Eryslai: The Bixel Hive

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Chrol, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Chrol Developer

    Please post any feedback, bugs, etc. regarding Eryslai: The Bixel Hive. There are 2 versions of this zone, [Solo] and [Heroic]. In your posts, please be sure to call out which version of the zone you are discussing.


  2. Pioneer Member

    Solo zone.
    Looks like that event on last named, Aurorax, is broken.
    It calls elite guards but they just standing at their places.

    After defeated i saw a shiny but someone teleported my to the elemental. My shiny! Nooo!

    Zone is pretty nice.
    It also would be good if you will use some color hints like in Mirror's Edge.... Or not =)
  3. Pheidra Member

    Zone: [Solo]
    Named: Anzarion
    Issue: His punt doesn't have any call out text, screen pop, or spell bar. Not sure if that's intended?
    He does say "Look up, or be cast far, far away", but looking up didn't seem to help me and he only stated it once.
  4. Chrol Developer

    There should be a cloud above you, followed by lightning hitting the ground that throws you up and away.
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  5. Pidz Member

    Element of Destruction: Pure Adventure
    Maelin Starpyre
    Solo (maybe heroic too l don't know)

    After killing Anzarion l couldn't find the next named and never saw the pollen launcher so l climbed the wall/tree trunk behind him all the way to the hive and jumped down in the queen's room. The wall/tree trunk has low resolution graphics and l don't think this is an intended way to reach the hive.
  6. Pidz Member

    Element of Destruction: Pure Adventure
    Maelin Starpyre
    Solo (maybe heroic too l don't know)

    In the hive it is possible to free a bird and ride it but the landing point of that bird can be reached by foot.
  7. Chrol Developer

    Not intended! Will bring this to the environment art team. Thanks!
  8. Chrol Developer

    Yes, there are two ways to get there. One is easier than the other.
  9. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Is there supposed to be a shiny after each name, like in Doomfire solo instance? After killing Anzarion, there was no shiny that I could see or find on track.

    Edit: Well, I found a spot where I just fell through the ground (I saw a post about it in the outdoor zone, but it exists in the solo instance as well) I didn't get a loc, because it caught me by surprise. However, when I hit revive....there was my shiny from killing Anzarion, right there at the zone in.

    Edit again: Found the spot, and hit /loc as I was falling, and again when I hit the ground. Hopefully these locs will give you enough to find the area where the ground is missing -

    406.74, -69.24, -1014.23 - falling in mid air

    399.89, -214-84, -1012.63 - dead on the ground
  10. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Zone: [Solo]
    Named: Anzarion
    Issue: His adds don't despawn when he is killed.
  11. Mermut Well-Known Member

    As of 10/11..
    Zone: Solo
    Name: Daishani
    Issue: constantly heals. I can get him to 25%, but then he heals up to 40% or more.
    Not attacking when he has Royal Pain doesn't work.
    There is no casting bar.. so nothing to interrupt.
    Playing a healer, so I have no dispels

    Both his adds are dead. There is nothing on his platform that is clicky. There is no flavor text beside 'begins to reflect your spells'.

    Edit: Swapped ACT to beta and did the fight again..
    The mob is 'reflecting' the heals from the warden epic 2.0 pet and getting massive heals.
  12. Azrael's Tear Member


    Mage Cure Magic does not cure any detriments from within the [Solo] instance. My Necrotic Reconstruction is curing just fine. Will update with more specific detriment names if I do find any that Cure Magic does cure.

    Update: All of the detriments from the Emir fight appear to be curable by Cure Magic.
  13. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Solo zone, unsure if intended, but after killing Bzzkill the Honeymonger, all of the "a honeymonger stormrider" mobs become in-aggro npcs that can't be killed.

    Also, there's a hole at (-.042, -272, -1125) that you can fall in, and not get out without evac, and does not fall all the way through the island.
  14. Chrol Developer

    Will be fixed for the next update, thanks.
  15. Chrol Developer

    Yes, the stormriders do not attack after killing Bzzkill, but I haven't put in any indication to notify that that is intentional yet.

    Notified art about the hole being blocked by the tree's root. Should be fixed in the next couple days.
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  16. Leed Active Member

    Using the pollen launcher at the end of the zone to return to the starting isle left me in midair rather than taking me all the way to the starting isle. Possibly because of the slow fall mechanic of the jann illusion?
  17. knine Well-Known Member

    (solo) Daishani .. reflects nearly all spells back onto the caster up to 10 times... as a mystic it isn't bad but as spell casters if you don't want to reflect stuff back onto you and have to go through cures.. may need to think about adjusting auto attack rates.. not sure if it is like this in heroic as I haven't been there yet.. just thoughts
  18. Pizac New Member

    Zone: Solo
    Bzzkill the honymonger

    I don't see any cast bar for Stormriders call when he casts
  19. Onoes New Member

    Overland Zone: Bixel Hive - Upper Cells area - in this area you have a few mob groups of 3 sitting on the exterior "port holes" of the hive presumably to be standing watch to the outside, but each of the groups seem to be sunk half way down into the hive. just looks funny to see them waist deep. once they move they recognize the proper level of the "floor" and lay down when dead at the properly on the Floor.. they just seem to start off at the wrong "floor" height.
  20. Chrol Developer

    Next update, the pollen launcher won't overshoot you if yo're in Jann form.

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