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    LOL, how petty & condescending brah. ;|

    Lol @ insinuating/asserting that my posts are off-topic when these websites specifically use the "sandbox" term, a focus of the post i respond to regarding substantive content guarantees compared to rumors of contracted companies that specialized in user-content creation tools (said person was responding to THE EXACT TOPIC of the original post ITT)...like...u wot m8?...

    anyways, maybe i can blame Dexella for forcing me to omit the background i originally gave... =X =] heh.
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    @ Seliri - Please stop using that stupid orange to write your posts. It really does hurt the eyes to the extent that I skip them and read all but yours. Re-edit them and change the colour to black, please.
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    and no infinite edit window or post delete-ability... =X yes i blame these as well, for Rotherian's meek misinterpretation... =o

    think of it as SOE's insurance plan against competitors being able to steal their concept source material! :D
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    I'll be far more than disappointed if those races aren't included at launch. I simply won't play the game. Humans and all the absurd, not-humans-but-really-just-humans-with-pointy-ears-or-height-complex, variations that infest every mmo out there are the very definition of boring.

    I'm not a loot-obsessed, competition-hungry, number crunching type player, so for me my character and his appearance is everything. It's the foundation that holds up the rest of the game. If they don't have a race I can enjoy (iksar, kerra, ratonga, etc.) then I simply won't bother.

    Sadly, it seems that it's becoming a trend with mmos lately to offer 2-3 different variations of human, with maybe some dwarves, fruity elves, and other D&D holdovers for good measure, and leave it at that, and that scares me, considering that's how EQ1 launched.
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    I really hope there will be the same races of EQ2,or even more.
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    me too, & ive championed that since 3 yrs ago & had sought the support of hundreds of fellow EQ2ers then, as well! =X
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    I'm sure at least most of the same races will be in... eventually. They need to save some classes/races for expansions and such.
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    That is great, EQ2 should be on more gaming websites so people that don't know about EQ2 have chance to join the epic experience (which i'm trying personally to do).

    for the past many years I have not even known about EQ2 and only found out about it a couple of days ago and really got into it today.

    I think it could do with some more advertising or having it more on mmorpg sites which could help the playerbase,devs,etc.
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    Sarnak, Fae, Freeblood come to mind as being probably locked races.
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    uhm, for some reason...i decided to finish expanding on #14, Terrain, from the LOTPENSAB/30EQ3P (List of Thirty Principles for EverQuest Next to Abide By or 30 EverQuest 3 Principles) -- http://tiny.cc/30eq3p (page 2, post #37 was where i left off last...LOL)

    i guess terrain/zoning/environment can often BE the game...so here's how i feel i would do it right if i was a super neo-bot nine thousand...

    probably should've finished these 3 or so years ago...maybe too late to impact anything if im talking anything new here... O_O''...

    14.) Terrain -
    I. Multiple (MULTIPLE) hidden passages w/ exclusive gameplay features
    a. Simultaneous or singular progression action requirements (SOSPAR!) AND exclusive equipment demands PROMOTE presence in the open world via consistent adventuring & questing.
    II. Roving, more energetic features
    III. Climbing textures that aren't flat (rocky, gangly, angular, jagged, mossy, slippery, etc)
    IV. Regions with an affinity for the 4 aspects of flying/swimming/climbing/digging
    a. Amygdalans and Iksar or Othmir and Froglok living in (all different) underwater cities.
    b. Species like Lizardmen & Ratonga or Werewolves & Wood Elves or Kerra & Kobold would have native regions where a lot of climbing is involved.
    c. Aviak, Harpy, Djinn, Imp, and Arasai or Fae cities would be primarily associated w/ flying.

