EQ2Next Wins MMORPG.com Best of Show E3

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    Amazing stuff!

    Bill Murphy the head editor at MMORPG.com also comments that we're all going to poop ourselves when we see whats in store although he cant reveal anything more.

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  2. Taysa Well-Known Member

    I mean....grats to SoE & EQN? But what happened to waiting for the big reveal at SoE Live to share with the fans? Might as well have shown it at E3 if they are going to give the press sneak peaks.
  3. Seliri Well-Known Member

    also, having a low-tier PvP range with no full see invisibility or see stealth totems would be appreciable...

    that used to be level locking at 15 in EQ2, to avoid LVL 20s who could use those totems, when the PvP LVL range was 4 LVLs.
  4. Seliri Well-Known Member

    mmmm & I will also amend a mistaken, contradictive item of advocacy, seeing as I've suggested cities focused around flying for the flying races...

    ...PvP servers should allow flying, oops! albeit, ABSOLUTELY limited to the runspeed of ground mounts.

    and yes, ABSOLUTELY *NO* leapers or gliders on PvP servers...they favor evasion/encounter avoidance & burst DPS classes far too much.

    But, engaging in PvP should trigger an automatic slow-fall (unlike the automatic death-drop fall in EQ2 PvP atm)...

    ...otherwise, kiting classes like rangers & mages are at a wrongful advantage over other classes who may need terrain to wager an even footing.

    I used to support PvP while flying, but, even if knockbacks worked, the extra 270 or however many degrees of spatial movement would just be too much to counteract in reality.
  5. Seliri Well-Known Member

    hmm...fished out some old tidbits i didnt have in the 30EQ3P from another archived thread


    would go along with the #13 City/#29 Faction additions i laid out in page 4 of the http://tiny.cc/30EQ3P linked in my sig & above & everywhere ;p

    page 2 in the http://tiny.cc/30EQ3P also has inclusions to #14 Terrain & #26 Tradeskills VI. Tinkering.

    aaaand i think i mentioned "avatar relative" camera control earlier...actually meant..."view relative"...
  6. Seliri Well-Known Member

    Lold @ this from 3.5 yrs ago ;p

    they're honestly only okay in my eyes if they get SOE staff approval for EXTREMELY HIGH QUALITY renditions... ;|

    tends to bog down a game with a shoddy feel if the crap-gates get opened too readily... x_x''...
  7. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    1) personally, when playing a game with UGC in it I don't expect 20~90% of all player created contents to be having great quality. + we at least get rating system and the likes...to steer clear of bad contents ;)

    2) I don't think they've said anything like, "we as a company won't create any contents for eqnext, 'cause this game is about 100% sandbox and ugc"

    3) but ya, hope eqnext's editor got some mechanics to prevent 'absolutely ridiculous looking contents' from happening
  8. Jolemai Active Member

    This thread hurts my eyes.
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  9. Chocoholic Active Member

    Yeah :D I just ... don't know

    I'm with you here. I have tried several games with the different UI - not sure what it's called - where any time you move your mouse the view swings (grrrr), mouse buttons are combat skills only, no mouse pointer (unless you press a key to pause your character and access menus, etc.), keys only for skills (no clicking hotbars) - have made myself learn to play that way and tried to get used to it. Finally realized - I just don't enjoy playing that way. So I'm waiting to see what direction they've chosen for EQN.
  10. Seliri Well-Known Member

  11. Seliri Well-Known Member

    hum...this is a letdown... ;|




    Just gonna say again that the name "EverQuest" STILL reeks of uber-hermit nerdgasms...it's not a title that many, or a lot of people, will happily confess to others as something that they enjoy or play as a hobby...& no, I'm not joking...that's just the truth! =X

    See: multiple documentaries/editorials/blogs/help groups on compromised livelihoods due to gamer addictions...featuring EQ1...

    Consider the post right above, post #11...for 3 sound options.

    No, it honestly wouldn't matter if you listened to 1 of your 7-year-plus veterans w/ 15-17+ years of 70+ video game experience...& just named the game "Norrath"... o_O

    The thing is, I have friends who've played crap like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Runescape, & Ultima Online...but they honestly don't like EQ2...because its name sounds too nerdy...I mean, maybe I misinterpreted their disconcerted sentiments but...yeah...I still feel it does sound too fringe, myself.

    I personally don't think I'd tell a babe I was "courting" that I've played EQ2 unless it was obvious that she was an open video gamer herself.

    Obviously there's the "LeRLZ y do u sit on ur butt & play viddr gamez in an imaginary werld dat meAnz nutting?" crowd...&..."EverQuest"...just RADIATES the dress up your dolly for jumping over a fence impressions...

    ...it's like being in-game & seeing somebody named "WraithJeb" or "Strikerassault" or "WarloxhXc"...you can't sell the angle of, "It's a community where you can relax with friends & consider...'What if there actually WAS magic, genies, bipedal avians, goblins, orcs, & dragons?'"

