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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dexella, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. knightritalin Active Member

    Regarding: https://forums.station.sony.com/eq2
    Subject: Feedback category.


    Could a feedback/suggestions category be added to the forum?.
    So players could give feedback,suggestions and thoughts of the game in a certain forum section.

    Image example of what I mean:

    Thank You.
  2. Feldon Well-Known Member

    The entire forum is for feedback.
  3. knightritalin Active Member

    Oh really?, oh ok Sorry. I apologize, I thought each forum section (roleplaying,pvp,etc) was for the players to discuss the game (ex: best pvp builds, how do I do better in pvp, and general questions about the game.)

    And of course to give feedback, but what I posted above was a suggestion to make users feedback/suggestions of EQ2 in a certain forum section instead of all over the forum, that way it would be easier for the developers to read the feedback.

    Thank You.
  4. Mrrshaw Member

    Urgent: SOE has deleted all possibility to add a European Creditcard to pay for SOE subs/SC....
    If this was unintended - Please address it instantly!
    If intended - what are you thinking?? ... Yeah, Europeans can play on their old account, but if they switch CC, they can´t renew?
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  5. alQamar Active Member

    I just tested Mrrshaws claim and i can not choose a european country in the drop down list. I deleted my old credit card a while ago and paid with kronos. If i wanted to change to CC again i couldn't. This is stupid. I will not create a P7S1 account to continue playing.
  6. Landria New Member

    Same issue here, what the heck?? I can't even buy Station Cash or items from the marketplace as my old card expired and there is no option to add a new one for my EU county. PLEASE SOE address this as a matter of priority, and honour John Smedley's promise to us.
  7. Darissa New Member

    Hey, I'm in the UK and my country is no longer listed as a payment source, and then when I joined the forum my time was UTC instead of GMT, it day is just getting more and more confusing.

    But yes, I would like the country that I am paying from back on the payment source please.

    I do not wish to stop playing EQ2 just yet....
  8. Noctew Active Member

    Still works for me in Germany, and I could also pick United Kingdom from the list. How are you accessing the account, directly via account.station.sony.com?
  9. Landria New Member

  10. Landria New Member

    I do of course mean the EQ2 site.
  11. alQamar Active Member

    Weird. I can choose it on the main station site but not on the Everquest 2 site. I'd guess that this is related to EQ2 transferring to P7S1 but other games didn't.
  12. Landria New Member

    Totally sure of it, alQamar.
  13. Kinya Active Member

    You won't be able to continue playing as you will have to create new account with P7S1 and according to latest FAQ, you can't transfer your toons and so on. So basically you have to start from scratch

    I checked as well and I have NO option to pay for EQ2/ SC by using Polish CC. Poland is not on the list anymore...

    If this change won't be reverted I fear Splitpaw, Valor and Storms will be empty servers soon...
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  14. alQamar Active Member

    Wow. That's worse than i thought. I gladly have a few kronos left and some plat too and there's always the possibility to stay silver but i won't be able to buy expansions. If this stays i will be pretty much done with EQ2.
  15. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    If this was intended, then us Euro players are worse off that with the original deal, and that is saying something! No SOE payment cards in Europe, unable to use European CC - basically we can't easily pay for our accounts (just Chronos maybe and I can't bear to think about having to do that) and thus effectively forced to PSS1, except we can't take our accounts (in my case 8 1/2 years old for EQ2) and existing toons.

    So SOE don't only not want us, they really don't want our money?

    At least we can add the cards on the website, so I can only hope that this was an accidental oversight due to the transition (they took away adding new Euro cards as no new Euros would be registering, forgetting about those of us who are already here). Here's also hoping I don't have any reason to change my card before it naturally expires.....
  16. Gosh Member

    It's not about Poland but about Europe.
    Pleeeeaaaaase, SOE, confirm that was a mistake and you will correct this.
  17. Trevynoae Member

    Unfortunately that is NOT correct. Since they forced the dcuo-transition I am unable to play DCUO because it always tells me (on my soe account) that I can not play it from this account and will have to create a Pro7-Account.

    This is nothing we have to worry about because that is because of german law. They need such clauses because if they didn't they couldn't have you post on their forums. I am pretty sure that with other countries' law it is similiar.

    Now - that is disturbing and I just checked my accounts ... you are right.
    I am not able to add a payment source (cc that is) with "Germany" as country. Like others already pointed out they removed all pro7-countries off the list.
    Funny aspect: They still offer me the german "Lastschrift" (which is good).

    I strongly suggest that SOE quickly solves this or at least makes a statement.

    Question: So SOE-Accounts now (given that we could add CC as payment source) would be able to add StationAccess to their accounts again? (not giving it a try though - although it was offered to me by the system)
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  18. Dexella Communications Manager

    Hey everyone,

    We are looking into the EU/credit card issue now.

  19. Lasse New Member

    Same with CC from Sweden, im really looking forward to hear how what's intended here. Rerolling a templar.. Nah.. wont happen, sorry Kinya;)
  20. Dexella Communications Manager

    Hey all,

    We are looking for a fix to the issue that caused the removal of the countries from the credit card list.

    In the meantime, you can update your account by using account management on the SOE General site (rather than EQ2-specific). On soe.com, select "My Account" from the top navigation and proceed from there.

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