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    My 32 dirge is my highest level character (I recently recovered from altitis), and I was wondering if there were any legendary or fabled armor sets or weapons to be had soon. Could someone shed some light on the fabled and legendary equipment of the dirge? Thanks!
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    Moonbaby@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    You can go to http://lootdb.com and search for legendary and fabled gear at your level. However, I wouldn't spend tons of time going for that stuff. You will be leveling fast enough that Mastercrafted will probably more than do ya.

    For a dirge, I would recommend Feysteel Melodic. Last I looked you couldn't get all seven pieces in melodic, so you get the ones you can and add regular chain for the rest. EQ2 Trader's Corner has good pictures of player crafted chain armor you can check out also.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    When you get to level 37, you can have a set of Blood Iron Ore armor made for you. The ore comes from the Zek mines and from Deathfyst Citadel. The recipes for the armor come from DFC (click the image below to see it full size so you can read the stats). EQ2 Trader's Corner has info on all of the DFC armor sets for various classes also.


    For your weapon, I'd suggest taking a look at EQ2-411's T4 crafted weapons for dirges. But also, you will likely be working towards some Heritage Quests that reward nice weapons:
    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
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    Wow, thanks for the fast answers and advice guys! I'm checking those websites out now!

    I'll check into that mc armor and one or two of those weapons. Thanks again!
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    SSoY? PGT? SBD? Haha are these joke items?
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    I remember the Pretty Good Tomahawk with great fondness; it was a sad day when I outgrew that puppy.
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    Shenhua wrote:
    You seem to be new, so perhaps it's a serious inquiry rather than just pointless abuse. No, they're very nice items, among the best easily gotten in their level range. Heritage Quests are major questlines that involve a lot of chasing around and typically some tough group content, as well as, potentially, some extremely tedious name-camping, though I hope to goodness that that, at least, has been dealt with. They yield a lot of achievemnt experience and status, as well as first-rate items. There's a specific title associated with having done lots of HQs, and it's one of the more meaningful titles you'll see.
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    I meant joke items...as in they are items from EQ1. Very prominent items. Before Kunark came out, a SSoY was the 'it' weapon to have. PGT also was pretty much every mid-level DWer's wet dream. The SBD was every Rogue's wet dream because it was the highest delay dagger in the game to give huge backstabs lol.

    Not meant to be abusing, it was a serious question.
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    Several of the Prominent EQ1 Items made it over to EQ2 in the form of Heritage Quests.
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    Huh that's actually kinda cool!

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