    My feelings are...life is a game of sales & first impressions, beyond the natural division of basic demographics & congenital/innate inclinations...
  12. Seliri Well-Known Member

    LOL...the main idea catalyzing my last post, which I forgot in the course of my last post, was...


    I will wager a guarantee that "Norrath" will, BY FAR, be preferred over "EverQuest Next"... ;|
  13. Seliri Well-Known Member

    ...yooo lets chill with the over-moderation...all of these points ARE relative to EQ3...

    ...unless I am told these posts are specifically being retained for review by SOE devs/producers/designers, I'm going to repost them...

    I've read Smokejumper say, "To be honest, it was more like 'this is a once in a lifetime chance...let's nail it.'" on his Twitter last Monday.

    If you think about it..."EverQuest", as a name, just doesn't & hasn't appealed to people in that..."ERMAHGERD LETz DIGEST THIS MAINSTREAM MEDIA" sort of way...

    Trying something "new" here could, you know...be that one shot.

    Also...hope there are some hardcore priestly/monastic factions in EQ3...love the feelings of devotion, austerity, temperance, & mastery of will I get when listening to Byzantine Chants...was baptized Greek Orthodox myself but am non-denominational...

    ...phuuuurk what a good angle to have in gaming AI (artificial intelligence)...way too many conspiratorial angles to take with that in a game. =X

    brb talking of moderation yet looking at my avatar & thinking, "Dang...wish we could have custom avatars still..." ;|

    *hug biuriful Gnome Seleru*

    http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/5413/awesomeor.png <- from #21 User Interface in the http://tiny.cc/30EQ3P

    *shoot biuriful Gnome Seleru so he dies, that righteous abstinence might be had*


    Bad self! ;'{

    13 Reformed SOE Forums Complications (list by me) -
    Hope increased post character limit, infinite edit windows, post deletion, custom avatars, & 50 posts per page somehow come back for EQ3 forums... ;|

    You know, I heard on NPR the other day that Facebook is like the 3rd biggest nation yet has no constitution from this author Lori B. Andrews ("I Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did: Social Networks and the Death of Privacy") and it has just astonished me for the longest while how crude & poor Facebook & YouTube are at offering a community feedback hub, as well as user choice.

    Just thinking, "shucks"...when there's no place to voice/rally support for cleaner implementation or procedure... n_n''...

    Food for thought...

    "Facebook earned $1.9 billion in advertising revenue in 2010, and another 4200 million from revenue-sharing agreements with applications that run on the site (eg. games). Its 2010 Internet ad revenues exceeded those of newspapers by 2010 - 63% of advertising agencies report targeted ads (per online behavior) have increased their revenues. Facebook, however, makes up only 14.6% of the behavioral advertising market."

    from a review of the aforementioned book on Amazon...:
  14. Seliri Well-Known Member

    reposted due to accidental over-moderation... ;p

    please leave this commentary as it's integral to the topic at hand, thanks... =|

    ...(was originally post #3 & #11 ITT)...

    Also...please remove edit timers IN ALL FORUM SECTIONS, as critical, cohesive, & exhaustive feedback requires deliberation over a period of time, that of which can result in minor editorial/conceptual missteps which call for redress...

    Thanks again. n_n''...

    I think it will be a grave flop if the crux of content is to be player-driven.

    With how weakly users can optimize an environment compared to developers regarding NPCs, NPC AI, encounter scripts relative to environment, placement, percentage, actions, timers, we'll see that if SOE >>AT ALL<< pushes user-generated content without THOROUGH, METICULOUS, FULLY-FEATURED options in such an arena, it will be a laughable joke.

    The itemization needs to be there in every tier, for each respective content type (Mastercrafted, solo quested, public quest, group quested, instanced, contested farming, battlegrounds, advanced instance, contested PvP, advanced contested farming, raiding, advanced raiding [with raiding options starting at half-way to top tier, advanced raiding for top-tier only & beyond] -- 13 types), with PvE & PvP incentives to level lock in every tier (again, reward/ladder systems such as best in slot on all characters for best performance in a particular content type IN A PARTICULAR TIER).

    ALL procs should be global -- the only PvE/PvP-specific modifier should be for reducing raid-gear stats in PvP to be less than contested PvP gear stats.

    The proper PvP rulesets need to be there:
    2.) No EXCESSIVE mount runspeed, LEAPERS, OR GLIDERS on PvP servers (fliers auto-slow fall after hit -- LIMITED ALTITUDE)
    3.) No immunity in newbie zones
    4.) Low tier LVL locking where not everyone can use see invisibility/see stealth totems (T2, LVL 15, 4 LVL PvP range below 50 or so)
    5.) Full crowd control assets including charm
    6.) 30 sec zoning immunity
    7.) REDUCED AMOUNT of porting items/world travel options (NO guild strategist for PvP servers), timers on CONTESTED world travel options
    8.) No body drop tokens (encounter-rewarded quests for tokens are fine...) -- min/maxing favors individual classes or battlegrounds if contested options are constrained (but again, NO BGs on PvP servers!)
    9.) +/- 1 PvP rank range vanity titles for promoting notoriety/infamy/fame, rivalry, & cyclical longevity.