    In regard to Part 14, Section I (Multiple (MULTIPLE) hidden passages w/ exclusive gameplay features), consider these 14 examples (discluding overrealm, inter-/cross-dimensional, alien concepts ATM...):
    • V. Soaring cliffs w/ etched walkways and circling paths, creeks, and ponds
    a. Manually writing learned glyphs from a "gylph-book" in sand/stone/tree trunks opens up high/low/expansive crawlspaces & tunnels -- these opened paths are either small, or ENTIRELY EXPANSIVE routes/environments -- closes after 5 to 30 second window. (HIGH REUSE in other environments)
    1. Require simultaneous, different, or similar glyph etching by groupmates at different points in a general area. (HIGH REUSE in other environments)
    2. Sometimes combine learned emotes/chants, possibly with simultaneous checks or not (HIGH REUSE in other environments)
    b Catching certain flying NPCs/birds/imps, smashing them against a jagged rock, hiding them in a pot & boiling it, throwing it into a cavernous well with other elixirs/spells as parts of encounters or other, further pathway unlocking. (HIGH REUSE in other environments)
    c. Morphing into beavers/platypus, helping build a dam or sabotage an enemy beaver/platypus dam (expand this for other typical animal types -- dueling rams for a mate, hunting prey as a cougar or killing off a foe's offspring, fertilizing a spawning egg-bed as a male fish, eroding insect pest population as a toad). (HIGH REUSE in other environments)
    d. Elves, Gnolls, Arasai/Fae, Satyr, Othmir, Goblins, Lamia, birds (cliff-dwelling), etc.

    • VI. Winding, expansive mountaineous structure
    a. Climbable, jagged, knobbed/gnarled mountain face features that creak or make noticeably peculiar sounds/radiating energy/poofing crumbly dust...
    1. These could be repeatedly hit, pushed on in a certain direction, or treated to produce botanical growth (higher altitude region progression), augment a quest item, OR eject a Gnomish-tinkered hydraulic piston mountain-face system that ejects/propels you through an otherwise impassable magical waterfall/energy barrier.
    2. Could also drop out an ancient artifact type of rope or ladder that leads into an otherwise fatally deep, dark, noxious mountain abyss (buhu bat guano) -- a 3-4+ hour immunity flag could engulf your party to protect it from the viral/narcotic/pungent fumes in the abyss -- would require refreshing through other deeds in the abyss.
    b. Group-/raid-wide boulder pushing, to crush an enemy faction hut/village/promised child in a manger, and block or lay siege to a passage/dam below.
    c. Certain crops that grow only on mountains, tradeskills, quests, drugs, shipping/trade.
    d. Rugged/delirious mountain men of various species, living off the land, teaching unique hunting/trapping/glyph/chanting skills
    e. Narrow crawl ledges with fatal drop-offs if not aerial-ready
    f. Dwarven/Gnomish mines, some abandoned, dusty, creaky -- some well built, reinforced, mammoths/elephants/explosive teams in use & at work
    1. EXPANSIVE railways -- rogue dwarven sects or industrial/commercial powerhouse companies
    2. Orcs/goblins working to steal/barricade/sabotage dwarven work
    g. Swinging vine systems, wooden plank bridges
    h. Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, Goblins, gigantic cave trolls, Drachnid, Skorpikis, Nayad, Cyclops, Hooluk, Vultak, Aviak, Harpys, Ettin, Burynai, Kobold, Bugbear, Gruengach, fireflies, rams, leopards, etc

