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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by splatterpunk28, Jan 16, 2013.

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    I am sure I am confusing things, but there were 'events' a few months back in which Ethereal weapons of all tiers were dropping gamewide, randomly, it lasted for a month and then supposedly there were other slots that had an incredibly rare chance of dropping the next month. I assume it stopped and I personally never found one despite the amount of mobs I killed during those time windows.

    So...with that in mind, in the update notes for tomorrow's patch:
    Is this a reference to something going on in the highest levels, CoE content? Or are ethereal items going to drop, gamewide again?

  2. Ynnek Well-Known Member

    The note you quoted is under a category of "CoE" in the patch notes, so it's CoE Heroics only. And there are Ethereals currently dropping, just at a very low rate rate. They appear to be getting bumped in CoE Heroics.

    There was at CoE launch a bit of an incentive problem with the CoE heroic zones. Lots of work, minimal reward. (Not something that needs to be rehashed in this thread). But it was kinda demoralizing to heroic players.

    So, they've been dribbling out a series of tweaks to make the CoE heroic zones more desirable, this is one of them.
  3. Lempo Well-Known Member

    The Ethereal weapons that were dropping worldwide initially were a promo of sorts for the CoE expansion.
    There was some sort of rift in the Ethernere or something that was the cause, there was some lore write up about it it is lost on the the onld forums because in SOE's infinite wisdom and the lack of desire to import the valuable information from there we just started here from scratch.

    In any event I don't think they are dropping worldwide now and they absolutely should not be, I hope they didn't go overboard with the drop rate in heroic zones, of course they don't do subtle so I expect them to be dropping like candy from a piñata.
  4. Ayrid Member

    I got 3 different ethereal items all from the "advanced solo" instances since launch of CoE - not seen any drop in heroric yet.
  5. Kander Developer

    It looks as if part of the message was left off there. It is listed under Chains of Eternity. Chains of Eternity heroic zones now have a better chance of dropping Ethereal items. The chance is still much lower than a rare drop, but they should now drop there more frequently. It is not game wide.
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