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Discussion in 'Guide and Player Events' started by Feara, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Feara Well-Known Member

    Hope this finds you all very well. I just want to say hello to the Guides and let them know I am thinking about them (and the events to come). Carry on righteous players!
  2. Feara Well-Known Member

    Hello (echo, echo, echo) Is anybody out there (echo, echo, echo)?

    Nothing... she is all alone.

    Sadden Feara walks away to watch 1-9 chat for any clue of a Guide Event, saying to herself... there must be a better way.
  3. Tynker New Member

    *fears the guides have abadoned us...*
    Ahhhh... I remember the days when we had guides running things.. those were the days!

    Who knows.. maybe one day they will return..
    *sighs deeply.. and slowly walks away*
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  4. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    So I luck out and see a guide event happening and I race over as fast as I could. I get the quest at 3:24 my time, its to collect 10 drops from clockworks. Well the clockworks are not being very cooperative and I finally get back to where the guide WAS at 3:51 and... No guide.

    So I wasted my time and they wasted others' time. I wasn't the only one made a fool to return and no one was there.

    Its as if they only show up now because they 'have to' and only for the shortest period of time the guide program requires.

    I remember when guides used to be fun:(
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  5. Feara Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain. In 8 months I have only seen one guide event while I was on. It was small, just saying hello kinda thing, handing out food & drink. I chatted with the fine fello dude for a few and learned he was filling in for the actual guide. At this rate I will never obtain Axe and you Shall Receive, I have given up on 1-9 chat. ~Kindest Regards to you ~Feara
  6. Nitestar Member

    Hey Guides! anything going on?? where are you?
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  7. Tynker New Member

    After long last... I can verify that there are indeed guides on Everfrost server!
    I met one just the other day.. and I fear we may have scared the lil fella off when most of our guild showed up to help :D
    I think everyone showed up just to see what a guide actually looked like.. ;)
    One thing for sure... there was no shortage of helpers that day :rolleyes:
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  8. Nitestar Member

    I wonder if it is the same little one I ran into on the docks in Antonica? Was so great to see one! I hope to see more!
  9. Devenn Senior Guide

    This just in .......

    On 05/03/2013 - at about 10AM PST ... An Arasai will be looking for some help in Darklight Woods near the City or Neriak.

    Also on 05/03/2013 - at about 12 PM PST... An Orc seeking vengeance will be looking for help in Greater Faydark . He was last seen around Orc Hill.
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  10. Feara Well-Known Member

    Thank you Devenn for the heads up!
  11. Devenn Senior Guide

    My pleasure Feara :)
  12. Devenn Senior Guide

    Rumor has it there more in store on 05/03/2013...

    At about 10PM PST .... A Coldain who has a fascination with Fungoid will be looking for assistance. Look for Hillda near Gwenevyn Cove in Frostfang Sea....
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  13. Devenn Senior Guide

    Rumor has it that on .......

    05/15 - at about 10AM PST a Gnome looking to brighten things up a bit will be looking for help . Look for Phire near the dock in Antonica....
    05/15 - at about 9PM PST a Kerran will be looking for help. Look for Torchrara the Sayre's Outfitters.

    05/16- at about 9PM PST an axe obsessed Dwarf will be looking for help. Look for Braxlle in Butcherblock Mountians near Greater Faydark zone.
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  14. Alanducar Active Member

    YAY this is very good news to see guide's posting on the forums about upcoming quest events! I miss the guides on the Everfrost server and i really am glad to see they are slowly getting back to business. Will be nice to see the freindly folk again since its been forever since i had seen a guide last and i can't remember when that even was :)
  15. Devenn Senior Guide

    Rumor has it that on .....
    05/17 - At about 10AM PST - A Kerran will be looking for help. Look for Torchara near Sawyre Outfitters in Antonica....

    05/17 - At about 12 PM PST - A Ratonga will be looking for help. Look for Willemina in Qeynos Harbor.....

    05/17 - at about 9PM PST - A Coldain will be looking brave adventurers up for a challenge. Look for Keit near the gates of Kael Drakkel in Eastern Waste ...
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  16. Zaes Guide

    We are still heres. We's just needed some convincin' to come out of hidings... Did you's bring my gouda?
  17. Alanducar Active Member

    LOL well that's easy enough to rustle up. I am sure we can get some cheese lined up just for you little ratty :)
  18. Rosita Senior Guide

    It is rumored that tomorrow (5/16) during the early evening, a spirit will be roaming around in the Commonlands. The just will hear his cry and assist him.
  19. Rosita Senior Guide

    It seems as though a restless spirit is wandering around Orc Hill in Greater Faydark this evening (5/15). Maybe he can use your help to ease his spirit.
  20. Katlyna New Member

    Yay! We are finally seeing some postings on our server. Keep up the good work. I'm always looking forward to guide quests when I can find them.

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