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  1. ARCHIVED-ocarinah Guest

    The Etch the Stone Quest you get in the Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths was marked in my quest journal as repeatable. So when the Yelnar's Binding Stone went up for auction I bid on it so I could get this apprentice for my friend. I was very excited to get it for only 550 instead of 1k+ plat and rushed off to obtain the Etch the Stone Quest. The Yelnar's Binding Stone is no-trade. But the end result of the quest is Yelnar's Research Prism which is tradeable. When I got to the npc Elder Yelnar to obtain the repeatable quest, the npc wouldn't give me the quest. I filed a petition that I was stuck. After sitting around for almost 2 hours I finally got a response from a GM that they have to make me wait for a global fix from the developers that they have a policy they cannot help out with things like my situation. They would not either delete my quest in my completed section, give me the quest manually, or even transfer the stone to another lvl 90 toon even though I know they have the ability to do such things just they have a policy in this situation to not help. I don't know about the rest of you crafters but 550 plat is a ton of plat for me and my friend. I noticed that the quest has a note now on eq2i that it is not really repeatable - noted on June 24. However, I had completed the quest on June 21st so I missed this most important note.

    I am begging all of you to bug report this quest. If they fix the quest to be repeatable like it is marked in my completed quests, I will not have wasted 2 hours and 550 plat. I am sure I am not alone since someone was kind enough to update eq2i quest walk-thru.
  2. ARCHIVED-Xianthia Guest

    I've /bugged this and requested on forums that this be fixed. Others I assume are doing the same thing. There's a thread started shortly after SS went live about this issue and has been periodically updated by posters. I don't think there's even been an acknowledgement about fixing this or not.
    On test it was stated that the apprentice quests would be repeatable, the heroic one was fixed (I think) before it went live, why the raid one isn't yet is frustrating.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    Yeah, they fixed the heroic apprentice before it went live and haven't even commented on the raid apprentice being busted any of the times it gets brought up :(
  4. ARCHIVED-ratbast Guest

    ocarinah wrote:
    its nonrepeatable for 2 reasons.

    1) they are encouraging players to be 92/92. apparently doing 1 or the other isnt something they want to encourage. so they give craftings highest reward to an instance that requires 92 adv to enter, and a full raid of 92 raid geared players to get to.

    2) they want to encourage sharing. putting this asset behind a guilds loot policy would be even worse if it was repeatable. can you think of a reason a guild leader would not loot this every time and broker the prism (or dispence within guild after prism was received)? why not do this?

    can you think of a valid reason? its value in plat could buy many UDx4 items from other raids. for 1 brokered prism. guilds might let members loot binding stone, but as a favor, not because its the most efficient use of loot. allowing this item to move from SLR to broker, at leisure of raid leader, is bad.

    its a raid asset after all. maintain tight control as long as possible. thats how you keep power. they could run raids with free-for-all loot settings, but they dont. any power they have they will logically use for their own goals, and try to eek every last ounce of influence out of it. meaning if they dont charge you 1k, in guild, for the prism, there will be a system they administer to get it, which requires some kind of commodity or the most benevolent will only carry the implication of loyalty, in a best-case scenario. non-repeatable means they only can give loot rights, for an expiring chest of a no-trade item.

    if truly repeatable, access to this item would be often limited to prism after guild leadership had looted and finished quest. ultimately, allowing this quest to be repeatable makes the whole process accessible to raid leader every single time. do you want that door opened?

    i know in the raid guilds i have been in, that high selling loot WOULD NOT GO TO ALTS. making this repeatable does not help the average raider. it means guilds could bypass its raiders and broker this loot, instead of a time limited slr.

    maybe you can petition your loot fail, but everyone who watched tradeskill forum knew a long time ago this was labeled repeatable and was not repeatable. so now its labeled correctly. you are asking for a reversal for something widely known at the time you looted, INSTEAD OF A PETITION FOR YOUR SPECIAL CASE.

    if this isnt a fabricated case i hope you can help your friend, but your request for a game wide policy reversal for a single loot fail makes it look contrived.
  5. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    ratbast wrote:
    I'd like for it to be repeatable. I've /bugged and /feedbacked the issue. I passed my RA on to my 47/92 Sage under the assumption I'd be able to get the quest again for my main. But if it's currently working as intended I'll live with it if I could just get an official response one way or the other please.
  6. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Cisteros@Crushbone wrote:
    The raid apprentice makes recipes. Recipes are used by crafters. Crafters are the only ones that need the recipes. Why? Because crafters are crafters so they can make the items. Period.
    Raiders will be the people with the ingredients. They will be the ones that decide if they want things made or if they sell of the peices. Even if you have every recipe, you have no control over what gets made.
    If the intent was to have this be an all raiding controlled way to introduce some loot, it should just drop in a chest or by an NPC turn in thing like the heads from UT. This isn't including crafters, its dangling the carrot and taunting the vast hords saying "you'll never get this."
    But we'd have to have a crafting dev that cares for this thread to matter. Maybe he's trying to get us crafters angry enough to test his PvP changes? Or is he working on revamping the new player experience (again) this week?
  7. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    Meirril wrote:
  8. ARCHIVED-Mermut Guest

