EverQuest II is looking for a Temporary Associate Designer!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. dreamweaver Developer

    EverQuest II is looking for a Temporary Associate Designer! Check out the link below for more information and to see if you fit the criteria!

  2. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Quick question on the job posting: While it mentions that your team is currently working remotely, will this temp position be remote or would the candidate need to be in the San Diego area?
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  3. Zinj Active Member

    Oh so tempting.
    Actually, the entire Daybreak job list looks intriguing.
    However, I have a good, permanent, DBA job with a healthcare organization that pays well, with good benefits, that will be around for the next 4 years at least.
  4. Kenn Well-Known Member

  5. dreamweaver Developer

    I believe I answered this for you elsewhere as well, but want to be sure it get's double answered. While the position starts remote depending on circumstances it may end up in office. I wouldn't let that stop you from applying and discussing with HR/the team though.
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  6. dreamweaver Developer

    A very extensive knowledge of the lore is definitely a plus, I don't know if knowing it the most is important, but I'd apply and discuss that during your interview if you get one.
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  7. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Yes, yes you did answer elsewhere, but I'd thought that others might have the same question, hence asking here. :)
  8. Baphmistra Active Member

    I would see this long after it posted. Sigh, I'm a firm believer in Murphy's law, and this time it just hit me again. It's my own fault, after NOTD, I took a bit of a break from EQ2, which is normal for me, until Frostfell. Naturally this is the one time I shouldn't have taken a break. Oh well, posting is in CA, and I'm not relocating from OR, so I probably wouldn't have applied, but still. If anyone from DB sees this and points out it's remote, keep in mind while I have a decent PC now, I don't have it set up with a web cam, but I'm always willing to have a paid upgrade. Also if that person from DB sees this, in addition to playing this game since 2010 I have a degree as an AAS NSA in the IT field, however, no it's not under the name I use to post in here. While I always have ideas for new content I also have DMed a few times on other games, and getting people interested in those new ideas isn't easy, and I wish DB the best of luck in finding the person they're looking for. :)
  9. Deckerd Smeckerd Active Member

    I was thinking about applying for this position too. I see that it is still posted on the site. I went and looked at my LinkedIn to think about how it would impress upon the hiring manager at Everquest Headquarters (or Everquarters as I am sure it called by the personnel there) and it has nothing to do with game design, and though I have had some decent jobs over the years, my work experience, probably, would not help me very much.

    I would be better off listing my game playing experience as I have put in many a long hour, but not too long. I am not an unbalanced freak!, but I love unbalanced freaks, nonetheless.

    (It may help if you read this in Dr. Evil's voice)

    My gamer mind was born in the Atari age. I liked the Atari as we all did in those simple days. Even my father, who later came to his senses and returned to despising the time wasting incurred by games and dull witted movies, played plenty of Asteroids, though he used the arcade version of the game as a gauge of sobriety when he was out carousing in the local bar, so it had a more important and acceptable purpose for him as well.

    My cousin eventually became the proud possessor of a Commodore 64 while my father bought me a generic version of an Apple IIe, the name of which is too obscure to recall. The machine came preloaded with Apple Basic and during my ownership and usage of the Apple clone, I was able to program a simple "Tron" game which allowed my father and I to bond while trying to box each other in. Later he would learn to hold down one of the keys on the keyboard, that we both had to use to control our imaginary "Light Cycles", when I was about to run into his wall, subsequently blocking my input from the keyboard. After many victories where he concealed his villainy, he finally explained what he was doing. I was left bewildered and confused when I was told that I needed to fix the game before he would continue to play. It was something that I never did.

    I also used the machine to create a simple graphical routine for a class project. It consisted of a simple flat landscape, in the style of a side scroller. On the landscape were small thin rods that were placed to represent "towering buildings". A classical alien UFO ship would fly in from left to right, on a level trajectory, and randomly shoot a laser beam at the ground. Wherever the laser beam struck, a crater would form and an small explosion of pixels (an early particle effect) would explode out of it. The explosion was accompanied by a very basic sound effect like so, "Puk" (very brief pause) "Puk" (very brief pause) "Puk" (very brief pause), etc.

    I was very proud of my program and showed it off in class. One of the school kids was critical that sometimes the laser beam shot through a "tower" but the top of the tower, which was visibly detached from the supporting base, did not fall to the ground by the power of gravity, but instead hung in the air. The randomness of the laser beam shots also drew criticism. Instead, the school kids would have preferred that the UFO act with greater intention. My few onlookers moved on to view other works. My teacher gave me a "B" to which I adamantly protested. I pleaded that I deserved an "A" because my project was more advanced than all but one other. After many refusals she finally turned me away by pointing out that she could give me a "0" because my assignment was a business application.

    At any rate, I digress. Perhaps I will apply. I am not sure that someone with no experience should apply though.

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