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    but zero of them are from you
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    diggin most of your ideas bud. guess there are a few old schoolers left around.
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    --- let's let the Warlock live on in place of the Mage please... Mod Rod --- no thanks.
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    After extensively playing Guild Wars 2, one of my biggest hopes is that Everquest Next makes meaningful world PvP for small groups. GW2 has massive button-smashing as its focus for world PvP--which gets old fast IMHO. You bring a few friends and your merry band of well-coordinated and highly skilled 5 or 6 person team will get crushed by a roving band of 50 lemmings who button-smash their way over everything. In GW2, there isn't really a role for a group of friends to PvP in World PvP.
    Sure, warzone PvP can be fun, but it's simply not as immersive. It's an entirely different animal. EQ2 had by far the best small-group world PvP I've ever seen. In fact, IMHO small-group PvP was what made EQ2 great. You could run with your friends and adventure over exotic lands, complete a few PvE quests and patrol for a good PvP fight all at the same time. A handful of friends on Ventrilo or Teamspeak joking around and chatting while sharing experiences and accomplishments among friends. All the while actively or semi-actively searching for an adrenaline-surging PvP encounter. THAT was fun.
    Warzones simply do not have that ... its more like a game of volleyball--fun but not really exhilarating, suspensefully exciting or wonderment inducing. No real sense of awe or bonding friendships. :(
    The Everquest franchise has always been one of social experience, shared exploration of awe-inspiring places, and a rewarding and energizing sense of community. GW2 is either a canned warzone or a button-smashing zergfest of follow the mob.
    I sincerely hope Everquest Next recaptures the warmth and thrill of small-group world PvP that made EQ2 great.
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    I want to see similar functions that Vanguard has such as auto / manual switching of gear types (crafting, adventuring).
    The harvesting mechanics are nice too (group harvesting, chopping down trees, etc).
    One-world server like Eve Online along with a player-driven economy (which requires you SoE do NOT screw up crafting by putting better items on the Marketplace for SC).
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    Whoa, I'm sorry it's an eye-sore, but plz drag to view clearly 'cause I still don't have an idea how to change background color. Or view the main article via the links below if really interested.

    (edited : http://www.zam.com/story.html?story=30916
    "A powerful wizard's magic can actually burn down forest. You’ll be able to destroy, massive, massive parts of this world, almost all of it."
    "SOE Player Studio we have now is just a beginning."
    " It’s actually what we’ve built, because we’ve got this now. It just isn’t quite at the level where we’re OK [to reveal it to the public]. We have a story that we want to tell for the announcement of it, we want it that you’re seeing every aspect of the gameplay, we’re one aspect short of that until we’re ready to show, so we’re close now."
    "Actually we threw away two designs, not one, I didn’t mention that in the keynote, the way we did that, we realized the first two [versions of EQ Next] were just the same."

    "You mentioned last night that EQ Next will look like nothing we've ever seen. Will EQ Next still have the familiar feel to it that EQ fans are used to? How do you strike the balance between innovation and still staying true to the franchise?

    I also said in there that it will still be very familiar to you, but what I meant by that statement is that we're changing what an MMO is. MMO means something now, and it means the same thing to everybody because it's the same game. EverQuest, WoW, SWTOR all use the same core loot gameplay, which is kill stuff, get reward, get loot, level up. Very few games have broken out of that mold. One or two have.EVE Online is a great example; it's not standard level-based gameplay, although I'm not saying we're going to a big skill-based system. You're still going to recognize the roleplaying game heritage in it. InEverQuest Next, the world itself is a part of the game. What is the world in these other games? It's a simple backdrop. It's nothing. We are changing that greatly. We're changing what AI is in these games to a degree that we're going to bring life to the world. That to us is the essence of the change that we're making."


