Expansion 9 and the Werewolf Merc

Discussion in 'Expansions and Adventure Packs' started by ARCHIVED-carmin, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-carmin Guest

    Does anyone have any information on this new Merc with the collectors addition?
    What class is it? How much will you pay for it to use? Will all your toons get to use it? And anything else.
  2. ARCHIVED-NrthnStar5 Guest

    Doesn't it make you wonder why they release this info without details? Do they really think these questions will not be asked?
  3. ARCHIVED-carmin Guest

    LOL Yeah I know I have have questions for every expansion it seems. It would just be easier if when they list the stuff they gave an explanation for what it is and does.
  4. ARCHIVED-decator666 Guest

    Yes good question...we want details...Are the mercs free to use and do they have tank or heal or both options. That is the $20 question.
  5. ARCHIVED-redwoodtreesprite Guest

    Yeah, the merc is the only thing that MIGHT make the full version worth getting. I really don't care about the consumables. And a tapestry does not make all that extra cost worth it.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zergosch Guest

    yeah, i´m def sad about pricing, the extra goodies dont count up for the extra bucks, as long as there is no info about the merc
  7. ARCHIVED-Grumble69 Guest

    The CE really comes down to the merc. Is there anything that differentiates him from the other mercs aside from being a WW?
    I'm outright guessing but I'm betting that it'll be similar to the vamp merc from fan fair. i.e. some hybrid in-between normal mercs and elite mercs. Would that be worth the extra $20?
  8. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    Grumble69 wrote:
    if its as good as the ff merc and is available to every toon on the account then id say yes. but if its 1 per account the no way im paying the extra 20 bucks
  9. ARCHIVED-ToRch20003 Guest

    Even with the preorder discount soe is out of their minds asking 60 bucks for that %@#% they call extras.
  10. ARCHIVED-Valdak Guest

    I agree, the merc is the only thing that might make a $20 difference. Personally I hope no one preorders until they come across with some information.
  11. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    What makes me shake my head is that AoD is not included with CoE but DoV is. However, you need AoC to be able to use the merc.
    So if someone doesn't have these two and was depending on getting them via CoE, they'll be lacking the very one that they need and will be forced to purchase AoD.
    I don't see why they just don't include AoD in the collector's edition, after all, it is needed for the merc, and the merc is one of the goodies for the CE.
  12. ARCHIVED-SlashnGut Guest

    Sony's way of forcing people to fork over more money plain and simple. You want the merc and to be able to use it you buy 2 expansions (ahem 1 expansion and 1 "feature pack"). Why should you be allowed to use content you have paid for?

    /sarcasm off
  13. ARCHIVED-Grumble69 Guest

    Pheep@Unrest wrote:
    Let's face it--if people haven't bought AoD by now, they're probably not going to do so. It's not like SOE would be cutting into their revenue stream. But if you package AoD with the CE, I could see a fair number of people that would go for it (who would ordinarily just go for the normal expansion).
    Personally I think it needs a little some extra to entice the folks that already have AoD. e.g. a loyalty mount for the folks that have already purchased AoD separately. Or a loyalty house item (e.g. teleportation portal, some type of temporary minor buff, etc). Or a couple of vitality potions. Something. As it currently stands, I'm seeing a merc for $20 and I'm just not feeling it.
  14. ARCHIVED-Pakhet Guest

    Yeah they could include AoD, would make sense. But, oh well, SoE is not exactly logical. o_O
    Still waiting on info on this merc though before I order...
  15. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    I can almost guarantee the merc will be slightly better than standard mercs but not elite level. Just like the Fan Faire one. It will have unique spells/CAs but similar stats to standard mercs. And it will be a fighter/dps. Whoever heard of a werewolf priest?? You will claim it and have to pay the fee and upkeep like currently. If dismissed, it will be rehirable in the city like normal mercs. There's no way they're going to give everyone elite mercs just yet. Elite mercs are like having a raid geared buddy with you at all times. They're too overpowered for everyone to have.
  16. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    Start watching the live streams starting tonight.

    This sort of makes me just want to start playing EQ I again with their better packs, or maybe LoTRO's Riders of Rohan expansion. I haven't played past the Evendim / Shadows of Angmar times back then.
    The way captains buff groups I really loved. Something that EQ paladins are lacking. My burglar was fun too. Something else rogue types in EQ I/ II is lacking with their abilities (Vanguard rogues have the similar sneaking mechanic).
  17. ARCHIVED-GreeNeVo_fr Guest

  18. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    GreeNeVo_fr wrote:
    most likley thats false info, soe said it was a werewolf merc not a gnome. and a werewolf paly wouldnt really make sence being werewolfs are a cursed form of undeadish animal. less the gnome morfs into a werewolf when the norathian moon is full or something.
  19. ARCHIVED-afterhourpro Guest

    Like some of the other posters have said I'm gonna wait on the preorder till I get more info on the merc. I'm sure the painting or whatever will be beautiful as they do a great job with that but its really the merc thats gonna be the sell point. The temps are cool for new toons but are just nice fluf lol. Most of my toons use the Inq or Temp my healers use the Pali or dirge mostly so if its gonna be a scout I would hope it puts out crazy dps :) Now it would be nice if you guys at SOE tossed a nice bonus in like a house :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    yohann koldheart wrote:
    WW are not undead.

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