EQ2 U question - AA exploration

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Grandavi, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Grandavi Active Member

    Wondering if there is a current thread somewhere that would list good AA examples for classes that can be examined.

    For the most part AA's are kinda straight forward once you're maxed, but I have found that rooting around on EQ2u I have found different variations that I have tried with good results. However... it's hard to tell if any of them are "current" and I haven't mastered the reasoning behind them.

    I do realise there are different setups... such as: Solo, Group, Raid, Crafting, Harvesting, Refining, etc... but the thing that trips me up is when levelling the AA's need to be distributed in a way that maximizes application based on character. So, I have found that, while I thought I was effective, I actually was only partially effective. I'm guessing that most players ignore their AA's until they reach at least lvl 100 and just use the "basic" setups.

    Ultimately, I am trying to get my Wizzie, Paladin (ugh?), Troubie and Beastlord up to snuff. End goal is to actually be able to perform in a Raid properly.

    Miss the old days when the choices were smaller, the challenges were immensely harder and strategy was far more important then speed. (of course... I don't miss those hugely long setups accumulating all the players and the very extensive time involvement...)

    Probably just whistling in the wind... but thought I would ask if anyone could point me to some really good character setups that I can view to aid in my lurnin'
  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    When I'm looking for an AA spec for comparison, I'll generally hit EQ2Wire and scan Guilds that raid and are at a certain level. I'll then look at their guild roster and check for class I'm interested in. I'll then look at the status level (inactive or seldom played characters simply won't have a lot of status). After that screening, I'll start diving into the character's various AA setups and see if there's one that interests me. Be aware that many top players hide their specs. Given the finite value/complexity of current AA specs, I doubt this is due to a "top secret" spec as much as it might be attributed to hiding gear or other items they don't want seen. Other than that, I also look at top guilds that don't necessarily raid, but house solid players that might be part of an alliance. Again, you may see hidden AA specs. Just keep moving on till you find something you like.
  3. zzmax929 Member

    i would recommend going to EQ2U character search and using the advanced search by class and then filter it to toons over 300k potency. That may not give you the best spec you're looking for but at least they will be characters that are generally being played that you can check out.