    The infrastructure for PvP NEEDS TO BE DIFFERENT because you obviously have to reward advanced relationship/reputation building & an eager desire to have a presence in the open world.


    Going by SOE's lackadaisical attitude with everything in EQ2 from PvP, the dungeon maker, dungeon finder, battlegrounds, the arena, public quests, warfields, base-class INSTEAD OF sub-class gear sets, wrongful stat simplification erasing base statistics' universal, unique modifiers, wrongful spell/combat art name simplification, dated/useless AAs, & a lack of solid signature/heritage quest lines with unique or random puzzles, the wrongful return of mercenaries (13 items), worry is well-founded.

    And...people DO NOT FORGET the perceived mega blunders by SOE in Star Wars Galaxy (SWG) & EQ1. ;|

    I DEFINITELY feel the temptation is too great for out of touch devs/designers/producers to try & short-sell some pathetic gimmick that gives "ERMAHGERdZ WE SPESHUL NOW" feels, despite lacking mountains & droves of substance.

    A reduction in classes or races will also be a steep downgrade to me & the assured variety of encounters. And on-the-fly adjustments one would have to make relative to that are what originally sold me on making EverQuest II my first MMO.

    Earlier rumors of reduced classes is assuredly a negative boon to the ear of myself & others.

    It is a truth that AA-varietized classes are often left weak, under-utilized, or dependent on half specs (therein not an actual, fully functional, independent class), with FOTM (flavor of the month) specs absolutely dominating -- & this is something we undoubtedly we see in cases such as Rift: Planes of Telara.

    Global cooldown timers are a no (i.e. EQ2's "RECOVERY" speed is nearly ALWAYS in milliseconds...in other MMOs it can be 1-1.5 seconds or so).

    Low spell/combat art selection is also a no.

    No world chat channels is a no.

    An ABSENCE of VIEW relative camera movement is a no (holding LMB & instantly changing heading with W-A-S-D).

    NO MERCENARIES, PERIOD -- EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously, the game name should also be something that DOES NOT reek uber-immense, hermit nerdgasms...

    ...a plain "Norrath" or an "edgy" "Norrath by Noir"/"Norrath's Nerve" will be called for to market the game to a wider audience...

    And lets not forget that deities & heroic opportunities should be kept relevant, fresh, & new... =X

    The odds are against them to do it right, because sound game design takes adroit mastery & receptivity to preserving choice & the exclusivity of player accomplishment.




    Also, a "taboo" tip that should actually be taught to newbies, is to ACTUALLY USE "/ all # #" ("/who all LVLRANGE1 LVLRANGE2") to find random people to PRIVATE MESSAGE...TO GROUP...UP...for group content, or even raids.

    It AMAZES ME how long people will broadcast "LFG" "LFG" "LFG" "LFG" when proper initiative can be taken to find the right people for a group...

    My strategy for filling PvP hunting/dungeon/easy raid content groups in the past has been...send tells to randoms saying, "hey wanna come help with XYZ?" -- send a group invite right after -- let them decline/leave after if they've not favor.

    I've never gotten hate messages from that strategy, people just go their way if they're not interested! =X

    So, in correlation with that, I still think there should be no "/anonymous" tags except for guild/faction alliances...

    I'm sure platinum selling spammers could be flagged for the similar nature of their messages.
  15. Seliri Well-Known Member

    Speaking of F2P (free to play), EQ2's model would be okay...but if PlanetSide 2's is chosen...woe be unto them! ;|

    Swore I typed that already...must've been censored... =[
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  17. Deniz87 New Member

    I wonder when EQN will be released
  18. Ucala01 Member

    info would be released with a date I would assume August 2nd at Fan Faire. but my guess would be the ending of 2013 or beginning of 2014.
    but now comes the big over hype of it since it seems to be very good in these big contests. I just hope it lives up to the challenge.
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    Glad to see another post in this thread (after the first two) that actually relates to EQNext being the best thing at E3. (For those that didn't realize it, that is actually the subject of the thread.) o_O

    Too bad they can't reveal anything till August. Guess I'll have to wait till then to find out what their ultimate plans are for EQNext.
  20. Cube Active Member

    If the game does not have ratongas and all the other animal races and more of them then I will still be disappointed in the game and the fact I have to be another boring human in a mmo again. no matter how good it is.

    is foreverquest the duke nukem forever MMO is it coming out after 12 years?
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