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    Guilds have picked up some additional data since Census launched that folks may not be aware of. I'm going to go over all of the data, even some that has been present for some time.

    Data Update Frequency

    Data for a guild is updated each time a member logs in or out. A member who has been promoted, demoted, or left (voluntarily or otherwise) from a guild will not drop from the roster until the next time they login.

    General Information

    Example data:

    <guild accounts="61" alignment="2" dateformed="1298556407" guildid="****" guildstatus="0" guildxp="31598900" id="*********" last_update="1360373593.601493" level="95" members="132" name="*********" name_lower="*********" ts="1360373593.601493" version="1" world="Antonia Bayle" worldid="104">

    Accounts is the number of unique EQ2 accounts in the guild, while members is the number of characters joined to the guild.

    Alignment has one of these values:

    <alignment id="-1" name="unknown"/>
    <alignment id="0" name="good"/>
    <alignment id="1" name="neutral"/>
    <alignment id="2" name="evil"/>

    Guildstatus has been deprecated in favor of guildxp which (I believe) shows the guild's status towards the next level.

    Guild Ranks

    Guild ranks are from 0-7 and always use a specific set of icons which can be found in \EverQuest II\UI\Default\images\guild_ranks.dds.

    <rank id="0" name="Leader"/>
    <rank id="1" name="Officer"/>
    <rank id="2" name="Officer Alts"/>
    <rank id="7" name="Recruit"/>

    Recruiting Info

    Example data:

    <recruiting flags="10" longtext="Do you think you have what it takes to be a truly hardcore crafter? Apply today at *************!<br />Classes needed:<br />Troubador<br />Monk<br /><br />Raid Times:<br />Sunday - 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM PST<br />Monday through Thursday - 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM PST" minlevel="95" playstyle="2" shorttext="*************, PST Hardcore Crafting Guild"/>

    recruiting.flags is a bitfield:
    • bit 0 = We offer training to new players
    • bit 1 = Looking For: Fighters
    • bit 2 = Looking For: Priests
    • bit 3 = Looking For: Scouts
    • bit 4 = Looking For: Mages
    • bit 5 = Looking For: Tradeskillers
    recruiting.longtextis the Recruiting Message (long).
    recruiting.shorttext is the Recruiting Message (short).

    Currently, linebreaks are represented by an escaped <br> tag, ie. &lt;br&gt;.

    recruiting.minlevel is the minimum adventure level being considered for recruits.
    recruiting.playstyle has one of the following values:
    • 0 - Standard
    • 1 - Casual
    • 2 - Hardcore
    Member List

    Member list contains character names and old style dbids which are only unique to the server.

    <member dbid="1234567" name="********"/>
    <member dbid="2345678" name="*******"/>

    To resolve the members of a guild to a modern GUID (Globally Unique ID), add &c:resolve=members to the URL:

    <member dbid="******" id="1234567890123" name="***********"/>
    <member dbid="******" id="2345678901234" name="*******"/>
    <member dbid="******" name="*******"/>

    You may also add other fields to &c:resolve inside the members collection such as &c:resolve=members(displayname,type).

    Note: Characters which have not logged in since November 2011 will not have a GUID or resolve any other information.

    Guild Cloak Heraldry

    <heraldry cloak_color="7" edge="1" edge_color="7" icon="15" icon_color="13" pattern="0" pattern_color="35"/>

    Your Guild's cloak heraldry can be customized by speaking to a Guild Cloak Designer in one of the major cities. There are 7 parameters which can be changed:
    • cloak_color -- the cloak's base or background color (0-63)
    • edge graphic (0-11)
    • edge color (0-63)
    • emblem (icon) graphic (0-38)
    • emblem (icon) color (0-63)
    • pattern graphic (0-9)
    • pattern color (0-63)
    There are a total of 64 * 64 * 64 * 12 * 39 * 10 or 1,226,833,920possible cloak designs. These can be displayed on your website using overlaid PNG images or some other technique.

    Personality Tags

    There are 4 personality tag slots which may be selected in-game. These are returned like this:

    <personalitytag text="We enjoy doing quests"/>
    <personalitytag text="We are family friendly"/>
    <personalitytag text="We're very funny (in our opinion)"/>
    <personalitytag text="We play at odd hours"/>

    Guild Achievements

    Guild Achievements are only published if the "Hide Guild Achievements from Census" checkbox is not checked under Guild Options in the Guild Window.

    Example data:

    <achievement completedtimestamp="1361934477" id="616659975"/>
    <achievement completedtimestamp="1361934925" id="755589334"/>

    Guild Achievements are described in the Achievements collection (link). To distinguish them from player achievements, check for the presence of the isguildachievement flag.

    Currently there is just one category of Guild Achievement -- Raid -- however more may be added in the future.
  2. toxicLGBT New Member

    So you need to log out and back in to have the promotion updated in your client. :cool:

    explains a lot
  3. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Not allowed to create a new thread so will post here.
    For some reason there are now 2 achievements for The Forge Golem in Maldura. Also many guilds are showing kills for both if they killed it before and after the new one was added, sometime around March 1st. Can see them here. Kinda sucks when you're going through them all and building a list and see the same one listed twice.
  4. Faelen Active Member

    The reason for that is that the achievement changed when it was discovered rather late into the xpac that the mechanic for spawning The Forge Golem was not working as intended. Rather than removing the old achievement for killing it, a new one was added that new kills were linked to. This is why there are 2 achievements.
  5. Reevar Active Member

    I looked but could not find Guild Points anywhere in the data. Is this something I missed or could we get it added?
  6. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    I do it by adding up all the points from each guild achievement they've completed.
    I.E.: Points ="10"

    <achievement id="19578004" hidden="0" name="Guild: Defeating Malkonis D'Morte" category="Guild Raids" version="1" last_update="1470752931.246651" ts="1470752931.246651" icon="2245" desc="Defeat Malkonis D'Morte" nextid="0" points="10" isguildachievement="1" previousid="0" subcategory="Echoes of Faydwer">
  7. Feldon Well-Known Member

    Assuming you mean chararacter Points (some guilds use it for DKP), it's not available in Census to my knowledge.
  8. Reevar Active Member

    Yes those are the ones in the game they are called "Guild Member Points". I thought about using them for our DKP system but without a way to easily view the number of Add events, I would just be doing double work for attendance.
  9. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Oh those, maybe they could add something like an export to text file of the Guild Point History for each member, but right now no they are not in the Guild nor Character census data. Or just use something like EQDKP+.