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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Kaitheel Developer

    The following changes have been submitted as part of tomorrow's Beta update:
    • The Air Apparent - Quest is now named "The Air Necessities" to remove confusion with other quests.
    • An Air Apparent: A Fractus Cloud - Defeating Prismatic Recluse spiders will now properly update the quest.
    ~ Kaitheel
  2. Razpberry Member

    Quest : The Air Necessities
    NPC : Rourre
    Step : Gather 12 air scintilla

    Super rare drop from killing and very rare spawns on the servitor or greater ones. I spent over an hour and was at 6/12. There weren't many people doing the quest that I saw.
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  3. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    • Quest name: EoD: Gusts of Order
    • Quest giver name: Click on a corrupted conflagration of air at ( 251, -7, -19 )
    • Current quest journal entry: (Obtain 19 ephemeral gusts -- I didn't write down the exact wording)
    • Any other details pertaining to the issue you are encountering
    After completing the zone, I only had 14/19 gusts. I combed the zone using tracking, killing everything I could find, even spiders and budgies with no feathers just in case........ I found a few flagged npcs that I had missed and ended up with 15/19 gusts. I had to reset the zone and complete it again to get my 19 gusts so I could finish the quest. The drop rate of the items in the zones in general seemed a bit low but this one was particularly low. In beta I have a reset tool. On live server with a lockout, having to repeat the zone to get enough items would be even more frustrating.
    Please up the drop rate on the items for these quests (especially the gusts).
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  4. Lewyr New Member

    • Quest name Elements Planes: Weapons Drawn (Weekly Solo)
    • Quest giver name:
    • Current quest journal entry: Slay Sterek Swiftwind in Eryslai: the Midnight Aerie
    • Any other details pertaining to the issue you are encountering
      • Killed Beaknik, the Duo named birds and Xochentula
        • Cleared the zone of all mobs including the budgies which tell you someone is watching, keeping score and you'll get yours.
      • Nothing left to kill and cannot find anything to click. Scrolling back, cant seem to find any hints or narratives telling me what to do next to spawn/find other named
      • Reading forums there is talk of clicking generators in the western side clearing. I cant seem to locate said generators.
      • may need more clear hints . I do see sparkly green swarms of bugs but nothing clickable. same for the round "knots" I see on the ground near talons edge.
    • Currently cannot complete this weekly
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  5. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Elements of Destruction: Gusts of Order
    Suggestion: add the little parrots to the acceptable list of creatures to kill for ephemeral gusts. As it stands atm, it takes two zone trips to get them all.

    Zone:The Midnight Aerie
    I've only found the three named. Was there more in this zone? I had the same issue with the Doomfire land before me. I only found 3 named, and no others, and no clear way to know if I was meant to exit or not, to signify the end of the zone. I left because I had enough briquettes to progress through the Sig Line, but when it comes to doing mission quests later down the road.....
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  6. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Quest: The Air Necessities
    Step: Gather 12 air scintilla

    I'm really concerned about the combination of the low number of servitors of air, combined with the rare body drop of the scintillas. When release hits, there will be scads of people trying to kill the same handful of mobs. I think that there need to be more servitors, and they should repop faster.

    Also, I came across several scintillas on the ground, I guess from where others killed them. I never received a lockout warning, and I note that these have a brown tag when you mouse over them. Is it possible for someone to dart up and steal an air scintilla, or is it locked to whoever killed the servitor? Because if you can steal them, things will get ugly.
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  7. Kaitheel Developer

    They drop 50% of the time, which I wouldn't think would feel super rare, but knowing some of the luck slumps that we can all get in - it can be. I'll be reducing the number of scintilla necessary for the quest, which should help.

    Oh! And just to make sure you are aware, the servitors spawn on both levels of the island, and don't just leave the lesser servitors around. Hunting the lesser ones can spawn more powerful servitors.

    ~ Kaitheel
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  8. Kaitheel Developer

    Yeah, I'll be taking a look at that. It sounds like I need to add the gusts to some other mobs in the zone.

    Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
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  9. Kaitheel Developer

    There are a few more changes heading to Beta for the quests in this zone:
    • The Air Necessities - The number of air scintilla needed to prove yourself has been reduced.
    • All the Flight Moves - Gathering aethersteel keys is now a group update.
    • Elements of Destruction: Gusts of Order - Some bosses now have a much greater chance to drop ephemeral gusts for players on this quest.
    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Pidz Member

    Between a Flock and a Hard Place
    Gather grain baskets (8/8)
    Hunt prismatic recluse spiders for meat (10/10)

    When the baskets and spider meat are gathered the quest is updated and change to "Becaaw gave me the Eye of the Flock in exchange for the grain and spider meat.", but we didn't return to Becaaw and nothing has been exchanged yet.

