F2P and expert spells

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  1. Lithran New Member

    Ok, I must be under the wrong impression based on what is under the FAQ for Free to play and how it was months ago when I played. It states that with Silver accounts I can use Expert Spells. (I am Silver)

    Yet, when I look at spells for sell on the broker, they say "This items is locked to account restrictions and must be unlocked or the account must be upgraded to Gold before if can be used"

    When did they change it so Silver can only use Journeyman or Adept?
  2. Properman Member

    The game is locked right now for an upgrade so I cant check the broker but I just started playing again after a year off and I have a lvl 80 sk/90 alchemist that makes his own spells and I can still use expert. Havent leveled since the expansion so maybe a bug crept in but I did make and use a few over the weekend. What server are you on? Maybe I can help you out with this, I also have a 90 sage and a 90 jewelcrafter on AB so I can make any spell you need at expert level.
  3. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    Upgraded a second account last week to support myself, and silver still says it allows the use of expert skills. I haven't checked to see if he can actually use them as I got burned out from 2 weekends of powergrinding, but would imagine that its either a display bug that shows you cant use them and you in fact can, or a bug that came about due to their adding the expansion and toying with accounts having unrestricted coin now.
  4. Finora Well-Known Member

    I scribed several expert spells on my silver account no problem last week.
  5. Mindor New Member

    check to see if your account is still 'silver' ??? Maybe they screwed up your account...
  6. Lithran New Member

    Nope am silver. I have access to all the chat channels. And I can wear mastercrafted items.
  7. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Next 2 steps then are to /petition and ask the GM's to investigate and also post a new thread in the Account Relayed Support Forum