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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Lifegiver, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Lifegiver New Member

    I can't find the "Unlock Equipment Item" or "Unlock Spell Upgrade" anywhere on the SC Marketplace. Were these items removed?
  2. caddy New Member

    Same here, can't seem to find them anywhere on the marketplace and I didn't see any patch notes on removing them either.

    Is this a bug by any chance? With the expansion it would be nice being able to get the spell and gear unlockers sooner then later.
  3. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    I hope this is a mistake, as it will kill the FtP aspect of this game! Past a certain level, silver characters will be worthless if they cannot unlock gear. And "free" players spend a lot on this game as well as subscribers. If the unlockers approach did not work, then Sony would not have switched the game to entirely FtP.

    I have an all-access account that will always be a subbed account. I have a second account that is silver now, but will be switched to subbing when the characters get high enough for it to matter. I also have many accounts that will always be silver, including 4 that have AoD, and one I have bought all the expansions for as well as unlocking a lot of classes and races for. And even on the accounts that I have not bought AoD or CoE for, I have unlocked classes and races, as well as buying mounts, cosmetics, houses and such for.

    I have spent a LOT of real money on this game! Mainly because it is fun to play, and the FtP model has been very flexible. If SoE changes things with EQ2 to be more like the way EQ is, where there are no unlockers and you must subscribe to function at higher levels, then many players will stop playing this game. Resulting in a large loss of revenue for SoE.
  4. Virj New Member

    Since we can no longer see DPS on Legendary or better weapons, and mitigation on armor pieces that are Legendary or better, the unlockers are almost useless anyway. They go hand in hand.

    Who in their right mind would unlock an item to see if it's better than what they have. that makes no sense.
  5. BaconGrinder New Member

    Same problem here, I did google items to get damage/mitigation, but no unlocker available. *Is anybody out there?*
  6. Bunji Developer

    A new system for unlocking items/spells was introduced with the expansion (and the old unlockers were removed). When you mouse-over an item or spell which requires unlocking you should see a unique icon (looks like an arrow pointing up) and clicking on it should prompt if you wish to unlock it. This might not show if you are using a custom UI that hasn't been updated to include this new feature.
  7. Terrogaunt Developer

    ^Yeah, what he said!
  8. Onorem Active Member

    So they're unlocked one at a time? I've never been FTP, but was under the impression that you used to buy packs of 5 or so unlockers at once. Has the price changed?
  9. Terrogaunt Developer

    The price of the unlocker pack on the Marketplace used to be 150 SC ( 30 per for the pack of 5 ). I just asked and the price sounds like it's now 25 SC, so the price actually went down and the convenience went up :p
  10. Onorem Active Member

    Nice. Thanks for the quick response.
  11. Hexalobular Well-Known Member

    So will the old unlockers still work (if you already have them)?
    I can't test them since I'm currantly Gold on that account.
  12. redwoodtreesprite Well-Known Member

    There are many players in chat who are panicking about all this, as it really has not been made clear about this change. And I would also like to get a confirmation that we can still use the unlockers we purchased, as I bought quite a few of them during that last rebate sale.
  13. Virj New Member

    So, Bunji, The fact that we cant see the stats on Legendary or better gear, is this something that is going to be addressed as well, or is it by design?
  14. Terrogaunt Developer

    Yes, they will!
  15. Terrogaunt Developer

    I've already put in code to fix this. Just have to wait for it to get to Live

    Edit: in fact, I think it should be there. If it's not, please post a screenshot and point out where the stats are missing

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