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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ARCHIVED-Sinkatze, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kaberu Guest

    Hi all! I've been making some machinima for EQ2 for my (and my friends) personal enjoyment. I am eagerly awaiting SOEmote but you can see what I've done so far here. http://www.youtube.com/users/Kaberu
    I've basically been categorizing my videos into different types. Hopfully I copied all the links right, but you can always browse the full library from the link above:
    Lair of the Shadow Dream - what I call the home of all my videos and where random bits go.
    The Adventures of Corpse Cat & Dead Dog - the wacky hijinks of my necromancer and his pet.
    Through the Log-in Glass - slightly poetic, potentially spoofish RPing with my Fury. Somewhat on hold until I actually start looking for a reliable female voice to play her.
    BardTV - aka: BTV, spoof of MTV. Should be obvious what goes here!
  2. ARCHIVED-Ceebia Guest

    SOEMote videos
    I been making alot of them just so folks can see what SOEmote is capable of for various races. Current ones are as follows.

    As you can see I still need to work on Half-Elf, Fae, Arasi, and Ratonga. Those should be released sometime tommorow, or with in this week.
  3. ARCHIVED-Iari111 Guest

    My most recent, a tribute to Qeynos pre revamp, especially to all the burbs.

    One I made when Echoes of Faydwer was released. Kelethin II

    And my first, from 2006. It tells the similar stories of two very dissimilar people--of self-loathing, of the chafing at one's circumstances in life, and finally acceptance.

    And, though the following is not mine, I highly recommend a search on youtube for "The Transition Chronicles." It was one of my favorite EQ2 movie series from back in the day.

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