    "EverQuest Next: The crowd waited in breathless anticipation for Smedley to unveil the news about the next EQ game. Fans expecting new screenshots or even a trailer were met with something quite different.
    ... Crickets chirping.
    Smedley went through some of the teaser images that had been shown previously for the game and said "We blew these up." The team decided to scrap everything they had done, because while the new game would have been "slightly better than what came before," it was in danger of becoming "EverQuest III, not EverQuest Next." He attempted to comfort disappointed fans by informing them that the game is slated to be the largest sandbox MMO ever created and by the next Fan Fair, SOE will have a hands-on demonstration. EQ Next looks to be SOE planting a flag in the ground for its vision of the MMO genre in general.
    ZAM's Editor in Chief, Scott Hawkes, spoke to John Smedley today about EQ Next and its scope is exciting. Smedley talked about how far the sandbox of EQ Next would go, including players being able to destroy large parts of the game's landscape.
    Keep an eye on ZAM for more of that one on one interview direct from SOE Live in Las Vegas."
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    I keep hearing about PvP in EQ Next.
    I really really hope that one isn't required to take part in PvP in order to play EQ Next. And I don't mean like Eve where you can do a few minor things in non-PvP areas but can't really play the game that way.
    Because absolutely nothing will drive me away faster then getting ganked by some exploiting clown against whom I had no chance whatsoever. One time would probably do it.
    It's not like SoE has even a decent record with killing exploits. More like abysmal.
    It's hard to believe that the company which pioneered the PvP switch would go that route, but stranger things have happened.
    Anyway, just wanted to get that comment in the record. It's ok if there's optional PvP, but if it's required -- and I"ll judge whether it's required or not -- them I'm gone.
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    Gilasil wrote:

    Does that mean, separating the PvP servers from PvE servers wasn't enough for you? Or about PvP-exclusive gears and abilities invading PvE servers?
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    Celline-Layonaire wrote:
    It's not obvious they're going to do that. Sure if they did I'd be fine with it.
    This is just a precautionary post. They're obviously doing things very different from what they've done in past games of the franchise. There's been a lot of talk about how great PvP will be, often by devs. I just want it understood that at least some of us don't want any part of it.
    Because by the time they make an official announcement it will be far too late to voice an objection.
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    I love the idea of a skill system applied to combat (and not only to world engagement abilities).
    However: Classes allow for distinct styles of play. Fighters could be more twitchy, priests less twitchy. Battlemages. Teleportation. Glass cannons involve "magic shields" which, when destroyed, leave them vulnerable.
    However: Classes do not need to be developed from the four base archetypes. Interacting with the world uniquely, class by class. Further, each class ought to include a class-specific combat UI -- affecting gameplay at least aesthetically.
    Classes could be built as AA lines in the style of EQ2, SWG, and Rift, with class titles earned as sections of the AA trees are completed.
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    Pretty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pckdo47lr_M

    From another post (for records):

    My resource system I briefly outlined here is an example of 'post/neo-sandpark' gameplay. Themeparks give a world urgency and players goals, and sandboxes give a world freedom and players a sense of value. Imagine the theme-park style of the beautiful new zones (found underwater, and in caves, etc.) set between: semi-automated trade-routes, which must be influenced and protected by players or NPCs (an evolution of the EQ2 merc system); persistent regions between cities, factions, and guilds (PS2); cities, populated by dynamic world-affecting AI; roads to open instances of neighborhoods or guildhalls, including player and guild-built houses and dungeons (SWG, Vanguard, Dragon's Prophet, Dungeon Maker, Player Studio); procedurally-generated dungeons accessed through randomized objects or locations -- sharable with others via the cartography system -- and aesthetically based on the large dungeon of the region (upgraded Dungeon Maker); the fluid animations of DCUO; the strategy of the card games (including diplomacy of VG) translated into direct, animated gameplay; SWG-style crafting; and so on; and I think we the players will have a winning game! I hope this is what we get to see -- the systems have already been developed and implemented (other than the trade-routes and the AI).
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    Two more things:

    • Aesthetically, please consider this combination: Stained glass, aurora, parchment, cathedral, feather, landscapes, wind, ocean, contrasts, storybook.
    • Please allow player-created music to be placed in the SC store for use in player-created dungeons and houses. They can be vetted similarly to Player Studio objects.

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