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  1. Tomshindo Active Member

    Ah another question. As Feldon said, what happens to the translated texts? Would you really delete them? Would you really intend to delete immense translated texts which is 10 years old? Or do they have too much data to maintain the servers?

    At least if they aren't 'heavy', the texts that had already been translated should be preserved.Is that possible?
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :)

  3. qwe456 New Member

    As I have understood a problem that all translations of game are stored on the SOE server. And when loading a zone the client gets also her transfer from the server. What programmers were guided by when so did I don't know. Somebody has no access to these files.
  4. Tomshindo Active Member

    And another. :p

    When it comes to think about how to deal with 'natural' texts,
    there is the function that I'd like you to produce.

    Could you add it which outputs on the head of each line(log-texts) with putting the tags
    so that we are able to distinguish what kinds of chats they are?
    If this function is on, it is more convenient for us to translate 'flesh' texts.

    Under current circumstances, we CAN extract them. However most texts wern't distinguished
    for example NPC-says and our says. We're in bad position with this situation.
    Oh we have to study English or translate the texts!:eek:

    And already, the developers could. For example, imagine that we configured that one certain chat channel
    should be shown on a few chat windows. As you know , we can. So I think there is the CLASSIFYING CODES of the texts when outputs.
    Otherwise we have to extract all texts and that burdens CPU, the software, and our time.

    Furthermore, we wanted to be able to discern NPC-says, combat logs and game texts at least on the log files.
    Already written, no changes about logs makes us burden when outputting into external.
    By the way, if we use the translating service of Microsoft, there is the limit per day to do.
    But if we can easily distinguish by sight, we would be able to make some software to extract the texts and translate them.

    So what you should do is just to output assorting codes or putting tag like '<NPC>' on the head of each line.
    We hope you would take care of non-native people.
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  5. mysas21 New Member

    sry for that, but since i have:"You have insufficient privileges to post here."
    i write it here and leave after suggesting my last point.
    While playing we have a lot to do, klick, think and stuff. It´s a pain in the..... to klick the damn deity points every 10minutes and waste them half the time. I know it has nothing to do with this tread, but cant post everywhere else, so: Is it possible to give us the possibility to lock the deity points? It really distracts the feeling of the big ini-runs like open zones, and even with acttrigger you have always to shut down the whole group for klicking 10 times at this button....
  6. Jannish Member

    Ganz wichtiger Satz!

    Wenn das Budget nicht mel eine Übersetzung her gibt,wie will man dann bitte eine vernünftige Serverstruktur schaffen,oder das Spiel mit neuem Inhalt bereichern???
    Wenn das Budget jetzt schon so eng bemessen ist,wie soll es dann bitte weitergehen,wenn zahlende Kundschaft vertrieben wird???

    Passend dazu,der folgende Artikel

    Loyal sind hier wirklich nur die Spieler,dem Unternehmen ist das aber scheißegal!!!

    Ich habe selten Spiele gespielt,in denen so wenig geboten wurde,für das bezahlte Geld!!!
  7. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    Heyho Daybreak,

    und haben wir nun endlich euer Goldherz gerührt?

    Ich kann das nur immer hoffen, ich sehe nur wie ihr alle Leute die euch so viele Jahre treu waren nun frei stellt.

    Wollt ihr das wirklich? Ich sehe hier immer einige Leute welche ich über die Äonen von EQ2 im Schlechten leider kennengelernt habe, ihre Meinung persönlich zu mir äußern, um meine Postings zu entkräften, welche am Ende nur der Community helfen und diese unterstützen sollen. Daher ignoriere ich diese Trolle denn es ist es einfach nicht wert, mal wieder, mit diesen, um sonst, um nichts,zu streiten. J

    Es gab hier so viele positive Postings zu Daybreak und dazu ob man nicht eine bessere Lösung für alle sowie eine zusätzlich bezahlte Lösung einer weiteren lokalisierten Lösung sprechen könnte? Wollt ihr uns nicht einmal eine kleine Antwort dazu geben? Ich persönlich meine uns ist die Übersetzung des Spiels in unsere Heimatsprache einiges Wert, hin von ich höre auf bis zu ich zahle einen Aufpreis für die Übersetzung, sollte das auf die Masse bezogen nicht euer Problem lösen?

    Und was unsere Heimatsprachler angeht, welche gerne Englisch sprechen glaubt mir, dass auch der Großteil von genau diesen Leuten, die zusätzlichen Kosten für eine Übersetzung auf sich nehmen würde, wenn diese eine solche Möglichkeit geboten bekommen würden.