    • VII. Grassy, jungle waterfall systems (multi-tier, winding, multi-level caves w/ deep crystal formations and pools)
    a. Gnarled tree root walls, vine systems, entire soggy, leafy debris mulch zones with COMPLETELY hidden/indistinguishable false floors to crystal caves
    b. Maze style, dense grasses, bushes, trees, & exotic flowers -- hackable, but regrows
    c. Many isolated tribes with varying rituals, can teach glyph/chants for glyph-book & chant-book
    1. Options to educate, tolerate, enslave/sell them
    d. 3 magically glowing, energized stalactites/stalagmites would require certain magic types of damage, to be destroyed at simultaneous times
    1. stalactice annihilation could require a flying mount, or a tinkered buggy optimize for flight
    e. 3 crystals w/ percolating auras would need to be dragged, pushed, or dropped off of ledges at simultaneous times
    1. 2 would require being "clicked" into a proper place, the 3rd would require being pushed off a ledge into a caustic chemical pool (which could be explored on its own into a further dungeon segment, though it would damage players over time
    2. the chemical pool would shoot out extremely explosive energy when the sequence was complete, killing everyone in said chemical pool/chemical tunnel system
    f. stalactice/stalagmite destruction would need synchronization with movable crystal placements within 3-8 seconds
    1. stalactice/stalagmite and movable crystal count could be increased for scaling difficulty for raids
    g. once finished, group members would all levitate, glowing w/ a bright green energy as they all slammed together, at which point such dense green crystal energy would slam into a corner of the wall
    1. player feet, or mount feet/buggy wheels, would be emanating w/ green resonating crystals that allowed them to walk on the ceiling
    2. certain holes in the ceiling would transform group members into green energy, to be ported up to a higher echelon of the crystal dungeon
    h. Exotic/rare harvestable tradeskill mineral/drilling/shrub/fungus deposits
    i. Hua Mein, Ravasect, Skorpikis, Bixie, boar, spider, scorpion, frogs, ants, fish, alligator, variety of all insects, etc

    • VIII. Living swamps w/ interactive aspects like triggerable, transporting sinkholes, quicksand, or ghastly, noxious mist
    a. Special "rubber-like" WADING/wader swamp PANTS and BOOTS required in some areas -- walking in sludge/mud up to your chest/thighs.
    b. Specific walking paths TRIGGER quicksand/sinkhole cones/portals -- breathing apparatus required for safe passage to avoid death -- they lead to bacteria/plague/corpse-ridden/mutated/stinky/soupy troll/basilisk, rabid noxious magic sloth lairs revealed.
    c. Dying imp tribes could live in soaring "redwood"/"baobab"-like trees above the swamps -- expiring ritual shamans walk these swamp paths in their last days, & their steps have to be observed/recorded/duplicated as they seek to "pass to the other side" -- this could involve much superstition about imp beliefs on "passing to the other side".
    d. Hippo/capybara/drachnid people could be secret masters of the realm beneath the swamps -- they hate the imps & are elitist, royal.
    e. Various cabin/fortress types with either lost/frantic/panicked journeymen or advanced, entrenched cartels running secret black market drug/alcohol/trafficking rings.
    f. Rare harvestable fungus type crops plantable, more plentiful, maybe only found in such regions
    g. Fungusmen, Imps, Drachnid, hippos, capybara, Werewolves, Shadowmen, Lich, Orcs, sludge creeps, etc.
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    • IX. Complex underwater systems (tangling aquatic tunnels w/ multiple, secret clandestine passages)
    a. Could require multiple, high submarine-/tinkered buggy-count expeditions (buggies augmented for swimming, mini-subs)
    b. Area progression could require buggy/submarine sacrifice as a large, circular, inward spiraling ocean vault from an ancient sea people
    1. it flashes open with only enough space for 1 ship after drilling a certain area of ocean or ramming a certain area of sea-wall/coral as a collective naval brigade (reduced party-size demands would be available elsewhere or dynamically aware of smaller encounter size content)
    2. Ancient vault technology is overworked from being clogged by a buggy-sub or full sub -- 3-12 other circular, inward spiraling ocean vaults explode open violently -- inhabitants of the lost ship(s) could bail out & hitch a ride with others -- ship is lost/crushed & opened vaults close after 5-30 seconds
    c. Herding walrus/whales/dolphins for othmir, unlocks whirlpool device that propels you/your party/ships/subs into the bathypelagic/abyssopelagic/hadalpelagic/benthic/demersal ocean zone ( http://seasky.org/deep-sea/assets/images/ocean-layers-diagram.jpg , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pelagic_zone ) -- you/your party/ships are augmented with a pressure protectant spell
    d. Travel in the pelagic zones could further require harvesting/herding colossal/giant squid/octopus, whales, sea lampreys (yikes!), snakehead fish (invasive), viperfish, flashlight fish, humpback anglerfish, telescopefish, giant grenadier fish, ctenophora, jellyfish (invasive), siphonophorae, chaetognatha, salp -- could be for trafficking (corrupt aquarium tenants/fisheries [may plant invasive jellyfish/snakehead-like fish in competitors' seas/rivers], faction study of bioluminescence/photophores/chromatophores/iridophores/leucophores (camouflage/chameleon receptors in squid/octopi) -- could create radiant/radioactive plants/elixirs from quests on the study of these & other elements/minerals ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Glowing_tobacco_plant.jpg )
    e. Could harvest guyot (underwater volcano) fumes/bacteria/heat vents for city factions/commerce
    f. Plow/chisel attachments for subs/mini-subs (retrofitted tinkered buggies), to etch glyphs in the sea floor/coral as boss/encounter triggers or passage opening
    1. Drilling/towing attachments as well, for moving/excavating large stones to move or oil/gas
    g. Pollution via red/brown sea algae (supposedly via rise of contamination from sentient beings or global temperature increase)/oil spills, changes sea color/trade health
    h. Underwater temples, pyramids, alien UFO bases (n_n)
    1. Gylph/block movement, relic placement/insertion/orientation, plurally simultaneous actions required or not
    i. Amygdalan, Lizardmen, Iksar, Froglok, Othmir