    I have several 92/92 toons.. only one of them raids regularly. Making this quest repeatable would allow me to pass the item onto my other 92/92. As it is now, I have to hold up the entire raid force alting to and then from alts to loot the stupid item from Dozzy's chest.
    If the quest isn't supposed to be repeatable, they should remove the repeatable tag. If it is supposed to be repeatable, they should fix it. I think they should fix it to make it repeatable, but they should do one or the other, at the very least.
  9. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    I think if intentions were made abundantly clear in both the quest dialog and when these things are introduced in testing, it would cut down on annoyance. It should just plain out say in the dialog, Apprentice so and so will only work for 92adventurer/92 crafter because he is a snob that way. Then the intentions are clear.
  10. ARCHIVED-ocarinah Guest

    ratbast wrote:
    Look....I did petition for my special case. I didnt fabricate anything. I looked and saw that this quest was marked as repeatable. I went into the zone and guess what it is not. My response to my petition is they have a policy NOT to help period. No matter what my case is and how unfair it is THEY WILL NOT HELP. I don't have time to read all the forums sorry - I have a life. I am not asking for a reversal - I am asking that SOE mark quests correctly period. I could have brought my other lvl 90 toon in to the zone but it was marked repeatable. Which when I was a software engineer when you mark something incorrectly it is a bug and requires to be fixed. I am asking if you don't want it repeatable don't mark it that way. I am not trying to upset the ballance of raids - heaven forbid I mess with raiders.....However, how about fixing bugs period! Pick one, repeatable, not repeatable but why punish me for SOE bug.
  11. ARCHIVED-ocarinah Guest

    Let's make this simple people. It is a bug. This quest is marked repeatable. Either the quest really was meant to be repeatable and is bugged since it is clearly not repeatable. Or the quest really was meant to be non-repeatable and is bugged since it is marked repeatable.

    Make a decision developers. Pick one! Pretty simple people.
  12. ARCHIVED-Rijacki Guest

    ocarinah wrote:
    YUP. This, exactly. There is a bug and we deserve to have it fixed, no matter which is the outcome (i.e. it's made repeatable or the repeatable flag is removed).
  13. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    The quest needs to be made repeatable, OR the drop from Dozekar needs to be made heirloom, so my alts can complete the quest without being in attendance for the loot. Simply removing the repeatable tag and "fixing" it isn't good enough. I plan on EVENTUALLY getting one for each of my crafter alts (for now, i have one from each type of crafter) but not all of them are 92 adventurers. Please, dev's, make this quest completable on alts in some way, as you have done for the heroic version.
  14. ARCHIVED-Caitilin Guest

    I am hoping this post does not incite a flame response, but, I am the person Ocarinah was trying to get the prism for. We are both mainly crafters, but also have lvl 92 toons. Neither of us "charges" people to craft, we ask reimbursement for fuel, anything beyond that is up to the customer. We both put a lot of work into saving the plat to bid on the prism so that we would be available to craft these high end items for the people who need them....raiders. I am not a raider now, I have been in the past. I have played the full spectrum of the game, at this point I choose a support role...crafting for those who need things made that don't want to be crafters. I do not see raiders getting flamed because they want the raid gear but do not have level 92 crafters to make the gear. In all fairness, there are some who do in fact raid and have 92 crafters, but there are those whose choice is to raid only. This game has a niche for just about anyone who wants to play, with out demanding they be all things. When the prism was auctioned, Ocarinah bid and won it for me. She sat for two hours in the raid zone waiting for a response from a GM. She was not asking for special treatment, she simply wanted the situation fixed. I myself rarely read the forums, mostly because a simple post asking for help or info usually ends up in a slamfest of the poster. If a quest is marked repeatable, it should be repeatable....period. If it is not meant to be repeatable, then is should be marked non-repeatable. In trying to do me a favor, she took the time to bid, go do the quest, find she could not, waited 2 hours for a GM to tell her they "could" not help her when the truth is they "would" not help her. I felt awful that she went thru all that on my behalf, and count myself lucky to have a friend like her. Ocarinah at this point is the proud owner of a stone that hopefully, at some point, will be useable. She insisted on returning my plat to me so that I could bid myself. There are not a lot of people that would be willing to go to those lengths to help someone, and I feel that she has paid the time, in plat, in posting, and then getting responses that were less than kind.
  15. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Cisteros@Crushbone wrote:
    Each player can be more than one type of player. I know raiders that craft but don't do group content. I know crafters that raid. I know players that do group content but don't raid or craft. I imagine there are people that only log in to raid.
    But the recipes only benifit crafters. Why? Because adventuring doesn't let you scribe recipes. The items made by the recipes are definately aimed at adventuring (like 95% of all crafted items) but recipes means its a reward that only crafters want.
    You get it from raiding. I think this is the major bad decision here. Crafting reward, from raiding. Basically it means you have to raid (or have a raid force willing to sell the drop) or you can't get this. This would be the same as having a no-trade crit-chance click buff drop from crafting instances. Wrong reward for the crafting crowd.
    The peices for the items to be made are firmly in raiders hands, where they belong. The end items are intended for raid rewards clearly as there is no way for a crafter to obtain the peices without them comming from adventuring content. Holding over recipes as a raid reward seems like your missing your most interested audience by a mile.
  16. ARCHIVED-ocarinah Guest

