Extra-Life Incentives for 2023

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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Super-teaming with Extra Life to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network!

    Hail, Norrathians!

    Darkpaw Games is once again on a quest to play EverQuest and EverQuest II to help change kids' health and we’ve kicked off our Extra Life fundraising efforts along with our global Daybreak Games Super Team page. This year, we’re back to supporting our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital: Rady Children's Hospital – San Diego, a nonprofit, 511-bed pediatric care facility and the region’s only pediatric trauma center. With 170 hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network, each location treats thousands of kids annually, regardless of their illness, injury, or family's ability to pay.

    With donations from you all, we absolutely crushed our goal last year, and we aim to do it bigger and better this year. We are even more focused on helping local kids in need this year, setting our goal even higher than ever before. And just like last year, Darkpaw Games (Captain name: Darkpaw Games) will again kick off our fundraising with a donation of $5,000! Let's make this a great year, together. Like last year, we are introducing several in-game incentives for both EQ and EQII as we meet various collective donation milestones! More on that in a bit.

    We sincerely hope you'll consider spreading the word in-game, on social media, and to family and friends. If you're able to donate, please do, every little bit helps.

    Quick Guide on how to get where you need to on the Extra-Life site: https://www.everquest2.com/news/eq2-el-incentives-2023

    About Rady Children’s Hospital
    Rady Children’s is a renowned, award-winning children's hospital based in San Diego, CA. They do remarkable work in helping children from all walks of life and regardless of medical coverage recover from serious, life-threatening diseases and conditions. Click here to read more about Rady’s efforts to help kids.

    How Can I Help?
    On our Extra Life page (Captain name: Darkpaw Games) you’ll find share buttons which will automatically generate a post to put on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a page URL button to use elsewhere. Just sending out a message to your family, friends, and followers would be incredible and immensely appreciated. Please help us spread the word.

    If you're able to give a donation, know that it is tax deductible and will go towards helping improve the health of thousands of children who are destined to change the future. Simply click on the "Donate" button at the top of the page to chip in.

    You can also help by heading to our Extra Life page here (Captain name: Darkpaw Games) and getting signed up to help us raise funds, or by logging into an existing account and joining our team.

    Where Your Money Goes at Rady Children’s Hospital
    $.50 = 1 diaper – We use 880,000 per year!
    $1 = Infant-sized mask to deliver anesthesia
    $1 = Pediatric blood pressure cuff
    $1.10 = One baby blanket – We use these to keep our smallest patients in the neonatal and infant critical care unit warm.
    $5 = Round trip transportation for a child to and from therapy – This is critical for children that have been abused or neglected.
    $7 = Box of 50 child isolation masks
    $7 = Digital thermometer
    $10 = Medical play baby doll – Our child life specialists use these to explain procedures to young patients.
    $15 = Pediatric Ambu bag
    $30 = A cuddle cub – This special weighted teddy bear feels like a baby in your arms and is given to families to take home when they lose a little one.
    $30 = Case of pediatric medical gowns
    $100 = Red wagon – We use these to transport kids around the hospital in place of wheelchairs to make transport more fun!
    $1,000 = 3D printed heart – Our surgeons use these to plan their heart surgeries and explain them to patients and their families.

    Once again, we wanted to provide all players of EverQuest with collective as well as individual incentives for hitting various donation-level milestones. Donations have already begun so help spread the word and jump in today. We plan to send out occasional reminders throughout the month of October to help get the word out.

    Extra Life’s Game Day is on November 4, 2023

    November 6, 2023, at 10 a.m. PST, we’ll tally up where we're at for group reward donations. You can still donate to receive individual rewards through the rest of the year, though.
    November 7, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. PST is when we’ll turn on the group rewards based on the total donation amount on November 6.
    November 14, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. PST is when the group rewards will be turned off.
    December 31, 2023, at 11:45 p.m. PST is the last day to donate to receive individual incentives.

