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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Mar 1, 2016.

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  1. Brax Active Member

    Housing Leaderboard is ingame, raid progression is a player run homepage.
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  2. Beee Well-Known Member

    Yes, but Raid-Leaderboards are depending on the guild archiements... And this depends on the thing if the merge them to the new server or they start with a clean guild and character history.

    Both is possible. Previously with the merges Valor and Innovation every information from Innovation was lost.

    I bet they will not keep the old archievements :mad:
  3. Brax Active Member

    Have a look at the us server consolidation. Should be the same ;)
  4. Ansom Active Member

    Well, in this site (, i don't have even see a disco lost. Anyone from the already US merged server can reply?
  5. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    Only achievements remained for the US server merges, so there would be no reason they wont for EU.

    Because the guild stays intact, it will retain it's achievements. The only issue that was seen for US servers I believe was if a guild was renamed it made the progression site a bit funny looking due to census reporting.
  6. Feldon Well-Known Member

    I salvaged this information before the mergers and stored it in a history table. If Census had existed before the previous round of EQ2 server mergers, I would display all that info as well (discos from Everfrost, Crushbone, etc.).

    There is nothing to prevent from saving the historical information about EU raid progression and continuing to display it.
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  7. Berserkerkitten Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a nicer way of saying, "We're shutting down most EU servers and our Japanese realm". Translated clients? Goodbye! Cyrillic alphabet for Russian players? Poof! Gone! I can't wait to get into an agnostic dungeon group where nobody understands each other, because one guy speaks only Russian, another one is French, add a German to the mix and nobody will have a clue WTF is going on. Brilliant idea! And of all the places to take what's left of the Japanese community, let's use an American roleplaying server! I see absolutely no problems with that!

    It's kind of a calculated risk, isn't it? The handful of people, who can get used to speaking English in chat and only seeing English text throughout the entire game will shut up and stay, the rest will give up and move on. And then you can say you've "consolidated" servers, when really, you could just freaking kill Valor, Barren Sky and Sebillis right now. It just sounds nicer to say stuff is being merged. With the amount of people who won't stay around after these mergers, you won't even have to upgrade the servers to host a larger player count. I highly doubt there is going to be one.
  8. Roshen Well-Known Member


    Q: How will you handle guild names?

    A: Guilds on these servers will be required to be renamed into names that work within the English alphabet. If a guild is spelled with letters that don’t work in the English alphabet, the guild will be given a temporary name of Roman numerals, and the guild will be given a free guild name change. If two or more guilds have the same name at the time of the server consolidation, the oldest guild will keep the guild name, and we will append "X" to other guilds with a conflicting name. If this happens to your guild, you will be offered a free guild name change.

    If you have a free guild name change, to select a new guild name the leader from a guild can use the command /guild rename <name>

    If there is no leader in your guild, /initiate_guild_leader_vote can be used by guild officers to help guilds choose a new leader.
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  9. Iron.Eden New Member

    Hm... ich hatte mir neulich überlegt wieder mit EQ2 anzufangen.
    Allerdings klingt das alles nicht wirklich toll, was ich hier über die "Zukunft" von EQ2 lese...
    Am besten jetzt noch die Zeit bis Ende des Monats auf Valor nutzen und dann bye, bye?!
    Oder ist TLE (Stormhold) eine Alternative oder auch schon tot?!
  10. Beee Well-Known Member

    Für EQ2 gibt's leider keine wirkliche Alternative. Wenn nicht allzuviele Spieler aus Frust EQ2 verlassen, dann kann der neue gemeinsame EU Server durchaus interessant werden.

    Definitiv eine riesen multikulti Umstellung - aber den Versuch wert
  11. Sunje Active Member

    Also ich schaue jeden Tag mal auf Valor was so geht aber spiele dann auf nem US Server, bin gerade dabei neu anzufangen und es läuft ganz gut.

    Community ist in Ordnung und es wird auch in Sachen Gruppen einiges gesucht.

    Wenn die Umstellung durch ist werde ich mir Valor nochmal genauer anschauen :) ich sehe das wirklich nicht so schlimm.

