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  1. ARCHIVED-tafkaga Guest

    Is this still available? I spent an hour trying to find it last night on the website or from other locations and I must be overlooking it or else all the links that point to it don't point to it anymore.
  2. ARCHIVED-ajrm007 Guest

    Harakan@Everfrost wrote:
    ive got it on my HTC, but hasnt worked in ages, think they may of dropped support for it atm (who ever made it)
  3. ARCHIVED-tafkaga Guest

    Ok, I'll stop looking for it then. Thanks.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lantis Guest

    With the new data feeds SOE provide, it should be trivial for any Android developer to provide something far more advanced in terms of viewing characters, gears, spells, etc...
    What would still be MIA however is guild chat - I don't think the public chat server is even still available.
    If any Android dev is interested, have a look at the data feed info from http://data.soe.com .
    I would do it myself if I wasn't too lazy to learn Java :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Jack Orb Guest

    I wrote an unnoficial third-party EQ2Players app for Android back in 2009, more than a year before Sony released the official one and it is still available today and working with the new feeds. It doesn't have all of available data in it and I'm having trouble finding enough free time to work on new features (any volunteers would be welcome - it's open source) but I am still trying to support it and at least fixing critical bugs as and when they're reported. Unfortunately as you say the guild chat server remains unavailable so while QuestForever contains the code to support chat, it doesn't have a server with which to communicate.
  6. ARCHIVED-Hordolin Awanagin Guest

    Uxian@Splitpaw wrote:
    *tosses his hat into the volunteer ring* Point me to it in a PM with a todo.

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