Erol day PQ needs a fix!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Lunablanco, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Lunablanco New Member

    People will not dismount, or de-summon there mercs, familiars, and companions. Can you please for the love of sanity, make the npc zombie have a area around it that auto desummons and dismounts! Quick easy fix, as people are now using huge mounts to BLOCK others, they have one char then one on fallow hovering over it. They are on HUGE drakes, its a BS move...and shows what kinda person you are, when you are that selfish and uncaring of others....
  2. Lunablanco New Member

    Oh and yes on my end, I can not render mounts. But it does not help with all there mercs, comapions, and familiars... and or potions and items that can make the player larger. Also I did ask in a polite manner in chat, and they just acted like donkeys about it...again these players are selfish and rude.
  3. Lunablanco New Member

    Can we maybe get a note on the egg that at least says what level of participant it needs, and a tally of how many needed???
  4. Amefe New Member

    I was curious about that myself if its a set number of pro active pqs that need to be run or if its random . Read somewhere on test it was 6 but have done 10 myself and know others that have ran it more and still no hatched familiar so curious what determines it .
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  5. SteveB Active Member

    It is 7 in total were you active participated, just as easy as that. And please do not do any dismount etc!
    Maybe if at all, just increase the size of the npc.
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  6. Amefe New Member

    ok ty well received the large reward each time I have done it and has said I got the lead to love after each but will do a few more and see what happens.
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  7. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    It was requested on the test forum that the dearly departed be made bigger just as the reward crates at the end were.
  8. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    I just tried my best to do this PQ from the beginning -- gathered the roses but could never get one on the zombie as he was swamped by a zillion people. The zombie is hard to find in the crowd, even if you have mounts hidden.
    If the folks saying everyone must destroy at least one black or purple rose are correct and you have more folks destroying them than you have spawns, having a mob spawn to kill is not likely. Doesnt seem likely many will get the high award with this system!
    The idea is cute but something needs to be rethought on the mechanics.
    One of my toons that stumbled on the PQ got an active reward for killing something that spawned from a purple rose. The toon that showed up at the beginning and was trying really hard to participate didn't even make active.............
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  9. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I so far have only done the PQ on live 3 times and have gotten the proactive award (the highest) all 3 times. I have never destroyed a black or purple rose. I have avoided them like the plague. For the most information on this PQ, I would take a peek on the Test forum and look at the Erollisi 2019 Bugs and Feedback Thread, Whilhamina worked her tail (well I don't think she has a tail I believe she is a Teir'Dal) off gathering information on this on more than 9 characters, strategies, rewards, etc., almost any information you would need would be located there.
  10. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Whilhamina on Test found that it was between 6 and 9 proactive rewards following receiving the egg in order for the egg to hatch. The was no set number. Take a peek in the test forum at the Erollisi 2019 Bugs and Feedback Thread, all of the work Whilh put into testing this is logged into that thread.
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  11. Lunablanco New Member

    Got my egg to hatch after the 10th try with proactive part, so persistance pays off! Oh and yes stop the render of mounts, it may not get rid of all the stuff but it makes it a lot simpler and less laggy :3
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  12. Miroh Member

    Fixing something that isn't broken, breaks things.

    I have yet to have a problem getting the reward. My first time there all I did was attack the adds and thought "Dang who just one shot that?" and then the second PQ i learned, oh...these flowers one shot the adds. 3rd time, I figured out you clicky the npc with the flowers he likes. All attempts have granted rewards. Its easy to find ways to achieve the goals in game without demanding something be fixed because you are having a hard time. Its super easy, find a way.
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  13. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for confirming my suspicions that the black and purple roses should be avoided, especially if a large number of folks are doing the quest. Sadly the rumor that you must destroy at least one purple or black rose is rampant on my server and it means there are very few mobs that spawn to be attacked. That being said, I had the stupid zombie targeted (when I could find it) but could never get a chance to do a rose on the bugger. Cute idea but I know one can be trying their best to be a participant and not get credit. I think I will try again during the week -- at some time there are likely fewer players on.
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  14. Miroh Member

    I just did it on 3 accounts...
  15. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    it would be super helpful if the npc's were 3 or 4 times their current sizes just to overstep the sizes of toons, familiars, mounts, and mercs. I lose them in the crowd quite easily.
  16. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    I have done this only a few times and on Skyfire there are so many people that I hardly ever get a proactive. Either the flower I am trying to get is gone or I cant find the zombie in the crowd. So I end up not getting a reward. It would be nice if you at least got Coin for just being there and be able to examine your egg. If nothing else. I am slow on my keyboard and mouse. . . People who are a bit slow don't stand a chance in this one.
  17. Lunablanco New Member

    I had a ticket in on this issue, and a GM informed me of this.

    Greetings Lunablanco,

    This is GM Torchwick here to assist you. We can definitely send your feedback regarding the issues with no auto-dismount or desummon. If there are players on huge mounts or with large companions that are purposely blocking the NPC, please update this petition with their names so we can investigate and take action if necessary. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know.


    GM Torchwick
    EverQuest II Customer Support
    Daybreak Game Company, LLC

    So if someone is doing it on purpose, report them simple as that.

    @Miroh Now you think I am being unreasonable in some way, or doing a disservice by asking for a GM / Dev help?
    I think people who do or say nothing, are just a letting those who are in the wrong think its okay to keep doing so. If it was only me with this issue, then you may have a point...but clearly its not.
  18. Katzandra Well-Known Member

    For those of you having issues with mounts, have you tried using the "never show mounts" feature that will only show mounts when you are flying? I chose this option shortly after I started playing when I found the bankers in Kelethin obscured by folks on their steeds. It is easy to turn the feature on and off so you can use it for the event and go back to seeing your mounts at whatever level you desire after the event.

    That being said, I still haven't found the impetus to try this event again after my first less than fun stab at it...........Maybe before the event is over?
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  19. Lunablanco New Member

    As many have already said, yes we have turned off mount render...the issue remains of mercs, compaions, familiars etc...
  20. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    If they do one thing, it's resize the zombie. Trying to target it and get a rose on it is damned near impossible with the crowd of people surrounding it. NVM, mounts, familiars, anything else. Either that or limit the amount of people capable of being in the PQ at the same time. Those numbers may work for CD PQs, but the mechanics of this one appears not to be well thought out given player goals. And while it's nice that one or two people score high, there should be a lot more opportunity there for others.
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