't fit the pics into this post, not sure how. The house is small, but it was fun to decorate! Hope there aren't too many typo's!

    Happy Frostfell!
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  11. Valeskah-Unrest New Member

    Name: Valeskah
  12. Valeskah-Unrest New Member

    Character Name: Valeskah
    Server: Unrest
    Address: Manors of Mithaniel, Frostfang Sea
    City: New Halas

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  13. Kattt Member

    • Character Name: Lunshea (Katttara)
    • Character Server: Freeport
    • Address and City of House: Manors of Erollisi - Frostfang Sea
    • Title of House on the Leaderboards: Santa Glug's Candy Castle by Kat
    House will be published in a few, taking screenshots and will edit here =) Open to public though and ready! Will also be on homeshow post. Good luck and Happy New Year All!


    Santa Glug and his elf goblins are hard at work all year round crafting gifties for all Norrathians at this Gingerbread Castle, North Pole, Norrath! Enjoy your stay when you come to visit! :)

    It's on Freeport server, on leaderboards under Large homes. The Erollisi Manor of Frostfang Sea.

    Sharing a few images here, but for more, I put the rest in this thread here: http://forums.station.sony.com/eq2/...ugs-candy-castle-by-kat-freeport-server.2854/



  14. Wynnter New Member

    Character Name: Wynnter
    Server: Permafrost
    Address and City: Galleon of Dreams in Qeynos
    Title of House: The Gingerdreadcutter
  15. Dexella Associate Producer

    Thanks everyone! Submissions are now closed.

    Please give us up to four weeks to judge all of the entries (though we plan to be done in two :)). We will announce the six winners on the forums as well as in an article on EverQuest2.com.

    Happy Frostfell!
  16. Dexella Associate Producer

    Update -- y'all seriously could not have made this more difficult on the judges. We were blown away by the creativity and festivity present in all of these entries.

    We did narrow our lists down to six winners, as mentioned in the official contest rules. They have been contacted by me via PM on the forums.

    But, in the spirit of Frostfell, I did want to give each of you a token for all of your hard work. I am working on granting these items now. If you don't see an item on the character you submitted, please contact me via PM. These should all be granted by Friday, February 1 (and will likely be in your overflow).

    The winners will be featured in an article next week.

    Thanks! :)
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  17. Dexella Associate Producer

    2nd Update: THE WINNERS ARE POSTED! You can check them out here.

    Thank you all again for all of your hard work. I'll remove the sticky from this thread on Monday, Feb. 7.
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