    • X. Magmatic terrain
    a. Descending inside volcano mountain openings or scarred, ruptured, shifted, gaping earth
    b. Special tools required for crumbly climb sections
    c. Swimming in magma (special suit required), within the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th levels, would be vibrantly charged, violent supercrystals
    1. difficulty could vary relative to the number of supercrystals destroyed simultaneously (tunnel levels/supercrystals could be increased to a count of 12-24 for raid content)
    2. difficulty would reset after 3 hrs, with a targetable, unattackable, LVL 100, roaming, airy elemental (NPC evaluation specifying heroic, x2, x4, etc)
    3. a quest-obtained item could allow you to telepathically communicate to the elemental on the current phase of volcanism & its remaining duration (difficulty)
    d. Simultaneously destroying these within 3-8 seconds of one another would cause the pool of lava to drain through lava-carved tunnels within the walls
    e. Players would have 20-40 seconds to swim from the supercrystal remnants to the EXACT area that the drained lava would be forcefully excreted from said lava-carved wall tunnels
    f. High pressure lava release would transform your group into a gaseous mist form, where a floating, air-based echelon of elementals and complex nameds would await engagement.
    g. After 45 seconds, the multi-tiered lava pit would've refilled, and the vibrantly charged, violent supercrystals would've re-energized
    h. Nightblood, Kobold, Vampires, Droag, Orcs, Shadowmen, Sirens, wyvern, etc.

    • XI. Frosty terrain
    a. Igloo building, ceremonial ice sculpture carving/reinforcing, ice mazes w/ ARDUOUSLY, strenuously destroyable, replenishing walls
    b. Special suits required for freezing temperature dives
    c. Ice fishing of various species, lure/hole types (req. different, intermittent or constant management -- 1-2+ ppl effort)
    d. Dog-sledding
    e. Ice mermaids trapped through progressive layers of frozen, underwater chamber systems (simultaneous or singular actions req. for breakthrough -- use of electrically charged lubrication fields in concert with blunt force initially, & then progressive drill types)
    f. Ice giant/yheti factions responsible for entrapping ice mermaids -- looking to farm them as domesticated animals
    g. Sirens watch over the land & lure journeyman to swim out to an isolated, monolithic ice island fortress kingdom of a rumored million of the most beautiful, elegant sirens
    1. Completion of EXTENSIVE heritage quest here increases outright resist rate to crowd control effects by 10% & decreases their resistability by 10%
    2. Rare recipes for all tradeskills found here as well
    3. Prisons use eye biometrics, stealth/invisible watchers, hypnotized moppets (player-controlled) walking specific paths, using particular chants/glyphs from a glyph-book & chant-book, & patching tapestries in certain ways
    4. Prisoners of all faction types tell secrets of mystic moppet that will repeatedly ordain specific mythicals to EITHER activate set bonuses, or have proc rates & power function at 100% instead of 50%
    h. Sirens lure journeyman to climb daunting ice mountains/slopes to prove themselves
    1. Avalanches, ice caves with frigid streams
    2. Special suit & tools required for journey
    i. Special provisions only found here (fish, lobster, crabs, scallops, crayfish/shrimp)
    j. Ice giants, yhetis, sirens, ice mermaids, ice maidens, narwhal, walrus, whale, polar bears, foxes, dogs, birds, leopards, wyvern, basilisk, squid, fish, lobster, crabs, scallops, crayfish/shrimp

