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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by luciddream1979, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. luciddream1979 New Member

    Hi, recently returned player, haven't played since the Faydwer xpac so getting back into it.

    I noticed that the game includes all xpacs upto Destiny of Velious and that I'd obviously need to buy Age of Discovery and Chains of Eternity. So my question is are these separate purchases or does Chains of Eternity include all previous xpacs (ie: Age of Discovery) aswell.

    As I'm currently only level 73 and doubt that I'll hit 90 before the new xpac is out in October, am I better off waiting and I guess they'll roll AoD into the main game and then I'd just buy Chains and the latest one?
  2. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    AoD is separate from the standard expansion paradigm, as it contains no new zones. It is a features expansion, containing things such as Mercenaries, Dungeon Maker, Reforging, Tradeskill Apprentices, Beastlords, and a 20 AA cap boost (from 300 to 320*). However, none of those features is an absolute necessity to play the game. They augment your playtime and can make it considerably more enjoyable, but they aren't completely necessary. Currently, I am aware of no plans to roll AoD into any other expansion, since it isn't a normal expansion. However, the Producer, Holly "Windstalker" Longdale tweeted that they would be making the features of AoD available separately and that DoV would become one of the FTP expansions. The implication is that this will occur Soon™ (perhaps within the next couple of months).

    It has not yet been officially confirmed, as far as I know, whether CoE will be included as part of Tears of Veeshan. If it follows the pattern of previous expansions, though, it will.
  3. Cisteros Active Member

    OK, you say you probably won't hit 90 before October. If you don't think it will happen for either Adventure or Tradeskill, then I'd suggest waiting since there really isn't anything useful to you from CoE before level 90

    As far as what will be included with the Tears od Veeshan Expansion in October, while nothing official will be announced till next month, historically I would expect CoE to be included. Offically it has been announced that Age of Discovery will not be bundled into any new expansions. They have said that the various features of Age of Discovery (Reforging/Dungeon Maker/mercs/Beastlords/20 more AA/whatever else I am forgetting) will be sold "a la carte" so you only need to buy the things you want access to instead of plunking down $40 when all you might use is Mercs and reforging) More info on this is also comming in September.

    Welcome back :)
  4. luciddream1979 New Member

    Thanks friend

    I came back with a level 70 geared in Faydwer raid armour and after two evenings of casual noobing around in Kunark, I'm now level 74 so things are actually going quicker than I thought. I don't doubt it slows down at 80 though. Anyway, so it seems that Velious isn't included free so I guess buying CoE gives me Velious too? Gotta admit the xpac structure is more confusing than when I left :) I don't mind paying for content but I don't want to drop $40 on something that might be free in just over a months time.
  5. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    You should actually cruise at a decent rate up to 90. Once you're able to make progress in that level (you stop to get to 280 AA), you'll see things slow down.

    You're not alone in your confusion over the xpacs. SOE tried to do something different with the AoD "expansion". Unfortunately, it didn't work the way they hoped. Most of the confusion should clear up once AoD features are sold a la carte.
  6. Deago Well-Known Member

    Eh....I know its elementary but since there has been a plethora of folks wondering about this topic I am glad they are going to bust up AoD (even though it will be a nickle/dime scheme) just because it might be easier to understand that after just buying the one current expansion will give you the rest (since AoD will no longer be packaged as such...hopefully.)
  7. Wingrider01 Well-Known Member

    per piece pricing is always more expensive then bundled pricing - for an example, look at the cost of the vampire race on the market place - 2000SC, would be surprised and amazed if the beast lord per piece price is not near this
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  8. Cisteros Active Member

    yeah, it's all confusing given so many posts by returning people asking for clarification on it. If DoV isn't Free to Play currently it will be with the enxt expansion, but that's a little late to help you out.

    Something said in passing by someone else. Once you do get to level 90 (before or after the expansion comes out) You will be level locked with 100% exp going to AA until you have 280 AA. That was put in place when the Skyshrine Game Update for the DoV expansion was released and the level cap was raised to 92 in order for Devs to have an easier time developing content by making sure players going forward would have a baseline of all class defining AAs. So even if you hit level 90 before October, you may or may not have more work to keep you busy before being able to level past 90 depending on how many AA you have. (Cap was 100 during EoF if I remember right).
  9. Dexella Content & Social Media Manager

    Currently there are two expansions for sale on the web:
    Age of Discovery - Standard Edition or Collector's Edition
    Chains of Eternity - Standard Edition or Collector's Edition (*includes Destiny of Velious)

    We will have more information about Age of Discovery features being available a la carte, as well details about the next expansion Tears of Veeshan, coming in September.
  10. slippery Well-Known Member

    Is CoE going to be rolled into ToV? That's the one question I haven't seen answered yet, although I'm pretty sure all the players assume yes.
  11. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    I could be wrong, but IIRC, we found out whether DoV was getting rolled up into CoE on the day CoE launched. If that is the case, then I would expect that we won't find out whether CoE is getting rolled into ToV until a lot closer to launch day (and possibly on launch day). Of course, if it follows the pattern of previous expansions (other than the Anomaly Age of Discovery expansion) then it will be rolled into ToV. (On the other hand, previous occurrences do not necessitate future occurrence - so we will have to wait and see.)
  12. Tineren Active Member

    Nah, it was announced earlier than that because there were questions on the forum about whether pre-ordering CoE would give you access to DoV immediately, or not until CoE launch day (The answer was launch day, because that's when they actually charged you for the pre-order).
  13. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    Have they even announced pre-orders for ToV yet?
  14. Tineren Active Member

    Nope, and I don't expect to know if CoE is included until they do.
    On the other hand, I expect CoV to go free next month when heroic characters go live, rather than waiting until ToV comes out. But it's all guesswork for now.
  15. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    Didn't the description of the heroic characters say that they would be starting in DoV (Great Divide I think was mentioned)? If so, then it would have to go free with the release of those characters.

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