Ethereal Runes for SK

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Journeys, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Journeys New Member

    I'm looking for advice/confirmation on which rune to pick up for my SK. I've yet to get any of the jewelry as a reward or with coins. See below for my rune priority. Feel free to critique and add the jewelry to the order within the runes.

    1. 35% DR with 100 Fervor
    2. Lifetap based off HP
    3. Reflect over 10% of health.

    Here is what I'm thinking about doing.
    1. 35% DR with 100 Fervor Rune
    2. Buy Neck, Ear, Wrist
    3. Lifetap based off HP rune
    4. Reflect rune

    Thanks everyone in advance for the feedback!
  2. Montag Well-Known Member

    Id get all the runes before the jewelry tbh, all three are good. And i think you have them in the right order.
  3. Estal Well-Known Member

    Also buy nothing until end just in case you get one of the runes as random reward.
  4. Journeys New Member

    Ugh.... Didn't include self control as an option; however, I do see your logic in waiting.
  5. Vexo New Member

    I wouldn't wait, you can have fun with eth stuff already and if you get very lucky to get same rune, u can still use those for your alternate gear (as a tank i have at least 2 sets of weapon/shield).
  6. Zanger Member

    yea wait till the event ends so you can play with the gear for a month untill next xpac starts what a great idea ;)

    seems good, if you play with the prestige for instacasting yours aes i would buy leach rune before the jewelry and i wouldnt buy the reflect rune at all, basically any normal crafted rune is better/equal ...
  7. Silzin Active Member

    I have the DR/Furver Rune on my Monk and its only procing about 2 times per min and staying up for about 5-6 sec's when it does... so i am not setting much millage on it i think. My Guild leader a Zerker has the Life Tap Rune and it does decent dps for him, but i dont think its doing much for healing... in raid normal at full.

    (I am not impressed with the runes i have seen for tanks)
  8. Jachin Active Member

    Get jewels first. Runes are meh imo. 100 fervor for 3 seconds won't change a lot and normal purple war runes are pretty good for tanks. Btw, potency scales to hp because of enhanced vigor. Look up my sk, Khabu on eq2u. Low mit but ive also tried a lot of mit. Potency + hp >>>>>> mit.
  9. Irael New Member

    Retilation is useless at least as SK
    ethereal protection is 5sec not 3sec and if timed rigth changes alot
    neck is not as useful as the others do the mushroom faction quest for dc & flurry neck instead ;-)
  10. Trabu Member

    Is there any way to track the Ethereal Protection rune? I've tried to get it to show in my spell timer window, but have not had any success. I've gotten an ACT trigger to work to let me know when it goes off, but that's about it. So far it looks to trigger about once every 30 seconds.
  11. Retrebution Member

    Just make a timer to go with your ACT trigger. I set mine for 5 secs with a 2 sec warning. If you don't like that you can set it on a 30 sec timer with 2-3 sec warning. That will help you prep for the next proc but you you will need to approximate the 5 sec duration. As far as I know these are your 2 best options.
  12. Retrebution Member

    Also, I'd say your rune priority depends on whether you raid or not. If you raid, I'd suggest fervor first for the DR, especially for a crusader. If you just do heroics, I'd go leech first. I refrain from jewelry comments.
  13. Irael New Member

    Make a trigger for
    Ethereal Protection covers you 5 sec duration 30sec timer
    doesnt mean it procs every 30sec ;-)
    even for heroic sk fervor leech unless you are lazy
  14. Scalo Active Member

    I wouldnt worry about those runes. It doesnt really change much for tanking. You cant control triggers, and tanking is about control.
    If the rune saves you, you're lazy or failed tanking otherwise.

    Go for leach and have fun with extra dps in heroics, where it anyhow matters.

    Lets face it, compared to what dps classes get from runes, we'd been screwed.
  15. Scalo Active Member

    btw. in case of tanking heroics, unless you already have high potency, jewelry will be a good choice. Aggro is currently main issue for many tanks.
  16. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    The DR / Fervor rune is crap for a tank as you dont have much time to time anything with the proc, and depending what class you play, you may not have anything worth hitting except a spell or 2 and thats if your lucky.

    The Leach Rune was awesome until they nerfed the hell out of it.. Now it only triggers off of CA's and does a third of the damage is used to. It is still decent for padding your parse but its " OK " at best.

    The Stone Skin one is just garbage. No way to put it other then its garbage.

    Jewelry is the only thing I found even remotely useful for myself but it was a gain to Potency and luckily for me, the 3 pieces of jewerly I used, replaced jewelry that I was already wearing that didnt have tank stats so no loss and only a gain of Potency.

    All in all, fighters got pretty shafted.. but atleast were not alone.
  17. Montag Well-Known Member

    Fervor rune is very strong for tanks. It tends to proc at the start of a fight while youre spamming blues and helps you establish a good base of threat to keep the mobs on you. I usually save a big bluelike insolence or grave sacrament til it procs for extra bang.

    After that its a toss up between the other two runes but id still take the runes before any jewelry. Even the charm which is the only one with def stats, im unlikely to gove up bolster for that.

    People saying to get jewelry first must not have the fervor rune, its benefit to agro is better than any two pieces of jewelry in my experience. You can get potency in lots of places, butnyou can only get ethereal effects from ethereals.

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