    Der letzte Ausweg für alle wäre die einsprachige Englische Lösung mit nun einmal massiven Verlusten an Spielern.
    Eine Stellungnahme der Führungsabteilung/Ebene von Daybreak wäre einmal eine ganz tolle Sache!


    Die Masse eurer EU EQ2 Spieler

    Heyho Daybreak,

    and we finally now stirred your gold heart?

    I can only hope always, I only like her all the people who were faithful to you for so many years now provides free.

    Will you really? I see always some people that I have unfortunately learned over the eons of EQ2 worse, their views expressed to me personally to invalidate my posts, which should help in the end only the community and support them. Therefore, I ignore these trolls because it is just not worth it, once again, with this order otherwise, nothing to argue.

    There were so many positive postings about Daybreak and to whether one could not speak a better solution for all and an additional paid solution a further localized solution? Will you not even give a small answer to us?

    Personally, I mean us, the translation of the game in our home language some value back I get from listening
    to as I pay a premium for the translation, which was on the ground, based not solve your problem?

    And what our home language players concerned, like to speak English which believe me, that the majority of precisely these people, the extra cost of a translation would take on when they would get such an opportunity offered.

    The last resort for all would be the monolingual English solution now even massive losses of players.

    An opinion of the management department / level of Daybreak would even a very good thing!thank you

    The mass of your EU EQ2 Players

    Best regards
    Ingerimm of Valor
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  8. Thetisu New Member

    Antonia Bayle is the RolePlaying Server but, Sebilis is the general server.

    Isn't there a problem in merging these two servers?

    Almost all the Japanese who are with Sebilis, either do not understand English well, or only speak broken English.

    Given that level of proficiency in English, it is difficult for them to engage in role playing. Not only that, they will be unable to understand the role playing of other players.

    Won't that be unpleasant for the people of Antonia Bayle?

    Have you given your consent on the people who are totally unable to engage in role playing, joining your server?

    I wonder if DAYBREAK considers that consent is not necessary.
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  9. Armageddoux Active Member

    Personal opinion : they consider nothing at all !
  10. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I am sorry but this is a badly thought out move. How can you not have multiple language support in game?? There should be an option for people to download the language pack they want to use and play however they wish like they have been over the years.

    Yes when it comes to general chat/group etc, then of course it may be a challenge but sometimes fun as well as we all get to learn from different cultural experiences. I have played alongside people who can barely put a sentence in english together or understand voice chat much but are absolutely great to play alongside with nevertheless.

    Not sure how you intend to inflate EU server population like this when you are clearly creating a major disparity which may possibly lead to more people not being able to play or even become more segregated amongst their own community and you barely see them out and about.

    Logic and reason has taken a serious hit at the top end of this corporate ladder i feel.

    And do not even let me get started on lag. There is not a single statement about server performance after the merge on FAQ or otherwise, here on Splitpaw, having 2-3 guilds in the same raid instance makes it unplayable, i wonder what would happen when there are more than 3 guilds at the same....oh no that is difficult to predict at this stage /sarcasm off.

    DBG please get with the modern times and implement these changes and not make this game a prime example in "how to destroy a mmorpg". Add language support and give us a server that is lag free please!
  11. Orjolares New Member

    Uhm... I think they do – Or to my understanding, at least the dedicated game-designers, programmers etc. do. But they can't do anything about this, as the decisions are (already) made – by people who are not considering gaming, community, gaming-experience etc. but simple financial decisions like: "the multiple and multilanguage servers are too expensive, addons are too expensive for they don't make enough incoming money etc. etc. – so the cost must be cut down by all means..."

    At least that is what the DBG actions concerning eq2 in general lead me to believe.
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  12. Sunje Active Member

    Hey Daybreak, it would be nice to get mor information about this thread!

    What's happen now? Do you change your plan to put all servers into a "wespeakonlyenglish" thingy or not?

    Would be great to know :D

    One of your EU EQ2 Player that plays also in english :D
  13. Maachilie Member

    Dear Sunje,
    i want to translate this reaction for you :

    We dont wanna care for the EU-community.
    You all are not worth our time. ( ducks are MUCH more important !!!! )

    Thank you for your money you given us for all the work we did not done.
    Maybe the people in Europe have to think about not having bought enouth f*cking ducks !
    And shut up, People in Europe ( and Russia and Japan ) did not have any rights !
    And dont tell lies, if you dont speak english, then you are not able to have a community !!!!
  14. Ansom Active Member

    Well, they try to build a "new" (i hope much better, because the lag in splitpaw is insane) server, with merge/consolidate tools. A "simply" solution, common apply in the game community, consists in "gift" account/character transfers and after a nice "format" the old server.