    It is funny that it was assumed I don't do full spectrum of the game. That is the farthest from the truth. I have been a player since launch of this game. I started as an adventurer and I really hated the crafting at the start. I started raiding because my friends wanted me to join them. I did leave the game for 2 years because of drama from 3 crazy people. Now that I have been back I play the full spectrum. I grouped every night I wasn't raiding. I ended up in a few guilds that died. I joined a roleplaying guild because of friends not because I roleplayed. I did some roleplaying events to spend time with them and it was important for them. I learned that there were guide events which I try to do as much as possible. I had a bunch of friends leave the game that were crafters and just in time when I actually needed people to craft for me. Being stubborn I leveled all 9 crafters to 92. Heck, I even started another weaponsmith so that I have a better chance helping out customers since weaponsmith have so many more recipes than the other crafters. Why, I hate seeing people asking for help in crafting channel not getting the help they needed. I had big hopes that I could start raiding again in May since my British friend was starting a raiding guild that raided during the afternoon instead of the normal time most guilds raid. I cannot raid normal times - I choose my husband over raiding and normal times are during our dinner hour. His house had a major fire so that fell through. I just learned how to use the layout editor and have published 3 houses all of them winning a trophy. A few weeks ago I found a guild that is active that groups and does some progressive raiding earlier on Sundays that does not interfer with my schedule. I would have pvp if when I came back to game it wouldn't have been dying. I love pvp in other games so would have jumped right into that as well. Oh and I have been a guild officer and leader. I have even started helping out the person that is posting info on house items to the eq2decorators website by sending them info on over 100 items.

    So you see, I craft, rp, decorate, group and raid. Pretty much that is full spectrum of the game, no? If you only want raiders to have access to getting the raid apprentice then you should tell all those raiders I see whining that they cannot get their raid apprentice gear or food/drink in auction and crafting channel to stop complaining because it is how raiders want things. I actually was in a guild that split into two because the raiders didn't want to be in a guild with me, "the crafter," even though I actually raid. Both guilds died that week. Just remember raiders are making tons of money selling off all that loot to non-raiders all the time. Not sure how it will hurt raiders to have a few "crafters" being able to make them gear/arrows/food/drink from those apprentices while making a huge profit from selling the stone.

    Wish we could turn back the clock so people still helped each other out in this game like at launch. This is an mmo and working together helping each other was what it was supposed to be about, NOT raiders vs. crafters and there is no in between.
  17. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    Meirril wrote:
  18. ARCHIVED-Lord_Ebon Guest

    The quest is bugged regardless of any opinons: it's marked as repeatable but is not actually in fact repeatable. If it's intended to not be repeatable, then the quest needs to not be marked repeatable.
    On the balance side, in my eyes the two reasonable options are either make the quest repeatable (which will encourage proliferation of the item, as guilds will be able to simply craft the binding stone and sell the finished researcher) or make the binding stone drop from Dozekar heirloom.
    As it is now, the character that does the quest has to loot the item itself, and once you've completed it you cannot do it again on that character. In raiding guilds, the pool of raiders present that can use the item diminishes quickly and leaves the guild with no options that do not come at the cost of wasted time, either in getting in an alt or having to sell the drop itself instead of being able to sell the finished researcher at their leasure.
  19. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Cisteros@Crushbone wrote:
    Actually, no one's saying a raider who also crafts is not a real crafter. However, by making the apprentice only accessible to raiders, the developers have said that crafters who do NOT raid are not real crafters.
    If the apprentice came from a crafting quest, if it was repeatable as marked so raiders could give it to their crafting friends, if the quest item was heirloom to let people get it on their crafting alts, if there were any way that any crafter could obtain it with the right amount of crafting work, then it would conceivably be a crafting reward. And there is not a single thing in any of those options that would prevent the raiding crafter from obtaining it. Right now it is a raid reward that is only useable by crafters.
  20. ARCHIVED-Illmarr Guest

    Lodrelhai wrote:
    Like I told Meirril, Your logic is as fuzzy to me as mine is to you. Crafters who don't raid are certainly real crafters, but this particular reward seems to have been purposed for that subset of crafters that also adventures at a high level. Not every reward is aimed at every playstyle. Many HQ rewards are not aimed at all classes, although all adventurers of appropriate level can do them. The analogy isn't perfect I admit, but the base logic and precedent set by it carries across just fine I believe.

    I'll stop arguing this with you folks, since I'm sure you are as frustrated as I am at not being able to make the other see the light of our opinion. To get back on point, please Devs, fix the bug. At this point I could care less which way the fix goes. Change the label and remove the repeatable tag. Actually make the dang thing repeatable. Just fix it to shot this horse a final time.

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