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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Maevianiu Developer

    The main reason for having the change names for the Cyrillic names is that you cannot type them out on non-RU keyboards, and that they cannot display on nameplates unless you have Cyrillic on your computer. I'll take a look and see what I can do.

    also, as a note: You can still chat and type in whatever language you would like its just the names of characters, guilds, pets and mercs that needs to be changed.
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  2. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    All German, French, Russian and other nationality players welcome!
  3. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    I call and smell BS
    Antonia_Bayle is desolate at the moment. It has the lowest population of all the US servers currently.

    I welcome an influx of players, the only thing is the general chat. I would think that they should add a chat channel for specific languages on the final consolidated servers. Adding a Japanese channel to AB and to the new Euro server, adding German, French and Russian chat channel.
  4. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    It is my home and it is desolate. I chose not to transfer when those were offered because I had no idea how badly the merges/transfer would affect our population. It also upsets me a bit that before the merges they sent out that survey and made a post here on the forums encouraging people to transfer from AB. Oh well.
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  5. Bastilla New Member

    It makes from 3 dilapidated servers a new one? Splitpaw and Valor have massiv lag problems, in Storms i do not know. This does not sound like lag free raiding :(
  6. Raff Well-Known Member

    As usual...the sky is falling, the sky is falling...
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  7. Maevianiu Developer

    Everyone will be able to chat, and shout and etc in any language. It is just the names that we cannot support, we looked into redoing all of our translation engineering to support multiple languages, but it was too much for the resources we have available. So all of the game text will be in English, and character names will be in English alphabet.
  8. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Disappointed that there's no free transfers. EU players once again treated as second class players.

    It should be their decision if their ping is higher.
  9. Pantero Member

    Massive lag in Storms too ;)
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  10. Fredbear New Member

    There is no doubt whatsoever that you will lose many paying customers by removing client localisation, I have been playing this game since the beginning in German and English, and I know that there are players from Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands, for example, who play in English, but most of the people I know who play on Valor do so mainly because the don't speak, or more importantly, understand English well enough to read quest text or NPC conversations in English without it becoming hard work and no longer fun. They will move to another game, and there are a number of other games both free to play and paid, which are localized in German and will welcome those players if you don't feel you need them or want them.
  11. Jannish Member

    Zahlen worüber???
    Den zu erwartenden Spielerrückgang??Den zu erwartenden Umsatzeinbruch??Den aktuellen Serverkosten??
    Oder was genau??

    Natürlich habe ich diese Zahlen nicht.

    Dafür aber jahrzehnte an MMO Erfahrung und den Instinkt für Fehlentscheidungen.
    Daybreak macht die selben Fehler wie Funcom(und wo die gelandet sind,weiß hoffentlich jeder),Entscheidungen über den Köpfen der zahlenden Kundschaft zu treffen.
    Der Aufschrei wäre sehr viel geringer,wenn man die betreffenden Communitys im Vorfeld dazu befragt hätte.

    Nochmal,ich verstehe die Absicht Kostendeckend zu arbeiten.
    Dennoch ist eine solch gravierende Entscheidung alles andere als Zielführend.

    Auch bei Funcom hieß es damals das man den zu erwartenden Verlust wohl kalkuliert hat.
    Fakt ist,das man eine Ungewisse Größe nicht kalkulieren kann.
    Zumal an jeder Ecke Alternativen lauern,die auf solche Entscheidungen warten um den zahlenden Kunden an sich zu binden.
  12. Jannish Member

    My words.
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  13. Fleure New Member

    Nun - sollte diese Zusammenlegung kommen muß ich nach langer Zeit EQ2 Good Bye sagen. Mein Englisch reicht nicht um einfachste Quests zu verstehen (habe mal nen Ami-Server angestestet ob ich es kann).
    Denke dass ich dann eine Alternative auf Deutsch suchen muß wo ich meine Freizeit einbringe - abgesehen vom Geld.
  14. Kicks New Member

    You can't compare the server consolidation with errors FC did with AoC. FC launched a game with half of the game mechanic either broken or simply missing. FC announced massive pvp battles and sieges that were lagfests even when the number of players allowed in the siege zones were drastically reduced. The biggest mistake FC did with AoC was to completely destroy open PvP and introducing a grind fest with the piss poor pvp ranks. Thus the populated servers, at least the pvp servers became empty very fast.

    This here is just a server merge/concolidation and though I can understand people's worries about a what's coming, I can't understand all the rage some people present here. Give it at least a try.

    btw... Satzzeichen sind keine Rudeltiere
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  15. Awesomeo Member

    I agree, I'm based in the UK and I played very successfully for many years on a US server from launch. I followed friends to Runnyeye a few years back and the lag now is pretty much game breaking for a lot of people, especially people who raid. My ping was always higher on the US server but the lag was non existent compared to Splitpaw. I actually jumped onto Maj Dul as it is now to see what it was like, my ping was about 70 higher but the lag was way less than I get on Splitpaw.

    I agree, Euro players treated like rubbish again, at the very least we should be offered a move to a server of our choosing, including moving a guild. Don't care about guild halls or the contents, I'd be happy to set up a new one but would like to keep the guild name and level. Not happy.
  16. Ansom Active Member

    If the item belong to a player not in game anymore? we will lost the item?

    In guild we have many "historical" item (like trophies, or very nice decorative item) belonged to player not playing anymore.

    On the same question, i have gift many item to my guild (like teleport for zone, decorative item..), i will need to collect all, even if will not wanna back?

    For end: some my friend (and yes, some on this friend don't play the game anymore) have place some nice item in my house. I will need to call on the phone, for pick up before the merge, and place again after?
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  17. Maevianiu Developer

    The IME input setting might get stomped out when you zone, or switch characters. I made a tweak to the server settings to prevent that which will go live with the next hotfix. After the next hotfix you should not need to set client_ime_enabled it will be set by default. But you will still need to set the cl_language.

    As a NOTE: this should work for any language, but not all text will be translated.

    And thank you for your helpful post!
  18. Maevianiu Developer

    You will not LOSE the item, it is just that the item will no longer be owned by that person. So it will still be in your guildhall, but anyone who has access will be able to take it rather than it being limited to only you.
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  19. Chillispike Active Member

    Will the patching of the client get fixed as well or will still have to patch as English US first and then as English EU?
  20. Maevianiu Developer

    I didn't know there was a problem with the patching. What happens if you just patch English EU?
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