    I only hope they create new "general" chat (only general, no lfg or auction), for Russian, french and German people in the new EU server.

    ps. all eu server atm are like a very big apartment complex, for thousand families, occupied by only 50 people. Of course the complex have central heating, and every apartment have the light on.
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  15. mysas21 New Member

    You get something wrong here. We are the community, they only give us the tools.
    Also:I play on valor and played with exact 8 people the last months. Its like a whole server for 2 groups who play lfg-heroic inis. Sure,there are some guilds and raids who do theyr own thing, but its not a mmorpg anymore.
    I understand the frustration, but you can´t blame people who work here for lack of players. The game is old, it needs solutions. Maybe not everyone likes, but they are reasonable.
    There are some things who bother me alot, like the stupid "chestquests" who ruin the activity of the whole grouppart of the game, the deytipoints to klick every 15minutes like robots, the itemitation and unearnd gear to get only with luck instead of efford.

    But <DEVs, even if they could make more consultation and maybe here and there some surveys, are not the right adress to blame for everything. You forget that this is a company, running for profit, a reduced team who has the responsibility and for sure not the intention to scrue it up with us. They are not our surrogate mothers, and we only customers, not babys who need a tip on the head every time we have something to cry about.
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  16. Amaitae Active Member

    Right, sometimes the solutions may occur opaque and their fair share of reason is not grasped and seen through by the community of players (your paying customers) but even if they were clear the community should not be deliberate to accept every solution as the one and only possible solution. They game team should be open to discussions after a solution is perceived to not get accepted by their community.

    You cannot make it right for every player. Things one will love another will hate and quit playing. So at least the decisions and changes in the game relate how a player reacts to them, maybe not solely on one single change but a series of them or a big fundamental change that gave reason to believe that a path the game is sent on displeases somebody enough so that he decided not to spend anymore time with this game. It is fundamental for the people who work here to analyze these interactions accurately in order to know what the player wants. So it is very much these people who work here to give their best to maintain a lively community of players by for example careful observation and analysis.

    Right, no need to blame anyone. Finger pointing won't help. Eventually decisions were made by individuals or groups on which grounds ever depending on facts, opinions, trends, etc when they were relevant which can change over time and then should reacted upon. Sometimes a decision can be risky and be hard or unforeseeable for them to know how the community reacts on these decisions beforehand.

    The team is watching for feedback. In your specific case you are probably not alone and I think (correct me if im wrong) that there is a NPC in Maldura who sells these keys rewarded by the chests. The NPC must have been added lately. Spending deity points, yeah, it is cumbersome. Not spending means effectively losing points by not gaining more points beyond the limit. I made a macro for temp buffs where I put a slash command to spend a point, so I would not have to care at all. These two annoyances are just small compared to big picture, the game as a whole but have a huge effect on how the players interact with each other and the game content, meaning a higher emphasis on playing solo vs grouping, in an (mm)orpg. Greed for loot or wealth overcomes interest for game activity done together. Was it foreseeable or intended at all? Most likely not. Could the team know this being the preference of a huge part of the community? Maybe.

    One counter-argument could be the Drunder server (from which you cannot ever get back) depending on which side you are on. It was at least not just a publicity stunt. It can be taken with a grain of salt and seen as a blackmail for 'improper' behavior and a way to screw with players not following a dictated etiquette.
    The responsibility was there before the team became smaller. it wasn't small at all in the beginning and in my opinion some of this responsibility to maintain a large community of players and do their work to maximize profit was not taken serious enough so now we, the community of players and the game team, are where we are.

    After all I understand that there aren't explanations for all the actions, decisions and changes since their complex nature and inter-dependencies with so many game content entities make it impossible for satisfactory answers for everybody and it involves spending too much time for which there is no shortcut.
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  17. mysas21 New Member

    It seems we argree overall, and at the amount of posts here i assume it´s also recognised by DB.
    Lets wait until tuesday and vote with our activity. (at least i with krono-abo will do that)

    Didn´t thougth of that/have no idea what command could work. Would be glad to be able doing the same, if you dont mind.
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  18. mysas21 New Member

    yeah, found him. Really funny thing. 200coins(worth quests of 20 heroic inis)+100platin for a key. I have lik 10k coins, 300k playerpoints (no way to get a relic from the merchant), and some platin. Instead of giving us some jewelry for the efford of collecting them we should trow´em away. head-table-bums
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  19. Sunje Active Member

    LOL :D
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  20. Beee Well-Known Member

    Has anyone thought about guild leaderborards?

    The russian guilds are merged and consolidated within the next weeks - Valor, Split and Storms only consolidated.

    Will we personally keep out leaderboard and will our guild keep the kills?
    This hits 5/ top 10 guilds if guild leaderboards are lost

    In the FAQ only housing leaderboards are mentioned
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