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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Jannish Member

    Ich vergleiche auch nicht die technischen Grundvoraussetzungen beider MMO's,sondern die Tatsache wie mit der Community umgegangen wird.
    Ich habe absolut kein Problem mit der englischen Lokalisierung.
    Womit ich allerdings ein Problem habe,ist dieses ständige "Kostenargument".
    Ich kann mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen,das man sich der finanziellen Tragweite bewusst ist.

    btw....Please think about ur English grammar!
  2. Ansom Active Member

    I think Chillispike was talking about the patch delay.

    But.. some time we need to switch to US server, and back to EU server, for avoid 1,2gb download.
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  3. Noctew Active Member

    Basically delta patching often does not work and the launchpad wants to download gigabytes of files. You can work around this by switching to US English to get the new files then switch back to EU English (or German/French)
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  4. flameweaver Well-Known Member

    Just to divert the discussions about language for a sec, has anyone any idea what's going to happen with character slot numbers, given that some players may well have their max allotment of characters for their account across multiple regions ?

    Example, someone with a max character count of 4, with 4 characters across each of 4 regions (eg US, EU English, EU German and EU French). After the merge/consolidation will the account have a total of 16 slots, or will they still have only 4 and then have to pay for a dozen new character slots.

    I'd hope for the former, but I'm prepared to bet on the latter.
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  5. Leskatio New Member

    To be exact, delta patching in localized clients did never work. If your internet connection is weak like very often in Germany (yeah we are the country with the worst internet connections) it can take literally ages to get a patch, without switching first to US English.

    To be honest I am very curious about the consolidated servers. As somebody wrote before, raiding on Valor already is a challenge due to massive lag even with about 10 active raidforces on a single server and most of them only raiding 3 times a week, so they are not even active at the same time. What will happen, if all raidforces of three servers are thrown onto a new server even with stronger hardware?

    On the other hand, it was said, that localization is causing the massive lag on EU servers, so maybe this will be fixed then.
    For me English won't be an issue for playing, but I already know, that half of our raid community will leave Everquest as most of them are aged over 50 and did not learn English in school or forgot so much of it, so they will not be able to play the game anymore.

    Also it is a fact, that at least in Germany it is very hard to sell games which are not localized, even if the younger audience is capable of understanding English and some of them like watching TV Shows in English rather than in German, a larger audience does not play in English, as they cannot follow the content.
    Of course we will be able to chat in German / French, but for those who deny English, it will be even harder finding a group to play with.

    So for the moment I will not extend my subscriptions (for three accounts) unless I experienced the new servers on a raid sunday.

    Cu ingame, maybe on a EU server in the future :)
    And stay friendly, it is just a game, even though it is very good one.

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  6. Sapryze Member

    I've been saying, pretty much since deybroke bought us, that the game was going down. Now, it has become the proverbial "sinking ship". A lot of people on my server( Crushbone - no matter what they call it now) are actually pretty fed-up with my negativity, but deybroke continues to prove my point for me. Best wishes to all of you, I am admittedly a sarcastic jerk with a twisted sense of humor, but anyone who has played with me knows I lov(ed) the game and the community. Holly, Roshen, Gninja and all the rest who still care and want to make something great - remember Jeromy Walsh? Look him up ... I will continue to play until I have finished all of my decorating projects, hopefully before the inevitable death rattle comes. By the way, I'm Sanguinesh of Crushbone.
  7. Gratouillis New Member

    Hi all ! Can't you let us on our own server, with localisation ? and make cross dungeons and raids ? like the BG are doing on US Servers. A zone in English where characters who want to group or raid can come. It's hard to quest in another language :/
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  8. Hadrian New Member

    Thank you for your reply, Maevianiu. I seriously ask you to consider the feedback given in this thread and to re-assess the situation.

    The distinctive feedback in this thread shows very clearly that a lot of German players will have to leave. Not because they want to leave, but because their command of the English language isn't good enough.

    You don't have to worry about me. I bought myself a retail copy of EQ2 for Christmas 2004 from an English vendor, and I have primarily played on English servers all the time. I will almost certainly stay with EQ2 until the final sunset. However, I have a few Alts on Valor, and I talked with my German guild leader about this on Sunday (He already knew what was coming.) Just like Leskatio stated in post 86, he, too, is very worried that a lot of guild mates will leave.

