Experience on Kalidim is FINE

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Bella222, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Bella222 Active Member

    I am SO tired of all these posts that the experience rate on Kalidim is too fast. Just change your slider and get AA experience only when you hit 20 or do another land. Or like others have said: turn exp off. There is lots to do. Or make an alt. But why make it harder for other people.
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  2. Bidnessman New Member

    Couldn't agree more. Honestly the people complaining about this are focusing on the wrong things. They have the ability to stop their xp, or they have the ability to enjoy a reasonable leveling timeline and enjoy an alt or 2, without spending 40hours grinding the same crap. I've played with a group every night since launch and we are still low 20's, full cleared multiple dungeons, are completing heritage quests at level which is challenging, and having a blast. Slow xp kills servers, kills alts, and fuels pwrlvl krono farmers. This feels like a perfectly acceptable rate.
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  3. Malvolio Member

    Maybe I am doing something wrong and am using DarqUI but the EXP slider is completely disabled on my Kaladim character.

    That aside you have a difference of opinion which does not qualify for "tired of these posts" arguments. Speaking of arguments this is a bit odd because its like a pizza place advertising a new pepperoni sausage specialty pizza then delivers a Hawaiian pizza with anchovies. The multitude of other posters are like "This is not what was advertised" and your on the "I love Hawaiian with anchovies" side of the fence.

    There have been multiple TLEs all with the goal (advertised by their own F.A.Q.) of recreating vanilla EXP rates (again of their own admission) and every other TLE has at least attempted that advertisement until last Saturday. This time they even lengthened the time between expansions reinforcing that design philosophy. All evidence up until launch day was 1 way and it is my opinion that someone screwed up and the exp rates are an error that the company will most likely never admit to. Now its too late to do anything about it which its why its complete radio silence on the exp topic. (They did nerf the exploration exp)

    Now you have to put yourselves in someone else's shoes for a moment and I know it is hard. Me attempting to see your side shows your solution to the too fast leveling is to manually disable leveling until you have experienced your fill and what others have accomplished or are doing has no affect on you. Or you feel its perfectly fine and the next 13 or so weeks after doing everything until DoF can be spent leveling alts.

    Now you can imagine that some people might not think the same way. Some may look to fresh start servers as a way to progress with the group and be "among the first" to do things. That may be clearing content or it may be the first 50 Provisioner cornering the market. And logging in on the first day after work seeing people already at 50, having every heritage item from a vendor, knowing that whenever they reach the "difficult endgame content" their contributions will be meaningless because everyone will be decked out kills their plan.

    Crazy I know, how could other peoples capability/accomplishments diminish yours? I am one of those people as soon as I realized that everything I accomplish will be too late to make a difference I had 0 interest in playing. I hate being carried and wish to excel at my role and miss the days were you could actually fail content instead of day 1 clears on everything.

    I played on day 1 for a solid 9 hours and got my $14 worth I spend more going to see a movie that lasts 1/3 of that , that being said I now consider Kaladim not worth the sub and have cancelled renewal. I will tool around while I have a sub but currently have lost all drive to progress.

    TL;DR People have different opinions but what is not open for debate is what was advertised and what was delivered were 2 different things. Especially considering this is not the first TLE.
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  4. Mesander Member

    Maybe just enjoy that they actually have a TLE server and stop complaining? Just a thought. It could be worse...we could all be forced to play on Live or just not play at all.
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  5. Bidnessman New Member

    Since your no longer subbing or intending to play on this server long-term, your opinion is moot.
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  6. Agmar New Member

    I think if you have a single minded idea to get to 50 as fast as possible, you invest money into pots, optimize your route and group and run with it, it is ok to hit max level fast as that is not how most people play.

    Most people will craft some, solo some, décorate some, harvest some help others, run fun/HQ quests, do collections, etc. And for those people XP rate is fine. I take myself. Im lvl 20 and played the game litterally none stop since release and focused my time in many aspects of the game. I personnaly find it pretty slow hitting 20 as i dont put all my time on aventuring. At my pace ill probably win one or two levels a day at most and that is how i like To play the game. I do respect people that got lvl 50 in 8 hours, but its not because the game is broker, but more because they put the efforts toward it in a certain way. It should be ok for people To be able to rush as long as others can take it at their pace. The game strikes that balance since most people are not 50 but lower lvl by à lot.
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  7. Malvolio Member

    A healthy response for any community, if feedback is negative it no longer matters. Your solution would be if something is not as advertised to suck it up and take whatever they give you? Or be so emotionally invested in something that anything they throw at you is good enough? I will not guess your age/maturity level but if you approach life with this mentality it will not be a fun time.

    Now imagine for a second that if enough people stop participating in a service, said service would be no longer profitable and be shut down. At what point does retention matter?

    I'm not attacking you guys personally i'm providing a point of view from someone who does not like where this headed. If your first response to a different opinion is "Your opinion doesn't matter" or "Could be worse so stop complaining its better than live" you might not be in a healthy relationship with a product.
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  8. Bidnessman New Member

    Everything you just said doesn't change the fact you stated you un-subbed. Your clearly not invested enough to continue play because it doesn't match your play style after 3 days. If that's the case id rather hear the feedback of people who intend to play on this server when your gone. Unless your telling me you just added that for dramatic effect and then id ask you the same question about maturity.
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  9. Feldon Well-Known Member

    If all these problem customers who fail to show unwavering love for the game would just go away, things would be so much better!!

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  10. Thatfox New Member

    Quoted for non-ironic truth.
  11. Sixgauge Well-Known Member

    Someone should make a new thread about xp rates on TLE.
  12. docsam Member

    Just listen to what the majority in game are saying
    Nothing about exp rate .They are having fun and tbh if you want EQ2 to have any chance of a revival you NEED to start listening to the majority
    EQ2 devs at launch FAILED to listen to many of us in beta and in end it went head to head with a game that will not be named and lets just say it went faster then when tyson took on michael spinks
    Most are happy and thats all you need
    It even seems that discovery xp was nerfed or at least feels like it
    Most of those who are complaining here already hit 50 (not gonna debate which methods) and then came here to moan
    All you need is to listen to your players ingame and you have your answer
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