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    Here you will find the hints about where and when events will be held on the Everfrost Server... and to start....
    On July 1st you may want to make your way to the Darklight Woods somewhere around five bells, there are rumors of a hunting contest.
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    Rumor has it that if you go to East Freeport today, June 30, around 6 evening bells (by the western clock) you can participate in a boasting contest!
    And don't forget today is the day of the GREAT HIGHDIVE COMPETITION at ten morning bells, in the Butcherblock Mountains! This is an event you don't want to miss!
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    There's going to be a troll looking for help watching her pets in Nektulos Forest today, July 1, around four evening bells.
  4. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    Saturday July 3, you might want to head to Rivervale somewhere around 11 morning bells (as counted on the Western Tower), there's a chef who may need some help in finding a very special ingredient!
  5. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For Tuesday, July 6
    Head over to Antoinca around 3:45 to partake in a refreshing swim... and a race!
    Then around five evening bells see if you can help some tourists in East Freeport find their way around.
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    For Wednesday July 7
    Ten morning bells will welcome another game of Find the Guide in Qeynos Harbor, come one, come all!
    Quarter of a glass to four evening bells you may want to make your way to Steamfont and see to helping a troll with his hunting efforts. Be warned, his game may not be to your liking!
    Five evening bells and Darklight Woods is the place to help a love struck Gnome make a gift for his lady love!
  7. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For Thursday July 8
    Quarter of a glass to Four evening bells should find you in Antonica in preparation for controlling the Gnoll Population!
    Five evening bells and Frostfang Sea will be playing hosts to a tourist or few, why not show them around?
  8. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    Also on the 8th...
    Around 9 evening bells, in the fair land of Antonica, meet a great hunter who collects hides who might need a little help meeting his quota.
  9. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 10
    At one bell after the midday sun, there may be a Halfling in Greater Faydark looking for some help to gather some ingredients for... you guessed it... a pie!
  10. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 14
    At six evening bells, head over to the Commonlands to help a gnome gather some materials to make something special for his loved one.

    *** PLEASE NOTE ***
    The poor gnome who wants to make a lovely item for his sweetheart has been tasked with the dreaded "Slow of the Vacuuming" and the "Dishes of Horror" and may be slightly delayed in getting to the Commonlands.
  11. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 15
    At seven evening bells, sail over to the Frostfang Sea to take part in or listen in on the greatest of Halasians (and others) tell stories that will astound you and at the very least question their veracity!
  12. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    Also for July 14
    At a quarter glass before four evening bells (By the western tower of course) there will be a group of Tourists arriving at the Frostfang Sea to see what there is to see. Or is it Sea what there is to Sea. I can't keep that straight.
    And at five evening bells you can take part in the great Antonica Swimming Race. Held of course in.... *waits for the drum roll* Antonica!
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    The Ides of July! (July 15)
    Ten morning bells should find you in Nek Forest to help a troll take care of her unruly dragonling brood. No, I'm not kidding.
    A quarter glass before four evening bells means Antonica is once again trying to control the Gnoll population. Have your gnoll spayed or neutered.
    Five evening bells and in Steamfont that hunting Troll is back. Has he changed his mind about his game?
    At seven evening bells why not see what all the fuss in the Frostfang Sea is about?
  14. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 21
    At 10 morning bells some frogloks would like you to join their game in Qeynos Harbor!
    At half a glass past 5 evening bells, join the swimmers in Antonica to see how fast you can race
    At a quarter glass past 6 evening bells, why not show some tourists around Neriak?
  15. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 22
    At a quarter glass to 4 evening bells you can find a troll in Steamfont looking for some help in his hunting.
    At half past 4 evening bells tourists will be arriving in the Frostfang Sea. Perhaps you could help show them around?
    At a quarter glass past 5 evening bells there will be a game played in the Thundering Steppes!
  16. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 25....
    If you missed it before , you don't want to miss it again. Leaps from High Places + Free Alchohol = ......
    When: 6 evening bells by the western tower (6pm PDT)
    Where: Butcherblock Mountains
    Come one, come all to this amazing, hilarious and great event!
  17. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 26
    At 10 morning bells you might want to head to East Freeport and see a Gnome there who may be looking for some help testing a new invention.
    At 6 evening bells head over to Steamfont for another gnome who's looking for some assistance.
  18. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 27
    11 morning bells in Steamfont there will be a gnome looking for some help in tinkering some ancient recipes.
    At 2 bells past the midday the Gnome with the new fangled tea pot will be in Gorowyn looking for help.
  19. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 29
    Help a gnome in Darklight Woods to make something for the one he loves. Gather around a quarter past five evening bells.
    At six evening bells there should be a gnome in Steamfont looking for a good place to rest. Permenantly!
  20. ARCHIVED-Korzin Guest

    For July 30
    At two bells past the midday, look for a gnome in Steamfont, she'll be searching for an ancient tome, perhaps you can help her.
    Then at three bells in Neriak, look for a gnome who loves a good cup of tea, and might even know a new way of making it.

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