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    A collection has been added to EQ2 data to handle the Marketplace: marketplace_data.

    The query result is a list of itemIDs with marketplace data. There is no separate category tree. You must read the entire marketplace_item collection and work out all the categories and their parent-child relationships programmatically.

    You may get a count of Marketplace items:

    <marketplace_item_list count="1809"/>

    Here's an example marketplace_item:

    <marketplace_item alt_currency_cost="4" alt_currency_id="379866960" category="Housing.Furnishings.Matching Furniture.Refined Dark Wood|Housing.Furnishings.Chairs.Stools" cost="35" cost_override_text="" flags="0" house_guid="0" id="2469009756" last_update="1370502334.810351" max_quantity="0" merchant_category="" normal_cost="50" rebate="0" ts="1370502334.810351">
    <is_featured value="0"/>
    <is_new value="0"/>
    <is_cannot_gift value="0"/>
    <is_login value="0"/>
    <is_consumable value="0"/>
    <is_otw value="0"/>
    <is_playerstudio value="0"/>
    <is_recurring value="0"/>
    <is_pon value="0"/>
    <is_hot value="0"/>

    The id of 2469009756 is an itemid representing the item Red Velvet Stool. At this time, no c:resolve=items is available, so you'll need to do separate pulls against the item collection.

    The example item costs 35SC with a normal price of 50SC. From the value difference between cost and normal_cost, you should infer that the item is a Sale item and thus you may choose to display the item in a "Sale" pseudocategory on your site.

    In addition to StationCash, the example item may also be purchased with an alternate currency, in this case 4 Goblin Gold pieces. If an alt_currency_id is provided, it is an internal ID which represents:
    • 379866960 - Goblin Gold
    • 3793001961 - Dungeon Maker
    • 4294967295 - Free (2 ^ 32)
    If cost_override_txt is set, then the item is not a StationCash item but instead displays in-game text, such as "$14.99 per month" for a monthly EQ2 subscription.

    If rebate is set, then the item is available for sale at a Rebate. I don't know if this value will be 1, or a decimal representing the percent of SC returned to the customer.


    The category field contains this value:

    Housing.Furnishings.Matching Furniture.Refined Dark Wood|Housing.Furnishings.Chairs.Stools

    The bar (|) indicates that the item appears in more than one category. The dot (.) indicate the depth of that category. The placement of this item could be represented visually this way:
    Matching Furniture
    Refined Dark Wood
    Red Velvet Stool
    Red Velvet Stool

    Marketplace Item Flags

    Marketplace items have a number of possible flags. This information is available both in a flags bitfield (which you are welcome to decode at your leisure), as well as a breakdown of values.

    is_featured - Item is featured in the Welcome Box when first logging into EQ2.

    is_new - Item is New and should indicate this with a banner or other verbiage. You may also categorize this item into a "New" pseudocategory on your site.

    is_cannot_gift - This item may not be gifted. This is not shown in-game, but is only discoverable when the Gift button greys out when certain items are collected.

    is_login - Unknown

    is_consumable - Unknown

    is_otw - Unknown

    is_playerstudio - Item is a PlayerStudio item. PlayerStudio items generally also appear in the [PS] category.

    is_recurring - Item will automatically be rebilled every month/quarter/year. Thus far, this is only used for Expansions and Subscriptions, both of which are hidden in-game.

    is_pon - Point of Need item

    is_hot - Item is "Hot" and should indicate this with a banner or other verbiage

    Finally, there are 0 items currently set with house_guid = 1, and I don't know what the value would indicate.
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