    • XII. Desert - sandy dune; cactus/gravel w/ dried out washes & minor streams; dried salt or lakebed w/ windworn arches/cliffs; dry-dusty/sparsely vegated (wild kangaroo/sheep)
    a. Oasis palaces
    b. Native tribal stone temples & huts (populated)
    c. Dwarven/Gnomish/Amygdalan salt mining operations
    d. Monasteries/monk temples -- chant-book/glyph-book learning
    e. Saguaro of monolithic proportions -- carved out/inhabited by Aviak/Hooluk/Vultak
    1. Heritage quests to help excavate new monolithic saguaro for new aviak/hooluk/vultak settlements
    2. Domesticated, living baby saguaro pets die & are planted to become monolithic saguaro
    3. Heritage quest to find rare, radiating convent of baby saguaro plantation ran by an immortal, ancient, living tree
    4. Mythical set bonuses activated & procs triggered to work at 100% instead of 50% via weekly mucous coatings/marmalade fruit curing/incantations from radiating baby saguaro
    f. Tombs
    g. Abandoned/haunted/ancient pyramids & abadoned/ancient, ornate temples
    h. Deserted camps w/ massacred travelers, lone bands of survivors
    i. Pitch black desert caves w/ sacrificial pits & remnants of multiple, decaying/decomposing adventurers -- maps, diaries, journals, academic books, tools, & machines glimmering with neon blood, tracks about
    1. chupacabras are babies of a malevolent desert dragon
    j. Dwarves, Gnomes, Kerra, Amygdalan, Aviak, Hooluk, Vultak, mummies, living saguaro, sabertooth, harpies, pagans, etc
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    • XIII. Giant sky-bursting vegetable/vegetation w/ echelons of a multi-faceted, cloudy atmosphere
    a. Plant/water/monitor/fertilize different seed types WITHIN SPECIFIC AREAS (discolorations, lumps, male-female plant nodes) OF gigantic bean stalks over a period of 10, 20, 30, or 60 minutes to unlock particular bean-stalk growth to a far higher echelon (foliage fortresses or cloud castles) (simultaneous or singular action)
    b. Foliage fortresses vary from germinating, budding, blooming, flowery, & ripe, & to spiked, gnarled, diseased, sap-bleeding, & decomposing vegetation
    c. Cloud castles vary from cheery brownies, carebears, griffons, & unicorns to cannibalistic, slave-tending, livestock-raising giants, trolls, & witches
    d. Carebears are ruled by an evil, abusive, sadistic sect of carebears who dictate that the rest of the slave carebears must always show optimism & cheer to match the grace of the majestic unicorns, despite the fact that they sell carebear babies to witches & trolls for abuse & stew
    e. Portable land/wall-crawler automatic hammer & vacuum machines used to place/navigate outer brick perimeters of cloud castles (simultaneous or singular party actions required)
    f. Portable land/wall-crawler chainsaw & growth spurt fertilizer used to navigate foliage fortresses (simultaneous or singular party actions required)
    g. Witches/trolls/giants use invis/stealth in their carebear jails, hidden/rotating ambush trap doors, multiple locking chambers & makeshift maiming devices & DECOYS
    1. WTG prisons utilize weight (building/moving/pushing/dragging statue replicas), hair biometrics, or carebear limb (abduct & maim an evil carebear) unlocking mechanisms
    2. Mythical gear set bonuses, or certain procs, could require weekly imbuing from imprisoned, humbly sorrowing carebears in their highest state of being, in order to remain activated or at 100% proc effectiveness compared to 50%
    h. Unicorn tribes overlook upper echelon of clouds, blessing the crops of Norrath, meditating, & praying that the suffering are given mercy
    1. Periodically born in batches from a diety's blessed energy food
    2. Could be sent as unicorn missionaries for mount types of a specific diety faction
    i. carnivorous plants (many offshoots), carebears, wicked carebears, unicorns, brownies, griffons, unicorns, bixie, ravasect, trolls, giants, witches, etc.