    The journal looks like this after talking to Becaaw:
    Becaaw, a zyphyren aviak, is in possession of a jewel known as the Eye of the Flock.
    Becaaw gave me the Eye of the Flock in exchange for the grain and spider meat.
    Becaaw gave me the Eye of the Flock jewel, to deliver to Nidinof. She claims it grants eyesight well beyond one's physical limitations.
    l should return to Nidinof, near Misty Falls on the lower island of the Windglades, now that l have the Eye of the Flock.
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  11. Kaitheel Developer

    The following changes to quests in this zone should be included with tomorrow's Beta update:
    • Between a Flock and a Hard Place - Quest journal text has been corrected.
    • An Air Apparent: A Fragment of Solidified Lightning - Quest is now marked as repeatable.
    • An Air Apparent: A Stratus Cloud - Quest is now marked as repeatable.
    • An Air Apparent: A Cirrus Cloud - Quest is now marked as repeatable.
    ~ Kaitheel
  12. olleran Active Member

    The small letter * e with acute * in Herald of Xochen etc shows up as a rectangular box in the threatlistwindow
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  13. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    the window is coded for UTC-8, so I am unclear as why é isn't displayed, but I am certain it's gakking on the high ASCII character.
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  14. Chrol Developer

    Should be fixed with the next update. Thanks!
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  15. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Quest: All the Flight Moves
    Questgiver: Nidinoff

    I'm in The Bixel Hive on the step where you click aethersteel chests. I saw one and was headed towards it when someone else clicked it and poof, it was gone. This may end up being a bottleneck if we're competing for the same seven chests.

    The chests do respawn, but perhaps consider adding a few more chest locations?
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  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Quest: All the Flight Moves
    Questgiver: Nidinoff

    The dagger quest reward has wrong art, it's showing a fist instead of a dagger
    • \aITEM 871686676 -375145211 0 0 0:[Blessed Aethersteel Dagger]\/a
    The fist quest reward probably has the wrong art, it's showing a fiery fist, but it probably should have the graphic that the Blessed Aethersteel Dagger is presently showing.
    • \aITEM -355038849 -710061485 0 0 0:[Blessed Aethersteel Wristblade]\/a
    The Blessed Aethersteel Broadsword is essentially a great spear and probably should be called "Blessed Aethersteel Great Spear" -- it's a two-handed piercing weapon. It also has the exact same graphic as the Blessed Aethersteel Sabre.
    • \aITEM 2127419424 -1706338077 0 0 0:[Blessed Aethersteel Broadsword]\/a
    The Blessed Aethersteel Sabre is a two-handed slashing weapon. Sabres are one-handed, so this probably should be called something like "Blessed Aethersteel Greatsword".
    • \aITEM -2061871201 598105881 0 0 0:[Blessed Aethersteel Sabre]\/a
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  17. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Quest: Elements of Sky [Solo]

    Shouldn't the location category also have [Solo] ?

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  18. Neroflop Member

    Quest: The Air Necessities
    Step: Gather air scintilla from servitor of air

    They are just not dropping Kaitheel... we have been at this for almost half an hour, still at 6/8, here is the log showing our record.

    PS. was farming them with 2 people, killed all on top and bottom.... took 29 minutes to complete.... thats a bit long IMHO

    PPS: at this point it almost feels like they just need to be 100% drop, otherwise, it may take several hours to get all 8 updates when 10-20 people are all hunting these things... I dont see why we need to prove our RNG luck to the quest giver... he is clearly interested in seeing that we can kill a few of them :p
  19. Neroflop Member

    It feels like you guys are trying too hard to draw these overland quests out. i just ran the ones for Eryslai and running the ones for Vegarlson now, and im noticing the following pattern for the quests that is making them unnecessarily long (and not really all that fun.

    1. Fly an excessive distance talk to an NPC and then come all the way back.
    2. Go get 12 uncommon quest updates form a mob. (kill 2x3 times of that mob to actually get said updates).
    3. Gather 10 things from chests/vases/whatever that may or may not actually be there (chests), and may or may not actually give you the update (vases).

    All of these things combine to make the quests extensively long and tedious, especially if you happen to have bad RNG, have other players competing for updates, etc. please consider making the updates common drops and reducing the number of updates needed to progress the quests.

    I'm guessing i dont need to post this in all 4 topics for the 4 overland zones, as this doesn't just apply to Eryslai.
  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I actually got more from the Servitor of Air than from the Greater Servitor of Air. This was prior to the update that increased the chance of a drop. And I have now seen the message that it failed to drop. Thank you Kaitheel.
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