Erollisi Day Feedback and Bugs 2019

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  1. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Links are currently only working on Test but you've got all the list screenshoted on EQ2Traders as posted above.
    You only get 1 erollisi coin from passive box, 2 for active + erollisi house items, 8 for proactive + between 0 and 2 of the extensive loot list for proactive.
  2. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I just added in a pic of the hatched familiar over there. Mine hasn't hatched yet, but she's previewing nicely. I'd *definitely* prefer to have this little gal handing out hugs than one of Lera's cubes! {grin} (Referencing her "group hug" attack.)
  3. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I hit several mobs, I handed him several roses, I smished purple roses for the halibut. (say it aloud). I only got "active" not "proactive" What more was needed for proactive? :(
  4. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    This time was proactive, but I destroyed both purple and black roses along the way, which seems to prevent some of the mobs from spawning (hence being proactive).
  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, that's kind of part of the definition of the term "proactive," I guess ("acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes" --Merriam-Webster)... ;->

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  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Merriam-Webster??? You are supposed to be using the Oxford English Dictionary. Cyrrena is from Dublin, Cyrrena's Spousal Unit is from Leeds, West Yorkshire!!
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, 1) I lurrrv my M-W edition at home; nice etymologies, good Bio and Geo info in the back (Biographies and Geography); 2) we do have a copy of the OED; abridged, two volumes, in print so small they came equipped with a magnifying glass (no lie); 3) in many cases of the OED definitions, I'd need a British-English/American-English dictionary, and 4) I've seen the unabridged version in our college library, in a single volume: the gods help any burglars who come sneaking into a home that has that in there. If they survive the concussion from being hit by one, they'd probably die the Death of a Thousand (Paper) Cuts. :-/

    (seriously, the thing looks like a Half Block of some building block set)
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  8. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Familiar bug
    Bad news: Familiar proc doesn't proc. I launched the familiar on both chars and 2-boxed Veiled Precipice with Yavannamire and Leucosia while logging. I looked at the log, no mention of "Group Hug" anywere. Neither in damaged received nor in damage diven (current text says "it damages the group", should be group of attacker but it's unclear).
    With 2 chars with familiar, 13% to proc on damage received, proc every 5-7 seconds, I should see "Group hug" pop in the log even in a small instance like Veiled Precipice.

    On the hatching part, here's the number of proactive tries noted so far (AFTER getting the egg)
    Leucosia: 5 tries after getting the egg
    Yavannamire : 7 tries (and one "active")
    Blanchette : 8 tries
    Thuunderbolt reports 8 tries (all proactive, all consecutive) to get the egg to hatch
    Xoex reports 6 tries.
    Nana reports 8 tries
    Bigfroggie thinks it was 8 tries.

    On the proactive part:
    I always play the same way: main char only gather/give roses and smash whatever he/she sees and never hits
    Following char gives 1-4 roses and then only hits mobs (AoE). Never smashs anything
    I always got proactive (except when I tried very hard not to get it)

    I don't understand how Mum didn't get the proactive on her failed run.

    Note: I can usually keep the zombie maxed out on roses for at least half the way by my lonesome. I give less when there are other people around obviously.

    Text in chat from proactive
    I noted quite a number of texts given from the egg "Your heart shaped Egg shivers and cracks XXX, before settling back into place"
    So here are my texts which point to the text being random (number is number of runs after getting the egg):

    7 -> momentarily

    2 -> momentarily
    3 -> vigorously
    4 -> vigorously
    5 -> briefly
    6 -> momentarily
    7 -> momentarily
    8 -> briefly

    1 -> momentarily
    2 -> briefly
    3 -> vigorously
    4 -> briefly

    2 -> vigorously
    3 -> earnestly
    4 -> earnestly
    5 -> earnestly

    I get only 8 erollisi coins (so no additional PQ rewards) 50% of the time rougly. Ratio on additional house items should be upped a bit imo (got 6 roses, 1 pink lilies and 1 macabre rose set total with 4 chars with familiar and a couple on their way, so at least 32 PQ run with rewards)
    got 2 regular familiars, 2 or 3 books, and 2 infusers. Couple of candies.
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  9. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Just for you Cyrrena, since I have an OED subscription:
    proactive, adj.

    Brit. /(ˌ)prəʊˈaktɪv/ U.S. /proʊˈæktɪv/
    Of a person, action, policy, etc.: creating or controlling a situation by taking the initiative and anticipating events or problems, rather than just reacting to them after they have occurred; (hence, more generally) innovative, tending to make things happen.

    • 1951 D. C. McClelland Personality iv. 13 [High achievers] use more future tenses, more generalized or abstract nouns, and more clauses indicating retroactive or proactive relationships.
    • 1966 A. Zaleznik Human Dilemmas of Leadership ix. 177 Instead of being reactive to environmental pressures, the behavior is proactive and in a sense induces change in the environment.
    • 1971 A. J. R. Reiss Police & Public ii. 64 Citizens usually bring matters to police attention... The police department deals with such requests as a reactive organization... The police also acquire information by intervening in the lives of citizens on their own initiative. In this capacity, they serve as a proactive organization.
    • 1984 Financial Times 10 Feb. 26 A new kind of management able to take risks,..manage change, and be more proactive.
    • 1985 Globe & Mail (Toronto) 10 Oct. b20/1 (advt.) If you are the proactive and innovative individual we are looking for..we invite you to submit a resume in confidence.
    • 1991 A. M. Dershowitz Chutzpah Epilog 351 Support for Israel will diminish as it returns to its policy of aggressive retaliation and proactive defense.
    • 2003 S. Greenfield Tomorrow's People (2004) i. 9 We must be proactive and set the agenda for what we want and need from such rapid technical advances.
  10. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    dang, I don't have proactive in my Collins (nor in the Oxford but it's and english-french dictionary)

    Roughly 10% of the time I can't camp after a PQ because "I can't sit". It's annoying, but as I camp near Turmoil, there's a zoning point real close so it's fast to fix it through zoning.
  11. Lera Well-Known Member

    That's why we need Erollisi cubes!
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  12. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    In an empty slot, if they're pets and you can name them, no. Yes if they're just plushies.

    Physically, you can, but the wibbling does tend to interfere with a neat arrangement. ;->

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  14. Ladislava Active Member

    I agree! I actually wrote down a few ideas (no idea where to post them) and one was a pink cube with the hearts coming out the top (like the romance jar thingie).
  15. Pixistik Don't like it? You're not alone!

    Need to make the cubes where you can stack them in your house like wall blocks.
  16. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    I must say that I'm really surprised at how well it goes on live. I'm impressed!
  17. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    I did the PQ early this morning and have a quick question - how do you know which reward you earned? Passive, Active or Proactive?

    I did not see a loot popup with any of this wording, or in any of my text/chat boxes.

    I just got a reward with Coins, the egg, and a love note. I was highly proactive with given tons of flowers and hit the mobs that spawn a few times including my merc. I also started on one NPC and then moved to the second.

    Any advise to knowing?
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  18. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    It was one of the notifications that flashed at the top of the screen when you looted the chest. If you got the egg, though, you definitely earned proactive.
  19. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    Hmm, I did not see any notifications but will try it again after work, and be on the lookout for everything that can pop up. It definitely was not part of the loot window though.
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  20. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    You have a note in chat saying what reward you got.
    Easiest way is look at the number of coins:

    Passive : 1 coin
    Active : 2 coins
    Proactive : 8 coins
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