    • XIV. Manufacturing plants of various sorts (think ultra dynamic)
    a. Robotics, gears, cogs, pistons, hydraulics, portable motors, GIGANTIC motors, steam, wind, hydro-electric, nuclear-comparable or greater, gas, furnace, batteries, electricity, magnetism/magnets, momentum, conveyor belts, rails/tracks, sanders/polishers, tumblers, extruders, optical scanners (various wavelengths), acoustics (VARIOUS frequencies), welding, poorly or efficiently optimized residential/commercial/industrial-scale machines (over-complicated, "Rube Goldberg"-ish, broken, or highly efficacious/simple)
    b. To progress to different factory regions...:
    1. Simultaneously or singularly wrap coils &/or drag tension cords
    2. Sink/raise/move/transport/protect metals/frames for electrolytic galvanization
    3. Collect/assemble fractured mineral glass encasings like a puzzle, for air burst/electromagnetic/acoustic experiments
    4. Kill & gather electric/radioactive mob types into bio-electric wombs, coffins, furnaces, ethereal harvesters (simultaneous or singular action)
    5. MANUALLY assemble mega-bots from MANUALLY shaped/adjusted 10, 20, or 30 other smaller robots (simultaneous or singular action)
    6. Electrically charge OR discharge yourself/party for specific "conductivity" events/needs (simultaneous or singular action)
    7. Find/adjust toolheads for various tasks on a pet or ceiling-/floor-/wall-tracked robot (simultaneous or singular action)
    8. Pour variable chemical concentrations into vats or add different living creatures or harvested raws or tradeskill components (simultaneous or singular action)
    9. Orient/direct/enable/disable material ducts/crushers at specific times (visual/audio/text/NPC movement/appearance cues) (simultaneous or singular action)
    c. Trap doors, control/diagnostic/surveillance rooms, elevators, winding stairways
    d. Lamp-hats sometimes required (pitch black factories, poorly or well-lit -- flickering...moments of pure darkness)
    e. Narrow crawl ledges with fatal drop-offs
    f. Bio-mechanical/Organic alternatives to Mechanical-centered factory types
    1. Genetic experimentation/capsules/creature farms
    g. Gnomes

    • XV. Inside EXTREMELY MASSIVE beasts (entered through nostril, ear, or eye's tear cavity)
    a. Drop discovered/tradeskilled acids/elixirs/potions, scrape/etch glyphs, or use chants in innard acid pools to augment visible optical wavelengths, antibody presence, or acid levels.
    b. Capture a mix of behemoth antibodies for concentrated release/faction study
    c. Special suits for swimming in acid pool digestive tracts -- hernia or tumor defects to LET the SUIT REST from COMPLETE degradation.
    d. Poison the behemoths with injection of virii, pathogens, disease, or incubating/larval insects/pests (simultaneous or singular action)
    e. Heal the beasts with periodic distribution of bio-mechanical timed release enzymes, proteins, or incubating/larval insects/bacteria (simultaneous or singular)
    f. Collect different organ samples for item enchantment/modification/faction study
    g. Tradeskill type of enzyme only found in behemoths for a moment after a stage progression in the region -- requires immediate interaction on-scene, some may be harvestable for in-city tradeskill/craft station use
    • XVI. Roving, dense, thick forests
    a. Ancient, immortal living tree people of 10-23+ types (kapok, dracaena draco, baobab, kauri, redwood, sequoia, pine, beech, mesquite, palo verde, palm, acacia, cedar, banyan, spruce, yew, oak, chestnut, plane, hawthorn, poplar, eucalyptus, cypress, etc... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_trees )
    b. Immortal & mortal elves vying for power/blessings/allegiance of living tree people factions
    c. Rumors of elixir of life that tree people know of -- remains an unknown for an ambiguous period of time...
    d. All factions sending clandestine emmissaries/moles/spies (save a number of meek & humble factions)
    e. Trees being uprooted by malicious factions, shipped & tortured -- sent to bottom of oceans, thrown into magma pits, diseased/poisoned -- immortal, but capable of experiencing excruciating torment
    f. Small sect of frightened ancient trees being persuaded to release info & drop names on particular passcodes/rituals/glyphs/chants (simultaneous or singular action reqs) to perform to extract augment types from other ancient trees
    1. enchanted/blessed/imbued leaves/sap/veins/roots/seeds/waste water & gas/eyeballs/tongues/ears
    g. Canopy-dwelling glider monkies, glider squirrels, glider bats, glider frogs, sloths
    h. Underwater/submerged & regular tunnel systems (expansive
    1. Press gushy moss wall portions in particular order (simultaneous or singular action req.) to advance in some areas
    i. Elves, orcs, everything, etc