    Here’s what you can look forward to:
    Group Milestone funding tier rewards
    • $15,000 = 10% Bonus Experience and 1% Increased Rare Drop Chance.
    • $17,500 = 15% Bonus Experience and 1% Increased Rare Drop Chance.
    • $20,000 = 25% Bonus Experience and 3% Increased Rare Drop Chance.
    • $22,500 = 35% Bonus Experience and 3% Increased Rare Drop Chance.
    • $25,000 = 45% Bonus Experience and 6% Increased Rare Drop Chance.
    • $30,000 = 75% Bonus Experience, 6% Increased Rare Drop Chance, and Double Currency Rewards.
    • $35,000 = 100% Bonus Experience, 10% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $40,000 = 125% Bonus Experience, 15% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $45,000 = 150% Bonus Experience, 20% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $50,000 = 175% Bonus Experience, 25% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $60,000 = 200% Bonus Experience, 30% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $70,000 = 225% Bonus Experience, 35% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $85,000 = 250% Bonus Experience, 40% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, and Double loot drops in current expansions.
    • $100,000 = 250% Bonus Experience, 40% Increased Rare Drop Chance, Double Currency Rewards, Double loot drops in current expansions, and 15% chance to drop an additional rare (on top of the normal drops).
    Individual Donor Rewards
    • $5 - Extra Life 2023: Benefaction Bounty I
      • Prefix title - "Bighearted"
    • $10 - Extra Life 2023: Benefaction Bounty II
      • Prefix title - "Warmhearted"
      • Minor Potion of Allied Advancement.
    • $25 - Extra Life 2023: Benefaction Bounty III
      • Prefix title - "Kindhearted"
      • Greater Potion of Allied Advancement.
    • $50 - Extra Life 2023: Benefaction Bounty IV
      • Prefix title - "Stouthearted"
      • Personal treasure cache
    • $100 - Extra Life 2023: Benefaction Bounty V
      • Prefix title - "Lionhearted"
      • Sporali Mercenary: Icur Yew
        • On Time Locked servers, Icur Yew may be converted into an appearance pet.
    • All higher tiered individual incentives will include incentives from previous tiers.
    • $100+ = For each incentive milestone reached after donating $100, you will receive a second (third, fourth, etc.) key for each listed incentive. Example: You’ve donated $305 so you’ll receive three keys for each listed incentive, and plus one more $5 incentive for a total of four $5 incentives.
    Sporali Mercenary: Icur Yew
    Personal Treasure Cache and Potion Descriptions
    Fundraiser Rewards
    • $250
      • Gamul the Plague Hound Familiar
        • On Time Locked servers, Gamul may be converted into an appearance pet.
    • $500
      • One set of all the listed Individual Donation incentives.
    • $1,000
      • Prefix Title: Slayer of Plagues
      • Appearance Cloak: Slayer of Plague’s Mantle
    Gamul the Plague Hound Familiar

    Appearance Cloak: Slayer of Plague’s Mantle
    If you are a streamer and would like to inquire about participating, please contact Angeliana via private message on our official forums or in Discord. Click here if you'd like to check out the incentives for EverQuest.

    Thank you for reading about our plans for Extra Life this year, for being part of our outstanding communities, and for helping children in need with your donations. Together, we will make a difference!

    -Clan Darkpaw

    Join us on social media! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

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  2. Taled Well-Known Member

    Any more info regarding the stats/tier/quality of these? There may be more incentive to them if folks know what they're getting, especially given that there is no appearance slot for mercs, making the appearance pet part tied to TLE only a potential deal breaker if these were, for instance, treasured. (Though the familiar can be used as an appearance, so less so!)
  3. Laalon2 Active Member

    Who do we notify once we donate?
  4. Taled Well-Known Member

    Assuming the process hasn't changed, they'll email the keys for the rewards out in batches to the email address you donated via. Since they have Dec 31st as the final day to donate for individual incentives, it's likely they'll send the rewards out just after new years, but it's possible they'll do an 'early' batch for folks who already donated, though somewhat unlikely since it makes it harder on them with having to track who already got rewards/etc.
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  5. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    I will certainly ask in this weeks meeting and provide any response I get!
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  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    "I cure you" LOL nice mercenary name. That might just be worth the $100. :)
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  7. Edelphia Well-Known Member

    What is the PERSONAL treasure cache? Could it be a depot for no trade gear? Pretty please?!? I would be over Luclin and scrape together the funds for this!
  8. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    The info on that is in the image under the Sporali.
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  9. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    We will be posting this info closer to the beta for everyone.
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  10. Phule New Member

    What's not clear to me is how my donation is tied back to my Daybreak account.
  11. Risku New Member

    When you donate you have to give an email address, when the event is over they email you keys for each reward you can then apply directly to any of your Daybreak accounts.
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  12. Tnilf New Member

    The images will not load for me.
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  13. Test Taffies Active Member

    Perhaps we could get the images added, as they are broken at the moment. As of late when information is added with images they (the images) are broken. Thanks
  14. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    Oh dear, my sincerest apologies. I will resolve that issue right now!

    Edit: Are they working now?
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  15. Laalon2 Active Member

    Yes, thank you
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  16. Riggs New Member

    I am ready to donate at least $100 if I knew what the stats on merc are. Also would the merc be account wide or just one toon?
  17. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    I'll request this info to be posted along with the above request for stats.
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  18. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Are the titles you get once per account, or, once on an account, one for each character? Just trying to figure out if you have to activate it on a character, and then it's permanently tied to that single character.
  19. Angeliana Senior Community Manager

    We've created a How-To Guide for Extra-Life first timers, or just those who might need a quick refresher on how to get to the proper place to start earning the nifty incentives! https://www.everquest2.com/news/eq2-el-incentives-2023

    This will also be edited into the article above.
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  20. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    I plan on donating regardless of this answer, but would Daybreak be willing to delay the double currency reward on Varsoon until RoK Hunters quests become available?

    Edit: Somehow my inability to note how many months away November currently is made me miscalculate the above question. Please ignore it.
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