    Jannish said in post 55 (in German) that the Devs probably underestimate the situation.

    That has happened before. The entire Prosieben deal was wrong, although it generated some decent TV advertising for EQ2 in Germany, something which has, to my knowledge, never happened in Britain.

    So you do not have the resources to support multiple languages? Why not? As I suggested in post 53, you can enlist the assistance of the community. I have always wondered why SOE has never bothered to ask German customers to correct stupid translation mistakes. EQ2 has a large fan base, as is evident if you look at web sites like Feldon's. I do believe that it is possible to maintain a German-language User Interface if you take a few dedicated German players aboard. It's up to the Devs to make a smart business move. Please don't drive off your German player base.

    Approximately 100,000,000 people in Central Europe speak German as their first language, and it's a fairly wealthy part of the world where people can afford to pay good money for leisure activities. Why would any decent businessman give up this market?
  9. Fleure New Member

    Account läuft nun aus - bedanke mich für die Gemeinschaft auf Valor.

    Wünsche euch weiterhin viel Spaß und vor allem Geduld.

    Grüße Sruh aka Torxius
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  10. Maevianiu Developer

    Thanks for the clarification. And the others who responded. I left a message with the launcher peeps (they are at lunch right now).
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  11. Jannish Member

    I am very surprised by such a feedback Maevianiu.
    U don't have the resources to support a simple Multi Lang Server!
    How will U operate and support a Megaserver,without resources???
    In my opinion,this is just an exuse.
    To reassure the Playerbase.
  12. Ansom Active Member

    Is a old game, with few (but good) developers, probably with only 1-2 code programmers left..

    In informatics, 11 years is a long time, entire computer epoch have began and ended.

    LOL, is more simple make a new game, and not change the eq2cor in order to support multilang (with different alphabet), 64bit and a decent multicore support.
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  13. Jannish Member

    Es ist also einfacher,ein neues Spiel zu entwickeln,als an einem bestehenden zu arbeiten!
    Wo bleibt dann EQNext??
    Warum hört und sieht man nichts mehr darüber??
    Ist doch so einfach....

    LOL,is only Ur statement :)
  14. Ingerimm Active Member

    EQN is unfortunately quite scrap. This had nothing to do with Everquest. Maybe they have realized that.

    - Puplic Events
    - Comic Graphic
    - 5 keys Jump and Run
    - No Holy Trinity => no tanks, no healer like GW2 and Rift
    - Global Timer and so on

    As for the amount of programmers, so white that only Daybreak yourself how great their team for their 40 games.

    I think it comes with the thing later one political decision, EQ2 not throwing enough profit from so away with the location and you get more profit.

    Earlier cost a Collector's Edition of EQ2 50 Euro and the normal version 30 Euro, now costs the Premium Collector's Edition 150 Euro and the normal Version about 40 euros.

    In addition, locate versions already since the beginning always a few percent cost more than the versions that are sold in America.

    Numbers we pay 150 Euro, Americans 140 US dollars or about 130 Euro. Depending on the exchange rate and so on. Actually, to time for example 150 Euro = 163 US Dollar

    So we have the localization always pay full price in the last 12 years and now it is pulped for reasons of cost / profit orientation reasons.
  15. Brax Active Member

    I have corrected your Posting (green text)
    150 € - 19% tax = 121,50 €
  16. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I too am wondering about this. I have characters on other servers, EU English and Japanese. I may even have one on the french server.
    So now I need to purchase more character slots?
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  17. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    If you had 4 each on Splitpaw, Valor, and Storms (highly unlikely) then you'd have to buy 8 extra char slots after all is said is done because you would now have 12 in one region. The 4 most recently logged in would be the ones you'd have access to.
  18. Griffon Lady Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming from the fantasy languages in game (the fonts you see from different racial characters before you learn their language) that allowing these people to keep the symbols would not truly be a problem. Adding these non-english symbols would be quite nice for those who cannot get decent names when making new characters even on old english servers. (This would be a positive change instead of negative.)
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  19. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Possibly, whatever your accounts max char slot is, it's per region. The toons on the Japanese server would be added to your US region because they are moving to AB. Splitpaw and Storms would be combined and would be EU region.
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  20. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    They should name the new EU server: Turducken
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