    Erstmal abwarten.
  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Roshen, what will become of our EU toons from separate regions (Splitpaw and Storms, for example) with the consolidation? I didn't have to worry about my US toons getting "consolidated," but they're all from the same region, basically.:-/

  13. Ansom Active Member

    On the server in question, we can have a Motd update with some merge info? I know, is silly and redundant, but will be nice :)
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  14. Garry827 New Member

    since the last update, in line eq2.ini
    "client_ime_enabled true"
    stopped working and now game chat Russian characters are not entered (on Splitpaw server). You can use
    contrl-c/contrl-v from a notepad, but it is not convenient. in connection with the approaching union of servers, I would like to know for sure whether it would be possible at least to communicate in chat rooms (in the guild, group, possibly in a separate in-game) in Russian without the use of third-party programs, as usual using the system switch the input language?

    can have a ready solution to help all non English speaking player?

    original Russian:
    после последних обновлений, строка в eq2.ini
    "client_ime_enabled true"
    перестала работать, и в чат игры ввести по русски невозможно (на Сплитпаве). Можно использовать блокнот и через контрл-c/контрл-v вставлять русский текст, но это не удобно. В связи с приближающимся объединением серверов, хочется в итоге иметь возможность общаться в игровых чатах (гильд/групп/может быть внутриигровой общзий отдельный) на родном языке без применения внешних программ.
    может есть готовое решение, которое поможет всем не англоговорящим игрокам?
  15. Hellspiller New Member

    I'm an old player considering coming back for a spin on the newest content but I would have to start from scratch, my accounts are way too old to have been retained. Seeing further consolidation along with the cancellation of EQNext and current playability of Landmark, I am not confident it would be worth while for long term entertainment. Server Mergers can be very beneficial to communities for various reasons, but you cannot deny this is looking like a sinking ship. But then again, we have been saying and hearing this since the days of Sinking Sands! This is heart breaking in my current state of nostalgia.

    As a global admin, it appears to me like DB is using this consolidation as a means to free up hardware resources for something else. Merging EU and US together is an approach to having subs use the server on a "as the world turns" basis. Sure it can work pretty well, but there is no account for when or how many subs are actually going to play at any given time, but they can get a good idea on server load data. With all servers being merged to new server hardware, I would expect that minimal impact will be seen after the first week or so. Removing the support for multi-lingual capabilities also frees up devs and support staff to be less educated/experienced and possibly maintain their servers more locally with less issue.

    In conclusion, this looks like a shake-up on the Franchise to see how they can stabilize stakeholder gains/losses. This is part of the problem when you have one company managing several games at once. They can rob Peter to pay Paul any time they like and essentially kill a franchise by purposefully mismanaging it. I would not fret too much though, Everquest will always be maintained by someone.

    EQ2 was a wonderful experience and not one likely to ever be recreated elsewhere. Enjoy it and the people you play with as long as you can. Be glad that it happened at all, I know that I am.
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  16. Brax Active Member

    I'm playing EQ2 since beta. I have tested lots of other games in these years. Coming back to EQ2 always feels like coming home to me.
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  17. Elowith Active Member

    I apologize if this has been asked and answered - such a long thread. If the merger is 'end of April' and the new zones are opened on April 28... any chance of the merger happening BEFORE we have new things to kill? I'd hate to see everyone frustrated and unable to plow through new content.
  18. Ragna Well-Known Member

    Kinda off topic but
    Unless you were banned back then (or somehow someone "hacked" your accounts and managed to get them banned), they're still there as SOE/Daybreak doesn't delete accounts in "good standing".
  19. Hellspiller New Member

    Never banned (unhacked that I know of) and always was in good standing. We were informed that if we did not log into our accounts by a certain date that they would be wiped during a consolidation effort back in 2008 I think it was. Maybe the merger of Blackburrow. It's been a long time and my account is not able to be looked up any longer. Would be cool if I could get it back, but I won't hold my breath... I believe it was actually when they were moving to the EQ2Live format.
  20. Ragna Well-Known Member

    Did you try to log into them ?
    I was there (I started EQ2 on Oggok, merged with Blackburrow, merged with Everfrost and now on Halls of Fate) and I don't remember any old accounts wipe if you had at least one lvl 10+ - or maybe lvl 20 - on it.
    IIRC the mail around the merge was to retain your character's names in case another had the same on the other server. You should still have your acount (I see ppl in my guild who haven't loged since 2006 and before the last server mergers, the forum had a "I can't use my favorite names 'cause someone make a lvl 10 5 years ago" every other weeks)

    EDIT : It's not about your old characters, you're could start again anyway as so many things changed but it would be a waste of "Veteran's time", you should have some nice bonus on your old accounts.
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