Eq2 could use an overhaul of classes and mechanics, including AA skills, effects, and spell systems

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  1. tasnee Well-Known Member

    *heavy sigh*

    Everyone keeps talking about how EQ2 needs this and that, or that and this, etc. Whether it's a complete redesign or whatever, it's just not going to happen as others have said. I've personally made it clear that I have no problem with the game the way it is, call me a simpleton, that might be what I am, but I have no problems with it.

    The thing is, anyway they would try to paint this picture, someone would complain (I wanna say something harsher but I won't.)
    People either like this game the way it is, or they don't. I honestly do not get why everyone tries to say they need some fundamental change. There are suggestions, and then there are flat out "let's change the entire thing to fit our ideas."

    When people make marketplace ideas, or if they say hey can we possibly get this type of house item? That kind of thing, it's fine. But it seems like every other day there's someone on here saying, "Can we do this so it's easier?" Or "Can we do this so it's harder?"

    It's okay to have problems with the game, I am not saying that it's not. I just don't understand why if people want to change the game completely, they still play. I never have and I never will. People miss the original EQ and want some thing like that, or they want a different game entirely. It just seems to be an every day thing where someone wants a rehash. I just don't understand.
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  2. vlada Active Member

    wow. tl;dr!
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  3. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Honestly, if I thought all classes were the same, I would not have started only making shadow knights. I would play my beast the same and be the healer in groups on my necro. I think saying they are the same with the same spells is a huge exaggeration or you have 2 low level similar like a fury and warden and just haven't seen the huge difference yet. Not trying to be rude here, but just thinking all the classes are the same, I would not have much confidence grouping with you. I still would, but without confidence. read your spells, figure out why they are different and level up some.
    If your AAs don't make any difference, you didn't do it right. I know I'm being blunt, and don't mean it to be mean, but a lot was said that just isn't even close to reality.
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  4. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Exactly, a templar plays A LOT different than a fury. I will admit, a warden and a fury play pretty much the same - I personally like fury just because I think we do more dps, but like you said it's an AA thing too. Same with the other healers. A defiler is much different than a channeler, etc.

    And I have tried tanking, I usually heal, but I tried to tank, and I freaked because it played way different when your up close and personal to the mob, instead of standing back throwing the heals on.
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  5. DENSER Active Member

    The idea in itself is not that there is no difference. But that the mechanical aspects specific to certain classes are unnecessary.
    Look at chanty, will u make one to b able to mezz and control crowd ?
    No, u ll b ask to make dps and click the 1 button mana every min.
    Guardian, will u make one to be able to tank better than others ? No u ll make a monk or a zerk for...dps.

    Heal re in my opinion the survivors.
    In the logic of the players the heal will be (and again I see dôme doing a crazy dps) the support class with no dps.

    It is a good idea to put most classes on the same pitch. With the purchase in game it pushes the player to pay micro purchases to advance his familiar, mount, merc. Significant source of dps.

    The beautiful era mentioned in the first place is from another time
  6. gambitak New Member

    Up to level 50, I've played several different classes and nothing really differentiates them yet. I haven't tried a pure tank class or a pure healing class because I don't like them, on average.

    As a new player, I click on the buttons that are given me. I don't have to go to a trainer, so I have no real incentive to learn their names. I see one as a damage spell, so I put it on my #1 list... I get the next damage spell and I start looking at what refreshes first and in what order... I get a healing spell and it goes on my #2 group, and if there are more than one, I see which one casts faster or heals more and plan accordingly... I get a group buff spell, all I have to do is cast it to see if it goes away and then I put them in their own little group... if I get a self buff spell, I do the same thing as the group buffs, but on their own bar

    If I could find a group, I might be able to learn the game; I've already been told that I can throw all lessons I learn out the window once I hit level 120... that does not incentivize me to actually learn anything then, even solo. I've not seen one other person my level around me in 2 months. I've actually started playing DDO, and it's quite a bit more complicated, difficult and fun. Right away, I've had to learn the spell names (they don't blink, at least not that I've seen yet) and how to build my character. My AA points in EQ2 are automatically generated, or so I've found out.

    You're not rude, and I did not take it that way :). Thanks for the response, I appreciate it. I'm just giving my perspective as a new player. You may be looking at my experience from your point of view; and, you may be in a better position to say that classes are different in the end or upper-end game; however, leveling up to 50, everything is still pretty much the same.

    For example, I hit 4 levels on my fury last night. I got several spell upgrades that automatically replaced themselves with whatever was lower level before them. I did not need to look at anything. I didn't even have time to read the message before it disappeared from the screen. I just went about my business and did not die, not even close, with yellows, whites, dark blues and greens all around me. Even if I do die, what, it's a couple gold to repair everything? I could run in a repeat pattern to make sure I die for hours and it wouldn't effect my character at all, except to pay more for repairs.

    Again, all my AAs are auto generated and filled.
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  7. Vunder Well-Known Member

    They should just delete sister classes and let AA decide what you do. Wouldn't be [as] hard as they are coded already to the class archetype. There are a great many Aa that can be deleted as they are redundant to the game.

    I am 100% fine with them skipping a yearly expansion to get a good squash in and do this. FF did this with outsourcing and now they are one of the most successful. Outsource, advertise, relauch event. It works.