Erolisi Overseer Quest Is Still Broken

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Lateana, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Lateana Well-Known Member

    After today's patch I still cannot do this on my Thurgadin characters. I keep getting the message that I need to claim my first overseer and do the first overseer quest, even though I have done both things. On the up side I can get the quest on Skyfire characters who have already done it ;)
  2. BandageXDA New Member

    Go to status merchant and purchase the starter overseer chest. Use it and do the starter quest again... This worked for me, and then the quest was available
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  3. Pengana Member

    I'd like to try your suggestion Bandage, but my toons are too low to get to the status merchant in Sanctus Seru. (I found this reference in the wiki "An Overseer's First Agents" can also be obtained from Maesy Colmiter in Sanctus Seru") Are there other status merchants that sell this item?

    I just want to go thru the Erollis quest on my lower level toons.
  4. Breanna Well-Known Member

    If you bought the expansion then it should be in your claims have you checked there? If you didn't buy the expansion then you don't have access to the overseer feature, I am not sure though if that covers the holiday stuff or not, but I would think it does.
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  5. Pengana Member

    Thanks Breanna, I did claim the overseer feature, and did the starter quests on my small toons. However when I hail the NPC in Halas for the Erolisi quest, she says she cannot give it to me until I do the quests again. Bandage suggested a workaround, purchasing the overseer item from the NPC in Seru, but at low levels toons cannot get there.
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  6. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    I'd go to Qeynos or Freeport and check all the city and status vendors, maybe another one has it. Check Loyalty Vendor too, though it seems unlikely.

    I thought Will of Seru was heirloom. Or do you not have any level 120 characters on that server?
  7. Pengana Member

    Good idea Semper! I've checked the ones in Qeynos and Halas, but I haven't tried the evil cities. The one in Seru is no-trade.
  8. Karamella Well-Known Member

    I'm on Thurgadin too and same happened to my alt this morning. That's weird because yesterday the quest worked fine on another alt. But I will go and try to buy another crate. Maybe it helps.
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  9. Yenk Member

    btw: The allaccess chest *Become an Overseer* is NOT under the BoL-Tab. Choose the ALL-Tab to claim it.
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  10. Karamella Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the workaround. It fixed it for me :)
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