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Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by ARCHIVED-Sinkatze, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tanarion Guest

    LOL poor niko man its hard to take them healers isnt it ;) i can only kill temps and inquisitors.
  2. ARCHIVED-niko_teen Guest

    They cheat hehehehe =) I still cannot believe that i forgot to post the sequel here. I figured out how to take a warden.

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    hehe funny idea :)
  9. ARCHIVED-KebabThief Guest

    I thought we should probably post it here too to keep this thread alive and rocking.

    The new Boogie Knights Mambo video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzpJMl44SM8

    Thanks for all of the great comments on the last video :)
  10. ARCHIVED-Zilreed Guest

    Hi, I've been on hiatus for about four months. What have I missed? :D
  11. ARCHIVED-Kyriel Guest

    Zilreed wrote:
    Neat! You, Irras and I are back!! ^_^
  12. ARCHIVED-Zilreed Guest

    Kyriel wrote:
    Yep! :D

    How have you been?
  13. ARCHIVED-Kyriel Guest

    Been Great!! My next video will be due to release in 10 months :]
  14. ARCHIVED-Zilreed Guest

    Kyriel wrote:
    But that is so far away! D:
  15. ARCHIVED-Kyriel Guest

    Zilreed wrote:
    It'll be 50x [more editing] better than Must Be Dreaming. :]
  16. ARCHIVED-cba321 Guest

    Hey welcome back again! I too took a break and am now back. :D
    Im working on a silly little music video for Halloween and then hopefully something more serious!
    Good to see the old crowd
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    This is a video i just started working on and it will be my first EQ2 video.
    Here is the beta ;)
    I hope to be done in about 2 weeks =p lol long time but im working on it slowly.

  20. ARCHIVED-niko_teen Guest

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