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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ttobey, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. ttobey Developer

    What are some creatures that you think are specific to EQ2? meatbeast, sokokar etc....
  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    and only EQ2? Well, Bristlebane's Pranksters leaper (mount) is certainly unique.
    I would say whatever the heck Amalgamon is would be pretty unique as would Rohen Theer (is he a War Wraith variant?)
  3. Darkholis Member

    Sokokars existed in EQ1 but certainly not meatbeasts.

    @ Estred,
    War Wraith existed in EQ1 http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/npc.html?id=10971 so teku and Commanders are off the list.

    In terms of unique race/model of creatures for EQ2:
    - Roehn Theer
    - Void beasts
    - Munzok and all mobs on same model
    - Soren the Vindicator, prolly a replacement to Derakor, the Vindicator
    - Vhodeka Prime and all SS golems. EQ1 versions were made of ice/velium
    - Contruct of Soul and Bastion
    - Drinal
    - Chel'Drak and other Turgans

    I'll add more as I think about them :D
  4. Estred Well-Known Member

    Was Xixulao a Harpy or something else? Been forever since I been to the Isle of Mara.
  5. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Ratonga! Ratonga are actually the reason i ended deciding to buy this game back 9 or so years ago. Long before the game actually went live there was an animation of a dancing ratonga on the main page and the animation and uniqueness of race were like the "tipping factor" for me. True story! I'm so not buying EQnext if there are no Ratonga.

    Aside from Ratonga... yeah Meatbeast. The shadowed men (original shadowed men were awesome!), nightbloods, the uhm...weird-looking tentacle-faced fear creatures that you find in CT, i forget what they're called.

    The treeglider mount is a personal favourite also.
  6. Foretold Well-Known Member


  7. Finora Well-Known Member

    Keeping in mind I left during the Omens of War EQ expansion (though I never bought the one prior to that so really only played in content through the LDON expansion.

    I never saw a meat beast in Eq1. I don't recall any displacer beast type mobs. EQ1 had evil eyes but I don't remember ever seeing a gazer type mob with the tentacles & what not. During the time I played we never had the variety of void creatures that EQ2 has, we just had the invisible shadowed men. I never saw anything like Oxdaxius in EQ1.
    I never saw a creature like the mistrats in Oakmyst in EQ1. Certainly never saw giant naked molerats like Coldtooth & Slaverjaw.

    OH yes, Fae & Arasai are completely EQ2 creations.

    There might be others but I'm not fully caffeinated yet =)
  8. Finora Well-Known Member

    Eq1 DEFINATELY had those.

    As a ranger in EQ1 in a guild that raided the Plane of Fear I was very very familiar with those devils =).
  9. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Yea, amygdalans, thanks. I've never played EQ1, so not sure what appeared in it and what didn't. One would think that the vast majority of EQ2 creatures has or will also appear in EQ1. But compared to the multitude of other MMOs, these are pretty unique. Not as unique as Ratonga though!
  10. Foretold Well-Known Member

    *Nods* ratonga are the coolest.
  11. Darkholis Member

  12. Emissary Vex Active Member

    No offense but if people must live VERY sheltered lives if you think some of this stuff are unique. Ratonga, are probably the least unique thing listed so far. Sentient mice are probably in hundreds of cartoons, books, anime, and movies. Likewise, the Fae are extremely far away from what I would call unique; they are faeries, its been done a million times before. The Gazer is not unique at all either, they are in dozens of fantasy universes. Amygdalan is *kind* of unique; but not really; its essentially a Cthulhu without wings; which has also kinda been done in Pirates of the Caribbean as well.

    Erudites are pretty unique though and so are the Sarnak ( Sarnak are Iksar/Dragons combined ); but I think ttoby already knows all the player races. Finding a unique creature is MUCH harder.
  13. Darkholis Member

    Well, topic is not 100% clear, stuff unique to EQ2 and not present in EQ1? or stuff unique to EQ2 universe in general?
    Tbh, just open one of the 8-10 D&D monsters book and you have the list of pretty much any fantasy creatures from any book/MMO/game.
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  14. Finora Well-Known Member

    I was comparing EQ1 & EQ2. I for some reason assumed that was the topic. From my post one can see I know that displacer beasts exist elsewhere (since they aren't called that anywhere in eq2). =p

    100% unique only in Norrath things. Sokokar and meatbeast are about the only things I can think of that I've never seen anywhere else.
  15. ttobey Developer

    I'm looking more for iconic EQ2 monsters/characters that only show up or were created for EQ2. If it exists in DnD, that's not what I want.
  16. Kelvmor Active Member

    Darkholis covered most, if not all, of the unique monsters in EQ2. One of those he forgot, though, are the Soul Feeders from outside of the Temple of Cazic-Thule in Feerrott; they have sewn-up mouths, an emasciated torso, and in place of arms or legs they have these long black tentacles all along their sides and the bottom of their torso. They were the same monsters that appeared in the EQ2 cinematic trailer that used to play when you started the game.

    These things:
  17. Darkholis Member

  18. Arieste Well-Known Member

    Despite there apparently being "sentient mice" somewhere, I still think the Ratonga race is the single most unique recurring creature/character in EQ2 - definitely as compared to other MMOs and to majority of mainstream Fantasy lore and literature.

    If you were to post a picture of a Ratonga, it would unmistakeably be recognized as an EQ2 thing by anyone familiar with EQ2 in the first place.
  19. Darkholis Member

    I agree Ratonga are unique to EQ2. However, I did manage to find similar creature in terms of apperance in D&D book.....Wererat. o_O
  20. Kelvmor Active Member

    I still wouldn't say ratonga are unique; the only thing "unique" about them would be what they're called, but that's hardly something. Tons of fantasy settings have some sort of humanoid rodent creature; like, for instance, that rapier-wielding rat in the Chronicles of Narnia, among other things.

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