Exquiste chests in new Advanced solo zone

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ureo, May 3, 2013.

  1. ureo New Member

    Hey everyone I am curious I have run these zones 30 times or so and have yet to see an exquiste. SO I have asked around and no one else has seen anything else drop.

    Dev please answer did they stop dropping exquisite chests in advanced solo???

    If the answer is yes then why is the risk vs reward so screwed. The zone are obviously harder and the drops are only 162 Stats. I think this is kinda screwed up. I don't see any reason to run the zones there is not obvious reward
  2. Yukishiro1 Active Member

    They haven't stopped dropping. I got monk shoulders in dc advanced solo yesterday night. But it was the first exquisite I've got after 30+ advanced solo zones run since the patch. And it wasn't from new content either.

    See my other thread. There seems to be a widely held perception that the drop rate of fableds in advanced solo zones has gone down. Hopefully a dev will drop in and let us know if it's just our imagination or if they really did ninja-nerf the drop rates.
  3. ureo New Member

    Yeah I know but look at my post I am talking about the new advanced solo zones... there is no reason to run them at all... exquisite don't drop and the Armour is to low for the mobs in there. You cant go into the zones with 162 Armour and expect to survive. So the Armour there makes no sense why it would drop because you need better then that to even try the heroic
  4. SteelPiston Active Member

    Nothing here. All the loot that I have seen to date is 162 stat legendary armor with no yellow adornments. I don't see the point of running these new AS zones. They take much longer, but the loot is not worth it. (fun though) The only good thing about the new Advanced Solo instances, is that I generally get 2 obols per run where you get none from the CoE ones.

    I have yet to see one piece of loot drop from the hundreds of trash stuff that I have killed in Cobalt Scar. The two names that I killed dropped ornate with level 93 sub par items that I squished.
  5. Thorine New Member

    They drop in the new solo zones as well. I got an exquisite in Tavalan Abyss yesterday so they are there too.
    It wasn't a fabled armor piece though. It was a fabled bow.
  6. Kwikdeath Active Member

    I got a fabled 2h priest hammer from the SG Alluring Embrace solo on Wed night \aITEM -1519546639 1845346057 0 0 0:Coral Flail\/a. Just put it on the broker and sold for 50p since it wasn't heirloom (someone else had up for 100p).

    Wasn't very good for a fabled (though not completely terrible)...would really rather have the chance at crafting components for the new rings rather than loot that I won't use though...