    • XVII. Grassy, rolling plains
    a. TALL, 5-30 foot high fields of various weeds/wheat/barley/oat/sunflower/grass/corn/pumpkin/watermelon/potatos ALL TYPES of vegetables/fruit/harvestable nuts
    b. Different racial cities guard crop secrets for varying staple crops
    c. HEAVY traffick on caravan highways -- soldiers/guards, peasants/vagabonds/gypsies, expansive tent markets/towns, crime, corrupt deals, bureaucratic bribes, slave/drug trade, genocide & cover-ups
    d. Farm protectors/scarecrows
    e. Agricultural/irrigation equipment & systems
    1. blacksmiths, metal fabricator stations
    f. domesticated animal herds, farmers, wolves, bears, foxes, raccoons, actually deranged bestial abusers (LOL)
    g. badger/star-nosed badger/other digging animal dens (giant arachnids, rats, insects, etc)

    • XVIII. Monolithic churches/temples
    a. Multi-story, pillars, curtained paths, relic/weapon/gadget placement/insertion/orientation (simultaneous or singular actions required for passage unlock)
    1. Pyramidic, Gothic, Orthodox, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, tribal stone, & modest styles would be acceptable!
    b. Ornate, articulated, gothic styling/sculptures/stained glass/paintings/murals
    c. Incognito infiltration
    1. Replicating ritual marching/walking/acting patterns
    2. Access to winding, underground, far-reaching transit tunnels -- basic resource connections
    3. Sacrificial ceremonies, unblemished young, rival prisoners, specific, rare animals
    4. Abstaining from in-game narcotics/drugs
    5. Uniform robes/cloaks/flails/whips/scrolls/tassles/gems
    d. Learning specific chants for a "chant-book"
    1. Think 300 AD/4th century "Byzantine/Gregorian Chants" -- exalted/esoteric/austere/ceremonial vibes
    e. Gaining understanding of glyphs for the "glyph-book"

    (P.S. Totally gonna get back to this...soon™)

    - E D I T E D: 06-20-2013 -
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    would add "b" to #14 Terrain Section I

    buhu needless 35 minute edit window
  16. Seliri Well-Known Member

    would add "h, h1, h2" to #14 Terrain Section XVII. Grassy, rolling plains

    would add "a3, a4" to #14 Terrain Section VI Winding, expansive mountainous structure

    fuuu imagination go away n_n''...

    would change #14 Terrain Section VII. Grassy, jungle waterfall systems (multi-tier, winding, multi-level caves w/ deep crystal formations and pools) to:
    e, f, g were a confusing different point label for the same concept, & d wasn't properly labeled
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  18. Kilar Active Member

    I just hope that EQNext will run on XP OPS. The recent game Dragon's Prophet, does not and I got an invite to Beta that, lol.
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